20 Piano room decor ideas

20 Piano Room Decor Ideas – Gorgeous Designs to Copy

20 Piano room decor ideas

These 20 unique examples shall inspire your own piano room decor ideas.

Here are your options at a glance – you can decorate:
(1) around a piano,
(2) top of a piano or
(3) a wall behind a piano,
(4) or use all of the above

Decorate with Musical Instruments

If you’re a musician or a family of musicians, a logical place to starts is by decorating with more instruments! Continue the musical theme by using funky or vintage style guitars, violins, etc. This will make your room 100% unique to your musical tastes.

Music Theme for a Piano Room

Piano room decor with guitars

This music room painted in Green Blue by Farrow & Ball belongs to Komenda, author of Little Green Notebook.  A nod to her eclectic style, this room combines her personality and musical decor for a funky aesthetic. Source. Image credit: Brittany Ambridge.

Guitars and a Rug

Piano room with a beautiful rug and hanged guitars

This beautiful interior is brought to you by Brio Interior Design for a young couple’s first home, transforming it into a bright and modern space. The neutral palette leaves room for the couple to continue to develop the decor and add their personality. Located in Bellevue, WA, the room features art and textiles from around the world, paying homage to the couple’s globe trotting lifestyle and husband’s time in the Peace Corps. The variety of wood in the flooring, instruments and piano, give this decor a global bohemian vibe. This piano interior was featured on HGTV’s Faces of Design Competition in the Kitchen and Dining Category. Source. Photography by Haris Kenjar.

Guitars On a Rustic Wall

Piano area with rustic recycled wood wall decor

A simple layout and recycled wood guitar wall continue the music theme with a rustic twist in this piano room decor. Source

Music Theme with a Painted Piano and a Chalk Board

Painted piano decorated with guitars

The green piano (painted by the owners) is definitely the star of the show in this perfect space for the whole family! Centering formal instruments around the eclectic piano and the traditional style chalkboard makes this a playful and approachable area for children. Nestled just under a reading loft, this room provides added organization under the window with mounted file storage. If you’re looking to create a fun, kid-friendly space to create music and memories, this style inspiration could be the right fit for you! Source. Images by Kristen Loken for Design Mom.

Piano Fits Right In

When decorating around a piano, you don’t have to stick to mounting instruments on a wall to incorporate them into your design. In this elegant piano room, the harp, cello, guitar and saxophone add varying dimensions of depth, leaving little effort to complete the decor. Simply add some seating, wall art and rugs, and voila, a functional music room anyone can enjoy! Source. Image credit: James Merrell.

Photo Wall Above the Piano

Suitable for any decor style, a black and white collection of photographs is a simple way to bring cohesiveness to a room, while still drawing the eye towards a piano.

Black and White Family Photos

Black and white photo wall above the piano

What better way to feel inspired than by looking at family photos? Black and white photography, arranged symmetrically in black frames is a piano room decor that transcends time. Source.

Dark Background

Photo wall over dark paint above the piano

This dark wall that reads as a navy-black is a great choice if you’re on the fence about trying out a dark room. Paired with white upholstery and framing, the paint color’ Little Black Dress by Clark+ Kensington’ which actually falls under the purple family in the paint palette, makes a great background for the brass lamp and matching brass frames while complimenting the natural wood hues in the floor and piano. Source.

Picture Wall

As we’ve seen adding framed pictures is a gorgeous way to decorate around a piano, in this example we see a great decor option that adds so much character to your piano room!

Hang Random Pictures

Random pictures as decor above the piano

Pictures in random sizes around the piano

These are two slightly different versions created by Ikea that use photographs, paintings, graphic art and framed pictures to make a visually stunning impact. Take a look throughout your home for any random pieces you may have to re-create your own unique design that is sure to impress! Source.

Place Artwork on Top of a Piano

Black and White Artwork on the piano

Placing art pieces atop a piano is an easy way to update your space with minimal effort.  An often overlooked area begging for decoration, adding some artwork above your piano adds dimension and can pull together a room. The great thing about leaning art pieces instead of hanging them, (apart from saving your walls) is that you can swap out frames from other areas in your home as you see fit, keeping the space always fresh and new! Source.

Use Wallpaper

One of the coolest and easiest ways to decorate around a piano, this stunning feature wall is great for modern homes as there is so much variety in wallpapers available. You are sure to find something to suit your style needs!

Make a Statement with Black and White Wallpaper

Wallpaper wall as piano decor

Huge patterns, large scale flowers and big statement wall coverings are so in right now! The dark colors, a mix of vintage pieces and modern elements, make this gorgeous room a one-of-a-kind space that any homeowner would be envious to have.

Use Removable Wallpaper

Marble look wallpaper behind a piano

Another way to create an interesting accent wall behind your piano is by using removable wallpaper. We like LenArte (available on Etsy) – all wallpapers are repositionable, just stick it on and take it off whenever you want! Easy to use and way less messy than regular wallpaper, these products use high-quality inks for a long-lasting, durable finish. (Featured above is Expression Marble Mural, Peel and Stick, Removable wallpaper- Adhesive.) Source.

Adding Accent Pieces is a Great Decor Idea

If creating a photo wall or accent wall seems like a difficult task, you could simply add one piece above the piano to create visual interest. Whether you choose an eclectic decor item or unusual painting, or even add a funky piano stool, the aim is to give your piano room decor some personality!

Large Picture Plus a Pink Chair

Pink piano chair

This room boasts a number of interesting design elements, namely the use of color and contrast. The black, pink and hints of green against the white floors and walls draw the eye all over the room, from the ceiling lamp to the painting above the piano for a simple but still beautiful space. Source.

A Deer Head

Deer head decorative accent above piano

Bring a bit of the outdoors to the wall behind your piano with a faux deer head and some decor inspired by nature. The rustic charm of this space is tied together nicely by the wood and wicker features contrasting the piano and light grey wall.

Over-sized Blue Letter

Piano decor accent - blue letter hung on the wall

It is possible to have a kid-friendly space that’s still stylish! The key is space planning, this space is divided, allowing plenty of room for activity while keeping a personalized touch with the oversized Marquee light on the wall. The accessories add a pop of color which adds another layer of brightness to this spacious room. Source. Image credit: Elizabeth Harris.

Use Unusual Objects

Decorating around a piano with unusual objects

There’s a lot to love about this vintage take on piano room decor. From the beautiful piano stool and contrasting floor to the map of Paris and the use of Top Hat, shoes, and masks on top of the piano. This unique room belongs to Kristo and Sofia Jansson, a musician and stylist living in Katrinehold, Sweden. Their home is filled with collections they love and has an effortless airy vibe and  Sofia says “Our home really reflects who lives there.” After seven years of living there, the pair has mastered the art of mixing vintage pieces in a modern way.  Borrow from their inspiration by using some of your favorite objects as decor features in your piano room decor!

Add Some Posh to a Seat

This inviting corner is another great inspiration for decorating around a piano. The picture frames offer clean lines in varying sizes on top of the piano and the luxe faux fur highlight on the stool make interesting visual effects, while the white painted wood floor ties the whole space together for a cozy feel. Source: Unknown.

A Painting and a Floor Lamp

Centerpiece piano

This stunning minimalist space is a beautiful space to create music or simply take in the views. The modern floors draw the eye towards the centerpiece of this room, the dazzling grand piano. The floor lamp is stylish while providing added light and the floral painting adds a hint of color to this classic room decor. Source.

Paint a Piano to Make It a Decorative Piece

The ultimate piano decor idea – hand-painted pianos. Though it may be time-consuming the payoff is a 100% unique, visually stunning piano that becomes its own work of art. Bright colors can be used as an accent and darker colors can modernize a room. Change the vibe in a room entirely, by updating a few coats of paint on your piano!

Painted Pink Piano Plus an Accent Painting

Pink piano decor idea

This creative Mod design features a bright pink piano and subtle use of patterns to add depth to a mostly white space. Source.

Paint a Piano To Match the Wall

Piano and Wall painted the same color

This uncommon room decor adds a whimsical vibe by painting the piano to match the dark walls and replacing a traditional stool with this sleek seat.