Modern Cozy Bedrooms

Make Modern Cozy Bedrooms Hygge Style – 20 Tips, 60 Photos

How do I make my room cozy on a budget?

Creating a cozy bedroom haven is a guaranteed way to bring hygge into your life. Hygge is a Danish word that sums up the wellbeing that accompanies comfortable and snug places. Read on for 20 budget-friendly tips and countless photos to inspire your modern bedroom decor.

1. Decorate with wooden accents

Bring the natural world to your bedroom by incorporating wooden accents to your decor. If possible, replacing carpeted floors or tiles with wooden floors will do wonders for creating a charming look in your bedroom. If retiling your floors is too large of a project, wooden accents can be introduced with headboards, wall paneling, and accessories.

Wooden bedside tables and dressers can be found in second-hand stores and refurbished with some sanding and varnish. If you’re in the market for a new bed, choosing a wooden frame is a great way to add earth tones to your room. Models can range from rustic to sleek so there are options for all budgets and tastes.

Gray and white bedroom with large floor to ceiling wooden mirror

A large wooden framed mirror is the perfect piece to add a wooden accent to your bedroom and create the illusion of more space.

2. Add an area rug

Add a rug to your bedroom to bring different components of your room togetherIf you have enough space, a supersized carpet can warm up any room, and more importantly your feet!

Small rugs on either side of your bed are a great option if you don’t have the budget for a large rug. You can use matching rugs or mix it up with different colors or even textures for a quirky twist. As well, small rugs can be placed in different areas to create multiple focal points.

Rugs are an easy way to add a bit of color or pattern to your bedroom without taking over. You don’t have to stick to rectangles either! Round rugs add a unique touch and can work better with certain furniture arrangements.

Blue and gray toned bedroom with large velvet carpet

A large carpet can be placed at the front of your bed or tucked partway under so you always have a soft surface to step on.

3. Create atmosphere with ‘mood’ candles or a diffuser with essential oils

Engage all of your senses when adding details to cozy up your bedroom. Candles are a great way to create ambiance, mood lighting, and a great aroma if you wish. From simple tea lights to scented candles, the options are plentiful and you don’t need to break the bank.

Place tea lights on trays or in glass containers to add an ethereal quality to your bedroom. If you prefer large candles, choose simple ones and add your own decorations. Scented candles come in all prices and aromas, and you will generally get what you pay for. Choose a nice quality long burning candle and complement it with more affordable options.

Another way to add fragrance to your bedroom is by using a diffuser and essential oils. Diffusers come in all shapes and sizes, and can be electric or not. The simplest ones are usually made with porcelain and a couple of drops of your favorite essential oils. Electric diffusers use different methods to create a mist infused with the oils.

In all cases, when adding aromas, choose soft scents that you enjoy and that make you feel relaxed. Some soothing options include lavender, bergamot, orange, sage, and chamomile.

Bedroom filled with candles, a Christmas tree, and hanging lights

Decorate your bedroom with different sized candles on every surface.

4. Add a fur throw

Add some fluff to your room with a fur throw. Not to worry, faux fur is the perfect animal and budget-friendly alternative to the real deal. A furry throw is great to have on your bed for extra warmth, or on a chair to make it thronelike. Even if you don’t use it to stay warm, its presence alone is sure to make your bedroom feel like a cozy nook.

Woman reading in bed with fur throws, log walls, and string lights

Nothing is cozier than reading in bed snuggled with a couple of faux fur throws!

5. Decorate with soft pillows

Pick an assortment of pillows to decorate your bed and chairs while adding a ton of comfort. Throw pillows come in every shape, size, material, and color. Think of them as the adult version of a pillow fort and get creative piling on different sizes for the ultimate cozy nook.

Embroidered cushions are a great way to add color and pattern to your bedroom. Use these as accent pieces to make your personal sanctuary extra inviting. Soft fabrics such as flannel or faux fur are sure to have you feeling snug at home.

Gray and pink bedroom with a draping headboard and woven blankets

Stack your bed with soft throw pillows and wooly blankets, and coziness is the only option!

6. Pick the right bedding

Choosing bedsheets is probably the most important decision you can make to amplify the hygge feel in your bedroom. Not only do they cover your bed, but they are also where you spend (hopefully!) 8 hours every night. Since you are spending thousands of hours in bed yearly, it is worth setting aside a decent portion of your budget to get the best quality you can afford.

For maximum comfort and coziness, flannel sheets are ideal, especially in the winter. Some people swear by silk or high thread counts but ultimately you need to get what makes you most comfortable. Have some fun and choose colors and designs that make you feel relaxed and well at home.

Bed with hanging lamps and a large plant

Add a flannel blanket to your bedsheets for soft comfortable layers.

7. Add lots of blankets

Once you have chosen your bed sheets, blankets are necessary to create the coziest sleeping space for extra relaxation. Layer on blankets of different materials and adjust as needed. Wool and flannel are great options for cooler seasons, while linen or a light duvet might be a better idea in the summer.

Your blanket is the icing to the cake that is your bed! Be sure to pick something that you enjoy seeing, ideally in colors and patterns that bring you a sense of calm. This is a great place to add warmth especially if your room is mainly white.

Soft toned bedroom with stacks of cushions

A simple white blanket with neutral tone cushions and an accent throw come together in a soothing palette.

8. Add a breakfast bed tray

Nothing says relaxation and hygge more than breakfast in bed. Taking the time to pause and enjoy your first meal is a definite way to bring a sense of well-being to your entire day.

Breakfast bed tray


If you really want to get off to a good start, choose a tray with a reading rack and spend the morning in bed with breakfast and a book. This simple accessory is a huge way to increase your bedroom coziness with little effort and low cost.

Gray and white bedroom with breakfast tray

A round tray holds everything you need to enjoy a simple breakfast in bed. Add a flower in a vase and you might as well be on holiday!

9. Add a basket for pillows

Baskets, woven or otherwise, are a great addition to make your bedroom warm and comfortable. Fill them with your extra throw pillows or blankets. A basket or two at the front of your bed makes for a practical and decorative accessory. Check out this charming bedroom renovation with a functional and decorative basket.

Earth tone bedroom with Christmas tree and basket

Place a basket for extra pillows at the end of your bed for a stylish and useful touch.

10. Pick a large soft plush toy

Soft plush toys are a great addition no matter your age! For maximum coziness, choose something large that can double as a pillow. If you have a soft spot for wild animals, here is your chance to bring them to your home without any taming required. Pottery Barn has a great selection of plush animals to get your collection started.

White brick wall bedroom with a tall wooden bed frame and a large plush teddy bear

A large plush teddy bear is the perfect bedside companion for those days you need an extra snuggle.

11. Add knit mural wallpaper

Talk about cozy! Knit mural wallpaper is a great way to add an element of warmth to your entire bedroom. To keep it low maintenance, choose one wall to accent and make it your private relaxation corner.

This wallpaper comes in a variety of textures and subtle colors to make your bedroom especially inviting.

Knit wall mural makes a bedroom cozy - from

12. Add a cozy pet rug for your furry friend

If you are lucky enough to have a pet, make them extra comfortable by adding a soft rug for their hours of relaxation. Not only will you be able to snuggle with your cuddly friend, but you will both be cozy doing so.

Choose a well-crafted rug such as this orthopedic model, so your pet has all the support it needs to be a great companion.

Cozy dog bed

13. Add an electric fireplace

There’s no need for a chimney with an electric fireplace. Add one to your bedroom for minimal effort and maximum warmth and character. Electric fireplaces offer great value by heating your bedroom while creating a snug atmosphere.

Cozy electric fireplace

Most models have adjustable thermostats and lighting to create the ideal cozy mood for your bedroom hygge. Different designs can be mounted on your wall or stand freely on surfaces depending on your bedroom layout. And … you can remote control them while in bed.

14. Decorate with a woven headboard

If you aren’t ready to hang a knit mural wallpaper, a woven headboard is a great way to add a warm ambiance to your room. It is also an easy way to add color and texture to a simply styled bedroom.

Woven headboard makes your bedroom cozy

Get creative with yarn, crochet, leather, and more. Not only will your bed get a makeover, but you will surely wake up beneath your cozy headboard feeling more relaxed. Check out this post for plenty of DIY headboard ideas for every budget.

15. Add a cotton stems arrangement in a vase

Flowers are beautiful but require their fair share of upkeep. Keep things simple and carefree with cotton stems arrangement. These rustic compositions add a homey feel to your bedroom and will continue to do so with no watering!

Woman with laptop sitting on bed surrounded by plants

A tall bedside vase filled with cotton stems is the perfect zero maintenance decor.

16. Change your bulbs to yellow light bulbs

Soft lighting is a key component for a cozy bedroom setup. The difference between bright lights reminiscent of a surgical setting and the warm glow of a relaxing room comes down to the light bulbs.

Choose yellow bulbs for a softer glow that will make your bedroom the intimate haven you deserve. IKEA has plenty of options, just make sure to avoid blue light.

Modern bedroom decor with brick wall and warm lighting

A clear light fixture allows the glow of the yellow bulb to radiate warmth.

17. Hang heavier, to the floor curtains

Framing your windows with floor-length curtains is a great way to add some warmth to your bedroom. Not only will thicker long curtains keep any drafts out, but they will also cloak your windows for a heightened cozy feel.

Velvet, cotton, and silk are some of the many options of fabric you can use to dress up your curtains.  Choose lighter colors for a subtle touch, or go for something dark and brooding for an intimate mood.

Warm toned bedroom with large windows

Pair soft pastel curtains with blankets and cushions for a warm and welcoming bedroom guaranteed to make you feel relaxed.

18. Hang string lights around the bed and windows

String lights are an affordable way to enhance the coziness of your bedroom. Drape them around your bed and hang them from your windows for a cozy wonderland feel. Use them instead of larger fixtures, or mix and match with lamps for different intensities around your room.

Cozy bedroom with fur rugs and string lights

Delicate string lights are a great option for a blank wall above your bed. They provide subtle lighting and a celestial quality evocative of a starry night.

19. Decorate shelves with your favorite objects

Set up shelves against empty walls or keep them freestanding if you have space. Fill them with items you love such as books, photos, artwork, and plants.

A cozy room starts with objects that make you feel good and bring back familiar memories. Whether it be an old photo of a relaxing trip or a stack of old vinyls, nothing is cozier than objects that make you feel at home.

Neutral toned bedroom with geometric accents

Mount a small shelf over your bed to frame it with artwork and plants.

20. Add a large mirror

Mirrors are a great way to add depth without the need for lots of space. Hang a few on an empty wall or choose an extra large floor standing mirror.

Mirror reflections will add dimensions to a simple space, allowing you to create your ultimate hygge bedroom.

Airy bedroom decor with canopy bed, quilted headboard, and elegant accessories

A floor standing mirror with an ornate frame adds the right amount of enchantment to make your bedroom a relaxing sanctuary.

Ideas and Inspirational Photos of Cozy Modern Bedrooms

Wooden Accents

Small bedroom with wooden walls and a balcony

Alternating diagonal and horizontal wood panels add subtle geometric patterns to your bedroom.

Natrual wooden bedroom set

If your favorite place to be is in the forest, incorporate wood in all of your furniture and decor.

Simple toned bedroom with large wooden wallboard accent

An all-white bedroom immediately feels homey with central wooden wallboards framing the bed.

Add a rug

Black and white bedroom with geometric patterns

Small rugs can be used to add pattern to your bedroom.

Gray and white bedroom with large floor to ceiling windows

A soft furry rug is a perfect accessory to add some warmth to a grayscale bedroom.

Add mood candles

Eclectic neutral tone bedroom with candles, hanging lights, and a fireplace

Place candles on free surfaces to create a cozy atmosphere. Add some string lights and rustic cotton stems and the mood is set.

Add a fur throw

Woman reading on bed with fur throws in front of log wall with string lights

A fur throw, string lights, and log walls make for the perfect relaxation retreat.

Modern bedroom with soft pink details

Mix fur throws and woven blankets for the comfiest bed.

Beige toned bedroom with fur throws and sky lights

Bedside chairs gain a warm feel with the addition of a fur throw.

Add soft pillows

Floor to ceiling wooden bedroom with a large windowsill filled with cushions

Fill wide window sills with soft cushions to make the coziest reading corner. Fitted bed sheets are the perfect surface for a breakfast tray.

Monochromatic gray bedroom with unique throw pillows

Get inspired by funky textures and materials when adding pillows. Stick to similar shades to avoid excess visual stimulation.

Pick the right bedding

Bedroom with pastel walls, and a simple white bedspread

Simple white bed sheets are a great match for pastel walls.

Add blankets

Bedroom with simple furniture and a standout wooden headboard

Hang extra blankets from wall racks and drape them over your bed for added comfort. A large wooden headboard makes your bed the focal point. Time to get cozy!

Elegant bedroom with velvet headboard and a woven throw

Choose a loose-knit throw for a cozy embrace.

Gray toned bedroom with a bicycle and white brick wall

A duvet with a grayscale geometric pattern has the right balance to inspire relaxation.

Add a breakfast tray

Aerial view of a breakfast tray on a bed

A slab of a tree trunk is the perfect tray for a cozy breakfast in bed.

Bed between two large windows with plants

Relax with breakfast in bed and sunshine coming through light floor-length curtains.

Add a basket

Airy neutral tone bedroom with large windows

Use woven baskets to store extra blankets while adding some charm.

Pink toned bedroom with plants

Add a cotton stems arrangement

Close up of colorful bed, dried plants, and hanging feathers

Cotton stems and dried plants add the right amount of coziness with no effort.

Choose yellow light bulbs

Bedroom with modern furniture and a brick wall

Yellow light bulbs are a great choice for bedside and hanging lamps.

Hang floor-length curtains

White and pastel bedroom with geometric accents and cacti

Add a splash of color to your neutral bedroom with floor-length curtains.

Hang string lights

Bedroom with full wall bookshelves and festive lights

String lights and mini lanterns create a festive decor.

Window sill and bed with string lights and a wool blanket

A simple string of lights above your bed adds a cozy sparkle.

Bedroom with dark wallboards and a Christmas tree

Set up shelves

Neutral tone bedroom filled with plants

Display your plants on small funky shelves.

Light and airy bedroom with a desk, shelf, and round mirror

Perch your favorite plush toy on a minimal shelf.

More inspiration

Bedroom with pink duvet and wooden headboard

Simple monochromatic gray bedroom

Gray bedroom with quilted headboard and large lamp

Minimal bedroom with wooden bed and neutral tones

Light toned bedroom with simple teal accents

Warm toned bedroom with a small tree and hanging lanterns

Modern bedroom with concrete walls, dark furniture and big windows

All white bedroom with white wooden floors and plants

Bedroom with dark furniture and gray tone blankets

Bed with a purple quilted headboard and simple decor

Eclectic bedroom with plants and decorative hats

Canopy bed in white and pastel colors

Close up of a bed corner and side table filled with plants

Simple white bedroom with beige accents

Earth tone bedroom filled with plants

Large minimal all white bedroom