Coolest Wall Mount Faucets for a modern bathroom

18 Modern Wall Mount Faucets to Give Your Bathroom The Wow Factor

Coolest Wall Mount Faucets for a modern bathroom

What’s really cool about wall mount faucets is that they offer style, space saving and lots of innovation at the same time. With a few exceptions, the bathroom is the only room in the house where they can be installed. And a modern home is where these faucets fit best.

You would want a wall mount installation if:

  • you have a narrow countertop or
  • looking for a modern fashionable bathroom design or, perhaps,
  • desire an unusual innovative faucet.

And with this selection of the 15 most beautiful, most unusual or most innovative faucets, we’ll show you why this can be your best option!

Use caution when remodeling a bathroom with an existing countertop mount faucet. You will have to open the wall and run new cold and hot water lines inside it. Plus, it takes some consideration how high above the sink your new faucet has to be installed, so it may be best to call a professional plumber.

Wall mount bathroom faucets are offered in several designs:

  • three-hole installation (most common) or two-lever design
  • two-hole installation (less common) or single-lever design
  • single-hole wall mount faucet (rare) or spout-lever combination design

They can also be touch-less, have a waterfall spout and cross-handles or simple levers. And some can even serve as a shelf. Take a look …

Vaia 3-hole Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet from Dornbracht

Clear lines and outstanding workmanship make this faucet a big winner in any bathroom.  Manufactured by Dornbracht, and created by Seiger Design, the Vaia faucet proportions are balanced and precise for that oh-so-upscale look. It’s no wonder that Dornbracht’s platinum matt and polished chrome finishes are so loved – they’re so rich and full-bodied.  This modern washbasin tap sets a new tone for your bathroom – it’s sleek and sensual and sublime all at once. And it’s also available in an exquisite dark platinum finish that mimics oil rubbed bronze and would be the perfect touch to finish off a bathroom with some old-world charm.

The Vaia faucet’s handles are available as levers or as cross-handles, with soft contours and geometric shapes blending flawlessly.  And the tapered rosettes make the transition from faucet to washbasin especially smooth.

This double washbasin incorporates the best of two worlds – Vaia wall-mounted faucet and Vaia basin mounted faucet – together in one bathroom. Not to mention the two different types of sinks – one of the most high-design washbasin setups we’ve seen. Yet, as complicated as it is, it is still minimalistic, which is the true test of a great design: the ability to incorporate multiple facets without losing the scope of design. It flows seamlessly. And the credit goes to Vaia.


Regolo Wall Mount Hydroprogressive Stainless Steel Washbasin Mixer from Ceadesign

Wow. This stainless steel wall faucet is a stunning example of modern design – and technology. Manufactured by Cea Design and created by Edoardo Gherardi, the faucet won “Best of Best” at the prestigious Iconic Design show last year. And for good reason – the simplistic modern look has an extremely complex functioning system behind it. The water is controlled with a slider that moves back and forth on a rod. Innovation rules in this Regolo Hydroprogressive wall-mounted faucet. The temperature and water flow are both managed with the slider, allowing a very minimalist modern design to emerge amidst the progressive technology.

This stunning design – created for both washbasin and tub – is available in satin or polished finish in light gold, copper, bronze or black diamond. And they’re eco-friendly, too, with aerators inside the faucet limiting the flow rate of the water.  Innovation, design and conscience in one package. Now that’s a bathroom faucet.

This ingenious hydroprogressive stainless steel washbasin mixer is also available with an adjustable spout.

And to coordinate – we have a Regolo mixer set for the bathtub with a waterfall spout.


ZIQQ Wall Mount Washbasin Tap by CEA Design

The ZIQQ wall-mounted faucet by Cea Design is made of high-grade marine quality stainless steel that gives such a minimalist design a sense of heft. Designed by Mario Tessarollo and Daniela Lorato, the taps are ingenious, with the thin edge of the triangular design acting as a marker. The curve of the faucet is a timeless design and even the triangular-edged taps mimic the angle of the curve.  And the design lends itself to adaptation – use only one tap if that is your pleasure. The offset single tap design (seen bottom left immediately below) makes an even bolder statement.

The ZIQQ faucet is available in a wide variety of finishes, including satin, polished, light gold, bronze, copper, black diamond, oak, walnut, teak, stainless steel, brushed steel or glossy steel.


Ametis Wall-mount LED Lavatory Faucet from Graff

Designed by Davide Oppizzi, the Ametis faucet from Graff was conceived as a symbol of the fusion between the universe above and the oceans below. It’s futuristic, modern and has a decidedly Japanese style.  It was inspired by the water itself, the movement of waves along with the flow of Japanese calligraphy and how the characters are produced with only the gesture of the brush, a flick of the wrist. The design has motion, because of that Japanese infusion.

And how clever is the LED light ring that changes color to indicate water temperature? Combining technology and design has produced a wall mount bathroom faucet that transcends all others. Available in multiple color finishes including black, white or stainless steel.


Graff Luna Wall-Mount Faucet

Luna, from Graff, is one of the most design-led wall mount faucets we have found in our travels. The crescent curve of the spout delivers a magical stream of water to the basin, bringing to mind a sliver of the new moon. And note the design of the water spout – rectangular and thin, to provide almost a waterfall effect.  This award-winning design has a mirror-like finish, giving it a reflective quality. Trust me, you’ll be standing and looking at this faucet for a while – it’s got that kind of allure. The length of the faucet is what makes this design so spectacular and it was a bold choice for the creator. And it is a bold and stunning choice for any bathroom.


5mm Wall Mount Washbasin Mixer from Rubinetterie 3M

The spectacular 5MM wall-mounted bathroom faucet, designed by OCO Studio and manufactured by 3M, is a sleek and sturdy design that delivers maximum water power from a single-hole installation. The design is well named (known as “Cinquemillimetri” in Italy). It has a constant thickness of 5mm – in construction and in water flow. The 5MM is also created completely in satin stainless steel – free from any trace of iron, chrome or nickel.

The use of a single thickness for all parts of this wall-mounted faucet gives it a delicate look – and at the same time, it comes across as a faucet built to withstand. And naturally, it is a water-saving technology for minimal environmental impact. The slender spout protrudes from the slender wall-mount at a perfect 90-degree angle. A truly modern and minimalist design that can hold its own in any bathroom.


Wall Mounted 3-hole Lavatory Faucet from THG Paris

The Les Ondes Collection from THG Paris was designed by the house of Gilles & Bossier.  The new collection is a revisitation of a Baccarat crystal lamp which they designed for the Baccarat Hotel in New York. The timeless design is totally steeped in French elegance.  The name, Les Ondes (French for “The Waves”) is a nod to water itself, as is the transparency of the 10-faceted base.  The trident-shaped faucet is a nod to Neptune, the Roman God of the Sea.

The design whispers French elegance and is available, of course with matching configurations for the entire bathroom. It also comes in a mind-boggling 26 different finishes, ranging from chromes to golds (including rose gold) and bronzes. With the ability to appear modern or traditional – depending on the setting – this flawless design fits any decor.


Haptic Single Handle Washbasin Mixer from Ritmonio

The Haptic wall-mounted faucet designed by Simone Micheli for Ritmonio is an industrial modern masterpiece. The use of cement material on the faucet handle opens up another avenue of high design by combining not only appearances but textures as well. The chromed brass faucet and bases balance the look – while the concrete tap handle grounds it. And each piece is handmade and certified original. Then there a multitude of trending color choices available for the cement dial: Tramonto, Amazzonia, Sahara, Canyon, Oceano, Tundra, Artico, Vulcano and, as pictured above, Concrete.  One of the finest looking industrial wall-mounted faucets to come out of Italy, in our opinion.

And now, this brilliant modern design is also available in black and white finishing. The special mat texture in black and white makes the product emerge as simple and refined. It may not have the ‘jolt’ of the two combined materials (cement and chromed brass) but it is much sleeker and more modern without the clash of textures. It’s smooth. And isn’t it interesting how a change in construction material changes the entire design? No more industrial modern, this version is 100% modern. Bravo, Simone Micheli.


Waterblade Spout from Ritmonio

This wall mount faucet is a style normally reserved for bathtubs – it’s a waterfall faucet. Available in chrome-plated brass or brushed nickel finishes, the Waterblade is a stunning design for a lavatory faucet. Peter Jamieson designed this unusual piece for Ritmonio.  The cross-shaped tap handles and the open waterfall spout are very minimalist.

The rigor of rectangular sections, Waterblade exalts the most natural movement of the water, the waterfall: never equal to itself, but even so precise, place of a releasing rite for the body and the soul. Just adding a shelf element and the basic form transforms itself from a simple shelf into a true bath fitting.

But with that simplicity, you can add to the modular piece – a shelf next to the waterfall spout for soap, a shelf below for washcloths. The beauty of a modular design is that you can make your placement of the pieces a one-of-a-kind design.


East Linear Widespread Faucet from Newport Brass

The East Linear Collection, manufactured by Newport Brass, features a stunning 27 finishes from antique nickel to oil-rubbed bronze. All are, of course, solid brass construction. The elegant design gives off a different effect with different finishes – for example, the two above Stainless Steel and French Gold.  The stainless is a modern look, the gold more traditional. In both, strong edges complement the spout’s smooth contours. And the collection meets the water-saving standards established by the California Economic Commission.


Electronic Hands-Free Wall Mount Faucet from Vola

This electronic faucet from VOLA is ultramodern. Partly a result of the technology, but the design deserves a good deal of credit. Dubbed the “4011”, it is one of the most efficient faucets in the world. It even includes a built-in data port, so a homeowner can upload data to their computer or phone to see how much water has been used. And it looks so sleek and modern. The tap is perfectly curved and of a somewhat elongated proportion, giving it a distinct style.

I must admit, the second I saw it, I wanted one. And it comes in 18 stunning colors and finishes. We’re mad for the copper setup below. And we’ve included some photos of non-electronic wall-mounts from Vola to show you the incredible color finishes that are available, like the eye-catching fire engine red at top right (below).  They have quality finishes and a strong design.


The 4011 wall mounted hand-activated faucet will count for points in having your house LEED certified.

Each unit has a built-in hygienic rinse that causes water to run for 20 seconds every 24 hours to ensure fresh water moves in the lines and the traps are bacteria free. This is cutting edge water faucet technology.


Watermark Designs’ Newest Faucet Collection Elements

From Watermark Designs, the Elements wall mounted faucet plays with color, form and texture in the creation of a unique design element. Unique because the customer has endless options in faucet choice combinations, making the design a compilation of customer choice.  There are 14 handle designs, called ‘covers’. The base for the cover has 24 finish options and two options for inserts – bridge style and scallop style. The four raw material categories are rock, lumber, raw and forged. Talk about mix and match!


Wall Mount Lavatory Faucet from Newport Brass

The Metro, a new lavatory faucet from Newport Brass moves from the more typical curved faucet set to a block style – a truly modern design by all standards. Always solid brass construction, this imposing design is available in 27 unique finishes, everything from English bronze to weathered copper. (Shown in polished chrome.) The wing-style faucet taps echo the block style – everything about this design is iconic. With matching accessories, such as the wall-mounted soap dish. Made in California.


MB278 Single Hole Single Lever Wall Mounted Bathroom Tap from MGS

This single hole faucet is really sleek and slender-looking because of its unitary design. Nothing to distract from the main event – the faucet itself. The MB278 model (shorter) and MB276 (longer version) are stunning in their simplicity. It’s a very unique design with the control handle on the top of the tap – and it extrudes from the wall in its single configuration with the circular base balancing the other circular visuals (most noticeably, the end of the tap that bears the MCS insignia). Made from high-grade solid stainless steel, this modern wall mount faucet is available in multiple finishes such as Black Steel and Titanium matte. Or choose Rose Gold in a more traditional washroom design.

This faucet can be ordered with a smooth or knurled handle (K version below).

This unique design with control mixer on the head of the faucet.

MB278 – MB276

Three Hole Wall Mount Mixer CB215 from MGS

MGS makes a mean modern design for a wall mount faucet, like this one – the CB215. We like the handles. A lot. The slash angle gives this set a real contemporary feel.  The two wall-mounted tilting valves can be freely positioned –  keep the spout on one side of both faucets, or line them up symmetrically with the spout centered. It’s a bit more avant-garde to position them on one side, a little bolder and shocking. Symmetric positioning will give you a much more traditional feel, despite the decidedly modern style of the design.

Don’t you just love the slash end on the faucets?

The varying angles on the pieces give the faucet set some depth.


The Leawood Lever 3-hole Wall Basin Mixer from Drummonds

When I see a faucet like this I want to fall in love with the British style. The Leawood tap and shower collection is available in a variety of finishes that really change the scope of the design (above and below).  The starting point for the Leawood tap and shower collection by Martin Brudnizki was an ergonomic assessment, examining both function and the most natural way in which handles are gripped or turned. This resulted in the simple, curved shapes which distinguish the Leawood collection from others.

It is visually modern, clean and simple. A timeless design with details that underline a contemporary focus.  And when you add the more eclectic finish above – it changes the whole look. We love a versatile design that can change like a chameleon.

Martin Brudnizki products are famously focused on the ergonomics of how the products are used, designing pieces that are as practical as they are beautiful. And so it is with the Leawood collection.  The hallmark flattened end on the lever controls was created to comfortably fit the human hand. The forms were specifically designed to make the most of the centuries-old lost-wax process that Drummonds has always used to manufacture its brassware. Drummonds’ craftsmen worked closely with Martin Brudnizki’s team to finesse every element, from initial sketches to the finished products, with their strong, simple aesthetic. This modern brassware is, literally, a work of art.

Available in polished brass, polished chrome and polished nickel, the Leawood tap and shower collection pulls off the feat of being as much at home in a stark, minimal bathroom as in a traditional setting. This echoes the classic contemporary philosophy that runs through all of Drummonds’ products. The collection is comprised of a floor standing bath and shower mixer, shower controls, wall mounted and deck mounted basin taps.


The New collections of RIFRA Steel Taps

RIFRA’s new steel tap, Wave, is part of a coordinated collection for the bathroom but designed to be complementary to the materials of the kitchen. Contemporary design, combined with the use of steel, makes a highly effective and modern piece of bathroom kit. The angle of the tap is the subtle design element that elevates this wall-mounted faucet beyond others, integrating not only the kitchen material but by extending the faucet further from the wall than others before angling. Available in two finishes: glossy (above) or satin (below).

The design follows the soft lines of the tubular structure that identifies it. The circular faucets are designed for a complete, comfortable fit inside the palm of your hand.


Wall Mounted Basin Mixer with Spout (Raw Copper) from Bycocoon

This unusual design comes in many variations as shown, but our favorite is the Raw Copper (below). Designed by Piet Boon for Bycocoon, the faucet handle is one of the most innovative we’ve seen in a while. And it’s another example of the elongated spout trend. It is a very sleek and modern design, particularly in the brushed steel version above.

This product is available in two configurations: modular, which gives you the freedom to place the components wherever you want or with “Box”,  a pre-set option for easier installation. Cocoontaps have top quality certified ceramic cartridges and are provided with water-saving aerators.

The wall-mounted faucet sets are all made from marine grade stainless steel and available in brushed steel finishing as well as in Gunmetal Black or Raw Copper PVD.

We love that handle and its unique level for controlling the flow.

A very pleasing design when faced straight on, this wall faucet set is actually far more than originally meets the eye. It has wonderful balance and unique features – a winning combination.

And of course, the line is available for the entire bathroom. Very nicely done.