Woven Headboards: 18 Chic and Trendy Ideas

Lately, we’ve had a fascination with all things woven (and knitted and crocheted). But these woven headboards go above and beyond fascination, they are incredibly attractive. And some are quite complex.

Woven materials can include many options: seagrass, yarn, crochet, macrame, leather, jute – almost anything. Whatever you can weave, goes. And this current trend has spread around the world at record speed, thanks to Pinterest. These are some of the best examples of how you can add not only style but original style with these unusual headboards. Bet you’ll be the first on your block to have one in your bedroom.

Plaited Cotton Tubes Woven Headboard

Gray DIY woven headboard

This headboard is 100% woven cotton

You don’t even have to DIY this woven headboard – you can buy it on Etsy. It’s one of a kind, handmade and oh such a design statement. Don’t you just love the texture and the pattern against the distressed brick? Made of 100% cotton, hand-woven, hand-dyed and no two will ever be the same. You can order two panels (for a twin) or up to four panels for a king. They hang on a rod from tabs – like tab curtains. And no seams are visible from the front. Such care is taken when the fabric tubes are dyed, then filled with soft padding. No machine can do this. Source

Yarn Woven Headboard

DIY tutorial for abstract woven headboard

If this look is for you –  but too complicated for your equipment and skill set, then we’ve got the perfect project for you. This DIY headboard swaps a loom for a strategically sliced length of the gridded latch-hook canvas, which makes this a feasible project – even with no previous weaving experience. But it doesn’t mean you don’t need to pay attention.

It adds a gorgeous pop of sunshine color to the bedroom and a down-home, cozy feel. Just what you’re looking for on those long winter nights.

Honeycomb Crochet Headboard from Ravelry

This honeycomb woven headboard is so much fun!

This pattern is available for $5.50 USD on ravelry.com. Sold as the Beekeeper’s Quilt pattern, it’s super easy to DIY into a headboard. You can use leftover scrap wool. Puffy and double-sider, the hexipuffs (as they are called) are fun to work with – you feel like you have accomplished something by completing one, even though you may be a long way from your goal of a woven headboard. Or knitted as the case may be.

This piece is made of little stuffed honeycomb-shaped puffy pockets that are fun to knit on the go. Because they are so tiny, they are easy to complete and light to carry around.  Knit them while you are waiting in lines, waiting for dinner, talking to friends, or when you are a passenger in a car. Pattern includes a photo tutorial and detailed information. What are you waiting for? Source.

Mountain Sunrise Rope Knitted Headboard

Never miss a sunrise with this woven headboard!

Urban Outfitters offers more of a traditional approach to the woven headboard, with this illustrative piece featuring a wood-framed landscape pattern. Never miss the sunrise over the mountain.

This gorgeous headboard is made of naturally dyed rope so it’s lightweight. Just hang it behind your pillows for an easy boho style. It’s really a quirky, bohemian tapestry that mounts to the wall behind the bed—like a really cool garage sale find, but without having to comb garage sales.

Macrame Headboard

Hand-knotted Macrame makes an elegant headboard idea.

This incredible macrame headboard, found exclusively at Urban Outfitters,  gives your space an effortlessly minimalist look with boho style. Featuring natural finish rattan strands interwoven and wrapped around the curved frame, it’s incredibly easy to mount behind your bed (or you could use it as an art piece in any room). Just cotton and wood – that’s all it took to make this incredibly satisfying woven wall hanging piece.

Headboard Braided from Linking Pillows

Linking Pillows joint to form an unusual woven headboard.

The DIY instructions are for a mattress but you can easily use the template to create a woven headboard (as shown). Linking pillows are long, thin, tubular pillows you can connect to make larger, cushioned surfaces with extremely beautiful textures and patterns. The pattern and design possibilities are endless!

There is a free guide about making this design at Open Your Eyes Bedding, as well as a more detailed lesson that you can purchase for $7.50.

Handwoven Leather Headboard

This leather woven headboard is one of our favorites, especially with the matching bench.

Isn’t this teak and leather headboard just divine? What a gorgeous, rustic feel. Doesn’t that bed look extra comfortable? This headboard is made using strips of leather that have been beautifully handwoven to create this stunning effect. You just can’t beat the look of the teak wood frame coupled with the woven leather. Whether you pop it in your bedroom, or the guest room, (although you wouldn’t want to waste this beauty on your guests, right?!) it will take pride of place.

The board is manufactured from handwoven genuine leather straps while the frame is made from solid wood. This headboard is designed to fit a king-size bed, with no assembly required. And don’t forget the matching bench for the end of the bed! Source

Woven Seagrass Headboard

This woven sea grass headboard is a real eye-catcher.

From Pier 1, this incredible natural seagrass headboard is woven by hand in a crisp, clean basket-weave pattern. It’s just bursting with texture and tone and the breathtaking interplay of shadow and light. It’s pictured here in a Bohemian style setting but it would look great in almost any bedroom. We find the basket-weave just mesmerizing.

Woven Yarn Headboard DIY from Joann Fabric

This woven headboard is a perfect mash up of styles.

Joann Fabric provides a free no-nonsense woven headboard tutorial that’s easy to follow. And then, with a little bit of effort, you too can accomplish this marvelous idea. Don’t you love the way it appears both random and designed? There’s a definite rebel streak to this headboard. Source

Yarn Crochet Headboard DIY

What fun - crochet covering an old headboard with yard sale finds.

We’ve heard of yarn wrapped trees (and branches) – now here is a yarn wrapped headboard. More accurately, a crocheted yarn wrapped headboard. What a unique idea. And there’s a detailed tutorial to help you yarn your own. It’s a natural style for designs that have railings or spindles and it is a great trick for covering up a worn-out frame.

You’ll see in the tutorial for this bohemian crocheted style, that you’ll be starting with second-hand afghans which you can find on eBay or at the thrift store or yard sales. And don’t worry if they aren’t perfect,  you can cut around any damaged areas. What a simple way to really upgrade a headboard that you might otherwise get rid of. Read the easy DIY instructions here.

Emily Barton Design Wall Hung Macrame Headboard

This macrame headboard screams great design.

This woven design (shown above) is made by Emily Barton Design and is handmade. We love the cascading style – it looks like a curtain in a window above the bed. Designed as wall-hangings, it’s an easy project to turn them into headboards.

Emily Barton has been a fiber artist for more than a decade working in a variety of various techniques such as crocheting, weaving, macrame, and knitting. Stitch by stitch, row by row, the process is meditative and flows from her organically. In her work, she explores the traditional Japanese aesthetic known as Wabi-Sabi or the idea that beauty is transient and imperfect. Can’t you just imagine one of her wall hangings in your bedroom? Source

Crochet Hexi Headboard by Crochetscene

The Interweave crocheted headboard has a mid-century modern bent.

Photo credit: Interweave Crochet/ Harper Point Photography

This incredible crochet headboard above – that looks like a series of 1950’s doilies – is from the Flax and Twine blog (see bottom of blog post). I really want this – the focal pieces of this crocheted design are starbursts in earthy colors. It’s down home, it’s cozy – it’s the perfect centerpiece for your bedroom!  Source

Handmade Knitted Yarn Cover for a Headboard

This yarn braid idea for covering your headboard is unique - and easy to DIY.

From Russia with love comes this knitted cover for a headboard. Do you love to read in bed, but you want to lean on something warm and soft and not on a cold headboard? This cover is the perfect answer. It can be custom ordered in the size and color of your choice from the Russian version of Etsy.com – or you can DIY this knit idea yourself. Source

Macrame Headboard Wall Hanging

A macrame headboard on a copper pipe commands the room.

The Casa macrame headboard is such an elegant design and makes such a bold statement in any bedroom. The copper pipe is such a nice touch and of course, the material is 100% cotton rope. You could try and copy the pattern but it’s so intricate, it’s better purchased on Etsy – plus that means you get to hang it a lot quicker! It adds such texture to your wall – it really changes the look of an entire room. The copper pipe is 68″ and the macrame is 60″ wide by 48″ long (at the longest point). With its soft natural cotton, gentle curves, and intricate details, this piece would be a beautiful addition to your space. Each piece is made to order and shipped in approximately two weeks. Source

Modern Macrame Wall Hanging Headboard

A combo of jute and cotton makes a great art piece.

The macrame headboards above and below have a great deal in common. But the hanging headboard pictured above is made from a combination of jute and cotton (the other is completely cotton). Handmade and inspired by a trip to Japan, this contemporary wall art again embraces loving the imperfection through the Japanese practice of Wabi-Sabi.  This woven design really adds texture, volume and sophistication to the bedroom space. And of course, you could use it as simply a wall hanging in any other room. Look for it on Etsy.

Macrame Wall Art Headboard

This desert inspired woven headboard is made from 100% cotton.

While similar in style to the previous headboard, this piece has a totally different style and aesthetic.  This desert-inspired Macrame Wall Hanging was delicately hand knotted with natural cotton rope for an Eco-Friendly Home Living with an exclusive warm color palette: neutrals, beige, taupe/sand tones. Custom coloring is also available. Buy this elegant wall hanging at Etsy. It’s custom made in Spain and available to ship in two weeks.

Wall Hung Macrame Headboard

We love the fine lace look of this wall hanging headboard.

Another gift from Russia – this wall hanging macrame headboard has a beautiful and unusual design.  The most delicate lace will give your bedroom a serene focal piece that stands on its own as a piece of art. Available in ivory. Source

Woven Jute Headboard

This is the woven headboard we think is the most fun - we all recognize the place mats.

How clever is this? Sarah Sherman Samuel used a jute table runner and placemats to create the most impressive woven headboard. Her DIY tutorial is the simplest – and it creates such a pleasing design. Everyone who sees it will recognize your ingenuity – and the placemats! And she’s cleverly secured them to the wall with tiny finishing nails – so that they can become placemats and table runners again in seconds.  The whole thing takes only five minutes.