50 different types of rugs

50 Types of Rugs with Pictures

Read on for a detailed look at types of rugs by shapes, features, patterns, uses, materials, and styles, with pictures to visualize each type.

50 Types of Rugs

Unless your house is carpeted from wall to wall, chances are you need rugs to keep your feet warm. Aside from their functionality, rugs can be an impressive addition to interior design, significantly enhancing the appeal of a space. They can be made from a multitude of materials depending on the level of upkeep you are ready to take on. As well, rugs come in an array of colors, patterns, sizes, and shapes.

All of these options should be considered based on where you plan to use the rug and how much area you want to cover. Aside from the logistics, budget is a huge factor as well. Luxury rugs are undeniably enchanting but they can cost as much as a downpayment on a home. Handmade oriental rugs are true works of art and they have the price tags to match! Consequently, it’s helpful to plan ahead before you go shopping, by considering various aspects regarding your choice.

Types of Rug Shapes


rectangle shape rug

Probably the most common shape for a rug is a rectangle. This example by Kasthall demonstrates how a rectangular rug can highlight a wide space. It is perfect to display in a living or dining room. Depending on whether or not it will be covered with furniture, you may choose something with patterns or a solid color.


square shape rug

For a smaller area especially a square-shaped room, a square rug is a great choice. Chances are that the even sides will fit into the area seamlessly. This vibrant piece by Paola Lenti demonstrates that you can certainly still make a statement with a square rug. Try placing it under a square coffee table to complement, or try a round table for contrast. It can also be useful to break up a larger space by creating a section with it. You’ll soon realize that being a square is a good thing for a rug to be.


round shape rug

Round rugs such as this one by Kasthall, can be used in a variety of settings. For a dramatic look, try placing it in the middle of a sparsely furnished room. As well, much like square rugs, round rugs can be used as a focal point, or to split up a larger room into sections. They also look striking with a circular table on top. The concentric effect undoubtedly makes a statement.


oval shape rug

Similar to rectangular rugs, oval rugs are a great choice for a living and dining room. This model by Toulemonde Bochart displays how an oval design can be a central accent. It can also be subtle, hiding under a long table. Oval rugs are a great option for softening the overall look by smoothing out corners. For an understated look choose neutral colors, or pick a splashy pattern if you want to jazz up your room.

Types of Rug Making


handmade rug

If you’ve got the budget for it and are looking for a statement piece, then a handmade piece such as this one by Tapis Rouge is the way to go. Often made with silk, wool, and other woven materials, handmade rugs are truly exquisite. The upkeep is usually greater than with manufactured rugs, however, they are worth it if you want a unique addition to your decor. Look for oriental styles and detailed patterns for the most alluring design.


custom rug

This funky design by Tarkett shows that custom-made rugs can be created in whatever shape and style you wish. The asymmetrical design above is just one example of the infinite possibilities that exist when designing a custom rug. The best thing about opting for this choice is that you will be able to incorporate exactly the style you desire in your space. You will be in charge of dictating the dimensions and look you want.

Long Pile

long pile rug

A long pile rug like this one by Kasthall boosts the style factor of a room without resorting to flashy colors or patterns. However, long pile requires greater upkeep since more dust and debris can become trapped between the fibers. As a result, you’ll have to vacuum it more often or stick to using a long pile rug where there is less foot traffic. A smaller size can also act as an accent piece without requiring as much effort to clean.

Types of Rug Patterns


patterned rug

Wow, this rug by Moooi Carpets is positively enchanting! Patterned rugs come in all styles, and while some can be subtle in neutral colors, others make a bold colorful statement. Place it in a room with a simple minimalist decor in order to highlight the space. Pairing it with solid color furniture can be a good bet to avoid a dizzying effect.

Geometric Shapes

geometric shape patterned rug

Geometric shapes can be included in a rug pattern, such as in this stylish design by Tacchini. These patterns work well in modern and contemporary decors, and can also fit in with simple and classic interior designs. Shapes can be repeated and resemble optical illusions, or larger and more eclectic in style. As well, geometric patterned rugs can be found in all shades and colors. For a subdued look try neutral shades, and go for bright colors to make it pop.


solid color rug

Solid color rugs need not be boring. This glamorous model by Adriani e Rossi Edizioni shows how different fabrics can create the illusion of multiple shades in a monochromatic rug. Choose a solid color as an accent or to streamline a mixed decor. Keep in mind that if you choose a pale color you’ll have to clean it more often.


striped rug

A striped rug such as this one by Kasthall is an elegant way to add pattern without overwhelming the decor of your room. Stripes can be similar in color, or contrast for a vibrant effect. Unlike some busier patterns, stripes can work well in spaces that display other patterns too. Depending on the weight and color of the stripes, they can work well in classic and modern interior design.


floral rug

What a beautiful floral rug by Agena! This model is stunning and completely highlighted against the simple wooden floor. Floral patterns can be delicate and ethereal or bolder and dramatic depending on what you wish. For modern spaces with solid colors and sharp lines, a floral rug can be the perfect piece to soften the look.


optical patterned rug

Cappellini makes this trendy rug with black and white optical patterns. This style can be overwhelming in crowded spaces, however, it looks very stylish against a simple background and solid colors. If you’re looking to add a definite funky vibe to your room, pick out your favorite optical design.


patchwork rug

These patchwork rugs by Gan are a prime example of the artistry that accompanies this style. These are perfect if you’re looking for an accent piece to liven up a neutral space. Depending on the style and material, they may require greater upkeep. Choose accordingly if you plan to use the rug in a busy location of your home.

Types of Rugs by Room and Use


outdoor rug

Depending on the design of your outdoor space, carpets such as these by Myyour can be extremely useful. Whether you place them by a seating area to enhance the cozy appeal or near a swimming pool for practical purposes, carpets definitely have a place outdoors. Of course, your finest silk rugs won’t be as well suited as a more durable material but aesthetics need not be ignored.


kids rug

Un Tapis à Paris has a fun selection of rugs for kids, perfect for bringing some joy into their interior decor. Cool shapes, vibrant colors, and cute designs are great options for a child’s bedroom. If you let them choose it, they might even promise to take good care of it!


runner rug

Runners like this vibrant model by Besana Moquette display the effect this style of rug can have in a simple hallway. Runners are long and narrow, creating a highlight along the length of your hallway. They can also be useful in smaller spaces and kitchens if you don’t want the entire area to be carpeted.


kitchen rug

Whether you carpet your counters and walls like this design by Warli or stick to using a rug in key spots, material choice is essential when using a rug in your kitchen. Be sure to opt for something that is durable since kitchens tend to receive plenty of foot traffic. As well, you’ll want to pick a material that is easy to clean for those inevitable spills.

Types of Rug Material


wool rug

Jot.jot showcases a unique wool rug, but they come in all shapes, patterns, and sizes. You’ll find options for all budgets since wool is an extremely common material for rugs. It’s particularly durable, easy to clean, and doesn’t stain too easily. However, it’s not ideal for areas of the house that are regularly damp since wool takes a while to dry.


silk rug

This stunning silk design by Diacasan Edition showcases the craftsmanship possible when it comes to silk rugs. While silk is often used for the most luxurious pieces, it can also be blended with other materials for a durable yet elegant look. Pure silk rugs are best for areas without much traffic as they will degrade faster than stronger materials.

Synthetic Fiber

synthetic fiber rug

Vivaraise displays this funky synthetic fiber rug, and the possibilities are almost limitless. A range of synthetic materials can be used depending on the use of the rug as well as any features you desire. Synthetic fibers can imitate other materials while being much lighter on your pocketbook. Another advantage of synthetics is that they are generally straightforward to clean, making them practical in busy households.


cotton rug

Vidame Creation incorporates a unique design into a cotton rug. Cotton is a simple practical material for carpets and is usually budget-friendly. While it may not be as grandiose as silk or wool, choosing one with a pattern or in a bright color can bring it up a notch. Cotton isn’t the most durable option but it is good for casual areas where you might not want to splurge on wool.


viscose rug

This viscose rug by I+I is an example of one of many synthetic fabrics that can be used for your floor. Viscose is best for cool dry locations, and ideally for spaces with minimal traffic. The fibers are fairly delicate and consequently, can wear faster than other more durable materials. However, the options for color, size, shape, and price are wide so it can be a good choice in specific cases.

Bamboo Silk

bamboo silk rug

This striking rug by Now Carpets is a beautiful example of bamboo silk. Made from a blend of viscose and bamboo fibers, bamboo silk does wonder for highlighting colors and patterns. However, the material is not as durable as others, especially with regard to the moisture. Be sure to keep it out of kitchens or other areas where spills are likely. It is also difficult to clean and should be considered as a piece of art.


linen rug

This gorgeous rug by Kasthall displays stylish patterned linen. While the material is durable and absorbs humidity, quality linen can also be quite expensive. As well, over time it tends to show marks in the fabric. This characteristic might not be ideal if you are looking for a long-term option in a busy room.


felt rug

This trendy felt rug by Hey-Sign is a great example of the versatility of the material. Felt can be custom designed into any shape you wish, with colors and patterns to match your home. It is inexpensive and tends to be durable since there is no fraying. Cleaning may require a bit more effort but gentle care will do the trick.


velvet rug

For a glamorous option, opt for a velvet rug like this design by Opinion Ciatti. Velvet is soft and feels luxurious to the touch, making it a great choice to bring some warmth to a room. However, over time it will show indent marks from furniture so keep that in mind when arranging your space. Follow care instructions and use appropriate cleaning materials to keep your velvet in good shape for years.


hemp rug

Hemp rugs such as this example by Barcelona Rugs display the natural style of this woven material. Hemp is durable, eco-friendly, affordable, and easy to maintain. It is also a great style to add a casual and earthy look to your interior design. The neutral tones fit into many decors making hemp extremely versatile both functionally and aesthetically.


mohair rug

Mohair rugs like this elegant design by Casalis are made from goat hair. They are extremely soft and lightweight, with a reflective quality that makes colors shine. If you’re looking for a classy luxurious style that will also be durable, choose a mohair rug for your living space.

Eco Fabric

eco fabric rug

Eco fabrics need not be bland, as you can see with this design by Bruno Zampa. Materials vary, and anything can be used as long as there are only natural fibers with no toxic additions. We don’t often think of everything that can be added to a rug, but dyes, pads, backing, glues, and other chemicals are all used in general carpet manufacturing. If you’re wanting to reduce your carbon footprint, opting for an eco fabric rug is a great option.


velour rug

If you’re looking for something similar to velvet at a more affordable price, go for a velour rug such as this one by Henzel Studio. For a plush feeling under your feet without breaking the bank, a velour carpet is the right choice for you. It may require careful cleaning so it’s best to incorporate it into areas where stains are less likely.


alpaca rug

Alpaca rugs are a sustainable and quality addition to your home. This beautiful one by Casalis shows that alpaca can also be a stylish option for modern and classic interior designs. Aside from being polished and refined, alpaca is water and stain-resistant. It is also more durable than wool and happens to be hypoallergenic in case you suffer from wool allergies but are looking for a similar style.


plastic material rug

Plastic carpets like this one by Gan are often acrylic-based. As well, materials are usually created from recycled plastic. This makes them highly resistant to stains as well as extremely durable. Additionally, they can be dyed in any color making them easy to customize. Another great advantage of plastic carpets is the cost which is generally far cheaper than other materials.


leather rug

Leather carpets come in all sorts of styles such as these animal hides by Ligne Roset. The natural material definitely makes a statement and is a luxurious way to decorate your interior. Leather and hides are also easy to clean, so upkeep isn’t as hard as you might think.


wood material rug

This oak cork rug by Neo Design Studios is a stylish way to incorporate a wooden design without having to splurge on a hardwood floor. Durable, versatile, and comfortable, you’ll want to incorporate a wooden rug to add some class all over your home.


rubber rug

Codex makes a fun and colorful rubber carpet that is perfect for a play space. Rubber is extremely easy to clean, anti-microbial, and hypoallergenic, which makes it ideal for spaces that receive plenty of traffic. Whether you use it in a gym or play area, rubber carpeting can be adapted for all purposes.


metal rug

Officine Tamborrino showcases this trendy metal rug which undoubtedly makes a statement in any room. While pure metal rugs are less common, metal blends can strengthen other materials making them more durable overall. Include one in your contemporary decor as a unique accent piece.

Different Types of Rug Styles



scandinavian style rug

Kasthall highlights the simplicity of the Scandinavian style. Solid neutral colors, high-quality materials, and a minimal finish are all elements of the sleek decor. Accessorize your rug with similar colored hues for a seamless look.


vintage style rug

Vintage carpets can be true masterpieces as displayed with this rug by CC-Tapis. Incorporate it into a bohemian interior design for a timeless addition. Unique patterns and durable materials are usually guaranteed when it comes to vintage rugs.


ethnic style rug

Kristiina Lassus Studio showcases this ethnic patterned rug and its classy appeal. The range of possible designs is wide, and the color palette is varied as well. Choose an ethnic carpet to stand out among solid-colored furniture.


oriental style rug

Mineheart displays a unique oriental rug, but the options for these styles are endless. Oriental rugs are often stunning pieces of craftsmanship passed down over traditions, handmade and woven with silk. Include one in your decor for a lasting and stylish addition to your interior design.


Persian rugs

Persian rugs such as this stunning design found on Ebay, are some of the most prestigious rugs you can buy. Made from natural textiles, dyes, and true pieces of artistry, Persian rugs are undoubtedly the center of attention wherever they are displayed. Weaving techniques and traditions passed on across generations are all combined in these fine examples of craftsmanship.


afghan style rug

Ebay showcases this exquisite Afghan rug, yet each is unique and one of a kind. Carpets are handwoven in a coarse or medium weave and are often made from a variety of materials including wool and silk. Geometric patterns are common and can include depictions of nomadic lifestyles for an original floor covering. As with Persian rugs, natural dyes and fabrics are the norms, resulting in superior quality.


tibetan rug style

This beautiful Tibetan rug can be found on eBay, and a range of unique styles is possible. Tibetan rugs are usually made from hand-knotted wool for a highly durable and incredibly soft quality piece. They are often more contemporary in design compared to other oriental rugs and this makes them a good choice for modern interiors. Look for softer hues in yellows for a true example of the traditional style.


Uzbek rug style

We love this elaborate handwoven Uzbek rug from eBay. These carpets are often made with fleece from mountain villages. Each design is brimming with history and tradition, making a special addition to any interior. Traditionally, every carpet design has its own symbolism, so if you want your home to be as welcoming as possible, an Uzbek carpet might be the way to go.


Turkish rug style

eBay boasts a varied selection of Turkish rugs, each unique in design and palette. They are traditionally woven from wool and silk and are undoubtedly high quality. If you want an extra sheen in your decor, opt for silk whereas wool has more of a matte effect. Turkish rugs entail intricate patterns, quality materials, and skilled craftsmanship dating back thousands of years. Choose one if you want your room decor to stand out.


Kilim rug style

Kilim rugs are made across Turkey and Morocco and have a flat weave with no pile. As you can see by this stunning design on eBay, patterns are just as elaborate and colors remain vibrant in these beautiful pieces. Quality wool and cotton are regularly used for kilim rugs, which have been made for millennia for decorative and religious purposes. Add one to your decor for a striking look that will likely outlive you.


Shag style rug

Revival Rugs displays this beautiful shag rug, handwoven from wool with a long pile. Shag rugs are tufted for a soft and cozy feel on your feet, ideal for rooms that get cold. While they still need to be cleaned regularly, they can camouflage some debris. Try one in your bedroom for a pleasant feeling when your bare feet touch the ground in the morning.


Moroccan rug style

eBay shows an exquisite example of a Moroccan rug with geometric designs. This type of rug often incorporates an asymmetrical design to bring a creative look to your interior. Abstract images are common, and colors can range from neutral to wildly vibrant. If you want to makes a statement, look no further than a Moroccan rug.


Berber rug

This incredible Berber rug on eBay shows the extent of detail and color possible with this style. These rugs are handwoven in wool by the Berber Tribes of Morocco, hence their name. Designs vary from contemporary to more traditional, making Berber a great addition to most interiors. For something uniquely one of a kind, choose a Berber type.


japanese style rug

This rug by Tapis Rouge shows how elegant Japanese designs can be. Intricate details make each piece unique and one of a kind. Pair a Japanese rug with minimal decor to make it the center of attention.


glam style rug

Kristiina Lassus Studio shows that glam doesn’t have to mean over the top. This elegant high-quality rug is perfect to enhance the style of your space. Go for soft colors or pick rich vibrant hues for a dramatic effect.


bauhaus style rug

Toulemonde Bochart exemplifies the geometric style of the Bauhaus style. Modern contemporary interiors are perfect backdrops for a Bauhaus rug. Pair the design with solid colors to highlight the graphic pattern.


design style rug

Paola Lenti wows us with this stunning design carpet. Eclectic patterns, fabrics, and texture make this rug original and one of a kind. Choose it to set a focal point in whichever room you decide to place it.



deco design rug

Deco styles like Kristiina Lassus Studio‘s rug are a striking accessory for all sorts of interiors. Contrast it with a traditional interior, or pair it with a minimal design for a complementary pairing.


baroque style rug

Edition Bougainville displays the ornate nature of a baroque rug. With symmetrical designs and elaborate detail, if you’re looking to make a statement you can’t go wrong with a baroque rug.

Some Helpful Answers

What type of rug is most durable?

Wool rugs are an excellent choice for durability and comfort. Fibers are woven tightly to ensure quality over time, and they also manage to be soft to the touch. Wool can be used in most living areas of the home and will resist regardless of high traffic. As well, wool comes in a rainbow of colors which makes it easy to match to other furnishings. It’s also insulating if you live in a cooler climate, and mostly stain and water-resistant for those pesky spills!

What is a good quality rug?

Choosing wool or other durable materials is a good option for a quality rug that will last over time. As well, opting for rugs with a higher density of knots per square inch ensures a tighter weave and in turn, greater resistance. Another feature of high-quality items is the coloring and detail. Rugs made with natural organic dyes are more prized than synthetic coloring. Handwoven ornamental details in the design are sure signs that your item is of superior quality.

How can you tell if it’s a real Persian rug?

A quick way to tell if a Persian rug is the real deal is by checking whether there are fringes sewn on. In the case of originals, fringes are integrated into the natural weave of the carpet. There should be no hard plastic backing on the rug either. Natural dyes and coloring are essential to traditional designs and there should be no bleeding of colors. Persian rugs are not usually a bargain, and if the price sounds too good to be true it probably is. If you plan to purchase one, think of it as an investment that you will pass on.

What types of rugs are soft?

Most rugs woven in wool are soft to the touch as well as being durable. Quality cotton can be a less expensive option that retains some soft comfort. Silk is certainly soft however it is not ideal for high traffic areas. Animal skins or faux fur rugs are also generally very soft and great options if you enjoy walking barefoot. With their longer pile, shag rugs can also be a pleasant soft piece to have in your home.

What are the best Persian rugs?

All Persian rugs tend to be costly however, some machine-made options can be more affordable. If you are looking for the best Persian rug and have the budget to match, a handwoven piece is definitely the right choice. If you plan to place it in a room with high traffic, choose one made with wool for maximum durability. If your rug will be a showpiece in a less frequented room, silk will have the most dramatic and luxurious effect. Take your time when looking for a design as you will have this fine piece forever.