Dramatic Wallpaper Designs: 15 Ideas for Trendy Modern Rooms

It’s official, photo wallpaper and wall murals are the latest trend in design. Adaptable to any room or decorative style, modern wallpaper designs can be used to set the mood, create an atmosphere, or tie a room together. Affordable, washable and removable, wallpaper statement walls are an easy way to bring more charm to your home. Continue reading to see 15 of our favorite unique, beautiful, dramatic and unusual wallpaper designs for modern homes.

Butterfly Wallpaper: The Ultimate Alternative to Florals

Butterfly wallpaper designs

These stunning butterfly murals instantly add a unique pop of color to any modern decor. Whether you’re looking to add some pattern or simply want an alternative to floral designs, these beautiful, trendy wallpapers bring modern elegance to any room.

Wallsauce.com has a variety of options and also feature “Peel & Stick” removable wallpaper versions of all their murals in addition to traditional panels made in standard wallpaper materials.

This large scale wallpaper (shown above) serves as an intriguing background to the neutral tones in this living room.  Perfect for many rooms in the home, this collection of wallpapers from wallsauce.com pairs well with simple decor and is suitable for bedrooms, teen and children’s rooms, dining rooms and living rooms.

A youthful butterfly pattern works well with the color palette in the bedroom above. The pastel pinks and blues play well with the tones found in the pillows and furniture. Suitable for a young adult, this statement wallpaper is stylish and playful while still being age appropriate.

Featuring a lighter color palette is also a simple way to update living and dining spaces that need something special to bring a room’s decor together. For a sleek, modern feel, dark backgrounds make a trendy statement.

Consider creating contrast with a dark wall and light colored furniture such as the sofa featured on the image above.

To fit the dimensions of your room, wallsauce.com wallpaper murals are made-to-measure. Prices start at £26 (US $37) per square meter.

To view the full collection, visit Wallace.com.

Wallpaper Design Ideas for Bathrooms

Wallpaper designs for bathroom

Eclectic Floral Patterns from Devon&Devon

You will smile every time you enter a room decorated with a dramatic wallpaper design from Devon&Devon. The company unveiled its first wallpaper portfolio during Milan Design Week. The designs are created for bathroom and living room spaces and were produced in cooperation with designers Nina Farre, Francesca Greco and Vito Nesta.

The contemporary yet classic designs are the perfect statement wallpaper. “We felt the need to complete our offer with a collection of wallpapers that enabled us to enhance the decorative possibilities for private homes, residential projects and hotels,” explains Gianni Tanini, Devo&Devon CEO.

Below are two stunning bathrooms to inspire you.

This bold wallpaper design idea from Devon&Devon’s Collection is imaginative and tasteful. Looks beautiful with a matching lime green bathtub.

The collection adapts to a variety of design styles, from brightly-colored surreal floral and animal motifs to muted classical patterns, there is a wallpaper suitable for anyone whether the desired atmosphere is traditional, chic or playfully eccentric.

Visit Devon&Devon, to view the entire collection of easy to clean, flame-retardant, vinyl wallpaper that will not shrink, tear during gluing or lose shape.

Ultra Modern Motifs by wallpepper.com

For a daring, modern look this comic book inspired motif found at wallpepper.com is a great addition to a minimalist space.

The life-size “Valentina” by Guido Crepax wallpaper mural is a trendy and unique look for your bathroom decor.

In tribute to the Italian comic strip series Valentina created by Guido Crepax in 1965, wallpaper company Wallpepper transformed the iconic character into an unforgettable centerpiece used in this bathroom as an intriguing visual aesthetic. For more info visit Designboom.

Wallpaper Design Ideas for Kitchen

Wallpaper designs for kitchen

Mediterranean Motifs from Wallpepper by Spazio81

Bring tradition into the present with these brilliant wallpaper designs inspired by the Mediterranean. The exquisite use of texture and color is sure to brighten up any space and leave your guests in awe.

Find this patchwork tile imitation Granada design here.

What better way to imitate a kitchen plates wall than to use this beautiful Casablanca wallpaper design? A great idea for a statement kitchen decor. More info here.

An Idea for Walk-in Closet or a Makeup Room

Step out of the ordinary with a wallpaper mural that doubles as a piece of art. Channel life essence – a wall mural design by Ludmilla Radchenko feeds on real life. The daily life collages and rich compositions offer a bit of irony and intrigue to your decor, perfect for a large walk-in closet, dressing room or creative space.  Find more information here.

Wallpaper Ideas for the Bedroom

Wallpaper bedroom designs

Headboard Imitating Wallpaper

This is a Relief Wall Effect panoramic wallpaper by Inkiostro Bianco. The photo design is called Reinassance. Can be made on Vinyl or EQ Dekor glass-fiber. A sophisticated bas relief on marble and a frame for the noblest of dreams. Find out more here.

French Chic Motifs

Romantic and elegant, this line of wallpaper brings refined sophistication to any modern bedroom space.

For a light-hearted and fun use of color try something like this Open Cage motif (featured below). More info here.

The Nostalgic Mannequin motif (below) is full of personality and is perfect for fashionistas and creative types. Find out more here.

Creating the Right Atmosphere in the Bedroom

Bedrooms are sacred spaces and everyone deserves to wake up in a space that inspires them, while still going to sleep in a mood that relaxes them. When thinking about creating a bedtime mood, consider the use of color, texture and decor when designing your space.

This washable panoramic vinyl or glass fiber wallpaper by N.O.W. Edizioni (see below) could be just it. This design pattern is called BS STRIP, and it’s from Wallpaper on Demand collection. For more information go here.

The collection Wallpaper On Demand from N.O.W. Edizioni offers tailor-made wallpapers thanks to technical printing and high-quality materials. In the bedroom space shown above, the modern wallpaper design adds visual interest through its deepest of color in contrast with the pastel hues found in the bedding.

From a different collection, this interesting bedroom (see below) juxtaposes an industrial feel against nurturing Mother Nature through the use of an imitation concrete wallpaper design and floral patterning. The neutral palette leaves lots of room for innovative uses of color that can be swapped out periodically without changing the overall feel of the room.

David Selection, the “must have” collection by N.O.W. Edizioni, is full of new ideas for your home. Able to adapt to any decorative style, wall coverings made of vinyl or fiberglass are also suitable for wet environments like kitchens, bathrooms, and saunas. Find out more here.

Large Scale Floral Wallpaper – Make a Huge Statement!

Huge floral patterns, as the one below, make a statement, in a big way! Using a large-scale wallpaper is a simple way to make a bold statement, and it worked perfectly in this bedroom below.

Go for a Modern Contemporary Look

Not for the faint of heart, this photo wallpaper from CreativeSpace (below) creates an unusual urban feel that’s perfect for a hard or soft loft space. This motif is called Big. Visit CreativeSpace for details.

This Scandinavian inspired bedroom (see below) is sure to make an impression on anyone who enters it. The black and white wallpaper pattern and unique patchwork floor tile make the perfect backdrop for the variety of textures featured in this space. Source.

Living Room Wallpaper Ideas – Panoramic Designs

Living Room Panoramic Wallpaper Ideas

A living room is usually the largest room in a house, and so using a panoramic wallpaper design there is a smart way to take advantage of the large wall space. You can use such wallpaper to create drama and curiosity.

In this awesome example below, a wallpaper design called Wine Tasting from the Italian company Inkiostro Bianco, is being used to add great interest to an otherwise empty wall. It dramatically changes the room.

All graphic designs can be printed on both vinyl paper or EQ.Dekor glass fiber and most projects can be customized on demand. These materials assure higher performance compared to cellulose in terms of resistance and output. Easy to install and remove, if you purchase this product in fiberglass, you’d minimize the risk of walls becoming detached in the event of an earthquake. Source.

Below is a panoramic wallpaper idea from another Italian company, CreativeSpace. The design, aptly named Castles, is a washable wallpaper that can also be printed on fiberglass. Each mural is a sartorial project that is made to fit the room measurements. Source.

Just for your information … the fiberglass option allows for odorless installation, fast application and is easy to clean with a soft sponge. The material is stain resistant and water repellent which prevents yellowing, making it perfect for wet environments such as bathrooms, shower interiors,  swimming pools, spas, and more.

But you can also get it as a ‘Cover’ application, imprinted on a textile structure, minimizing the appearance of bubbles. This is another option that’s easily cleaned with a soft sponge. Additionally, the ‘covers’ can be installed on laminate, woods, glass, and even metal. Lastly, this version can be repeatedly repositioned during installation, making for an easy-to-adjust process of decorating and flawless results.

Check out another dramatic panoramic installation of a black & white mural by CreativeSpace – see below. Doesn’t it look like a real staircase! Source.

Dining Room Panoramic Wallpaper Mural

Bring nature indoors for a dynamic effect in your dining room with this wall mural from WallSauce.com.

Creators of made-to-measure wall murals, Wallsauce.com, now feature a collection of photo wallpaper by Award-Winning Photographer Anthony Bryant.

Exclusive to Wallsauce.com, Anthony Bryant’s breathtaking landscape photography creates stunning views and offers the ability to create a unique atmosphere to every room in your home. Prices start from £30/m² ($40 US) depending on the material, with peel and stick options available. Perfect for rented homes!