90 Best Billiard Room Ideas

Best 90 Billiard Room Ideas – Pool Table Decor for Home or Basement

90 Best Billiard Room Ideas

Call it what you will – Billiard Room, Pool Table Room, Snooker Room, Eight-Ball Room – you’ll need to decorate it. Anybody can put a pool table in an empty room. But to integrate a billiards room into your decor – that takes a bit of thought. Will you make it a classic pool hall hang out? Or a modern room that happens to have a pool table? An upscale games room? Or a room with a European look? Maybe a man-cave look? So many decisions! However, never fear – we’ve got 90 billiard room ideas for ways you can create a well-designed billiards room inside your home, no matter what your style – using a little design sense and a little ingenuity. And we’ve got a few specific design tips to smooth your path. Let’s start with those.

Games room pool table

Which room will be your billiards room?

First and foremost – which room will be your billiards room? The room you choose should have a high ceiling and it should be at least 18 ft by 14 ft (preferably larger). The standard cue size is 58″ (almost 5 ft!) and you need to be able to maneuver it around from any table angle. You can get shorter cues if there are trouble spots and your room isn’t quite large enough, but really? Try to have a big enough room. Table sizes range from 3.5ft x 7ft to 4.5ft x 9ft.  You really want more room rather than less. Because the pool table, hopefully, won’t be the only piece of furniture in there.

Which color for your pool table?

Which color will you choose for your pool table? If you haven’t been paying attention lately, you should be. Your felt covering  (once almost always green) can be many different colors, including custom shades. But some of the more common off-the-rack (so to speak) colors include: red, grey, black, many variations on the classic green, blue – in many shades – brown, beige, orange, purple, magenta – you get the idea. Which fits best with your decor?

Fringed pool table lamp

How will you light your pool table?

Back when we said you need a high ceiling – that’s because you want to install substantial drop-down lighting above your table. The classic is the old stain-glass in oblong shapes or anything with fringes. But a modern room calls for different lighting decor. And you’ll see plenty of choices in our samples below. There are some pool table lamps that incorporate a set of pool balls – now that’s coordination! There’s a lot to consider when you start to design your pool table room ad lots of choices to sort through.

Syncing your walls and billiard table

The color of your walls should complement the color of your table. Not match it exactly, but complement it. And you’ll find lots of billiard room wall decor out there to help you with your decorating ideas. You can go with posters of pool table accoutrements (balls and cues), people playing pool,  and a chalkboard is a must for keeping score. One of our examples has a framed collection of Walt Disney Mickey Mouse memorabilia and cels. You can even try beer bottle wallpaper. Why not get playful? After all, it’s a pool table room – let the game begin.

A bar in your pool room

Speaking of beer bottle wallpaper, you absolutely need a mini-fridge. And a bar if you can swing it. Then you’ll never leave your personal pool hall. Stock it with some imported beer, add a few fancy beer glasses, a wine rack and some red and white and rack ’em up.

Billiards table style considerations

There are so many designs for the table frame itself and many custom opportunities. Do you want your pockets to hang outside the table in classic leather net design? Or do you want the balls to drop inside the table and return to the racking end?  The leather net pool pocket design feature lends itself much more to an elegant wooden library or rustic cottage look than upscale modern — so keep all these choices in mind as you design.

One of the most unusual table designs we’ve seen is the bottom half of a classic Mustang convertible, transformed into a pool table frame (see below). In this case, we’d suggest using framed photos of other classic cars as pool table room wall decor. And now that we see this, frankly, you could use anything that can hold a level slate surface of the appropriate measurements for your pool table frame. Kind of opens things up, doesn’t it? And that’s not even mentioning the seemingly normal table, that opens up to produce a billiards table! Have a look for it below – it’s an orange pool table under a white dining table. Talk about double-duty!

A rug in your pool table room?

A rug will certainly define the area, and help absorb sound. But it’s really all up to your decorating preferences. It will give you a more comfy, cozy room but maybe you’re looking for sleek and modern? And of course, it’s quite a different look when you add a Persian rug compared to a sisal carpet. A rug can make your pool room look like a castle or a beach cabin. It’s all in the style.

Even more pool room decorating ideas

There’s so much you can do with billiard room decor and decorating ideas. There really are no rules – it’s such a wide-open palette for you. Feel free to add unusual lighting, over-sized lighting, or decorative lighting (like those with the pool balls).  Wall murals can really make a statement. And don’t forget, even the furniture you choose will add to the pool room decor – using unusual pool table designs is a design factor itself. Add a fireplace with a big comfy chair and between shots, you can relax in comfort.  A buffet is always a great addition to your bar area and picture walls, especially billiard-themed, really get the point across. And don’t forget all those billiard-themed decor accents – now that you’re thinking about this, we bet you see them everywhere.

Whatever decor style you choose, design your billiards room with confidence using our pool room decorating tips.

Billiard Room Ideas

A red billiards table and pool ball wall art

Add some billiards-themed art to your walls

Turn your basement pool room into a games room

Your billiard room can simply be part of your living space

Pool Room Decor - the prints on the wall are billiard related

Your billiards room can be part of an elegant home

A rustic room is a great pool table decor

A rug and a red table - let the games begin

You can turn an unused garage into a billiards room

A wooden pool table frame fits right in with the country decor

Choose your table color and style to match your existing decor

Green pool tables are the most common color

It's great to put a bar in the corner of your billiards room

Notice how the table color matches the color of the lighting shades

Turn your rec room into a pub with a pool table

Your billiards room can be much much more

We love the ship lap and polished cement floor

Your billiards room can have an elegant decor

You can put your pool table wherever it fits

Now that's a bar - rack 'em up!

The classic pool table lamp and pool hall atmosphere

Many shades of blue are available for your billiards table

Use an old car bottom to build a custom pool table

The perfect bar for your billiards room

An open and airy decor calls for a lot of space around your pool table

Funky and rustic describe this billiards room decor

This dining room can seat six, bar style, and still leave room for a pool table

Your billiards room can be simple - it's the game that counts

Faux library decor for your pool room - wallpaper books

A great farmhouse design with galvanized metal and wood - and a pool table

A very modern games room

This billiards room decor incorporates unusual lighting

A nice big pool room - and the rug compliments the decor

Sleek basement pool room with a fireplace and piano - grand design

Urban design for your pool room - with a fantastic view

Rock and roll decor suits a billiards room

Note how the wall color is coordinated with the table color - smart design

Pool ball decorations on the wall of the billiards room

Pool ball wallpaper rocks this billiards room

Another clever garage turned pool room - the black and white tiles are awesome - classic vintage soda fountain design

Your table and walls should complement each other in color

A sports bar decor in the billiards room

Classic billiards decor - the fringed light and heavy pool table

A modern decor billiards room with lots of light

More unusual lighting highlights this purple billiards table

This pool table does double duty as a dining table

Another double duty billiards table and a long bar

The iron lighting and tufted couch give a lot of elegance to the decor in this billiards room

Bars and pool tables - they go together like nothing else

It's a less obvious pool room with such understated decor (love the lighting)

An elegant billiards room with upscale but rustic decor

A very modern billiards room and bar

Add a wine cellar to your pool room to complement your bar

The classic pool table green is used again in the seat cushions - very well done decor

Another wine cellar in the billiards room and a giant wall of Breakfast at Tiffany's

A fireplace always adds something to billiards room design

Here's a billiards room where the rug works very well with the decor

Framed photos on brick - and a comfortable couch - give this billiards room a jazz club feel.

An upscale bar and pool room - lots of interesting cultural decor

Orange might be one of the rarest colors in pool room design

You can see how coordinating the color of the lighting and furniture with the pool table elevates the design

Unusual billiards table lighting choice - but it works so well

A bar, a TV, a pool table - we're never leaving

Having a bar really makes a pool room inviting - you don't have to actually play pool to enjoy it

A British decor themed billiards room - brilliant!

The bar can be the star of our pool room decor

You can be as bold as you like with your pool room decoration

The den makes a great billiards room

A chalkboard wall makes a great scoreboard in your pool room

Here's another dining table that can morph into a billiards table

This billiards room has a real man cave style

Wood walls and a dark wood billiards table with purple felt

This chandelier is the most unusual pool table lighting that we've seen yet

Lots of wood in your billiards room provides an earthy decor

Another classic pool table lamp with fringes - and lots of natural light in this billiards room as well

When is a garage not a garage? When it's a billiards room.

The wall fireplace really warms up the pool table atmosphere - love the lavender color table

A dome light for over the pool table

Old wine barrels make great pool room elements

Lots of seating around this billiard table

A beautiful tiled wood stove enhances the billiard room experience

Keeping your pool table room simple is also a design choice

That's some chandelier above the billiards table - it really makes the whole pool room design

You can't go wrong with fringed lighting for your pool table - it's classic

A pool ball lamp for above the billiards table - how clever

The eight ball on the wall totally changes the design of this pool table room

For your billiards room - a wall mural that looks like you could step into it

This hanging geometric dome lighting certainly sets the bar for the pool table room design

Beer can wallpaper. What could provide amore classic design for a billiards room?

Incorporate your billiards room into the design of your great room