Realistic artificial flowers

Realistic Artificial Flowers and Best Place to Buy Faux Bouquets

Realistic artificial flowers

The hands-down winner for the best place to buy artificial flowers and faux bouquets is – no question. The number of artisan sellers and the global scope of the market is almost limitless. And there are more stores coming online every day. And before you start wrinkling your nose (“artifical flowers…ewww”) – have a look at some of our photos below. The world of faux flowers has improved incredibly and there are some bouquets that would even fool a master botanist. Plus, who can resist the appeal of flowers you don’t have to water, flowers that never die? Yes, you will have to occasionally dust, but it’s a small price to pay.

You’ll also see that the new faux flowers are made from unpredictable materials – leather, metal, ceramic, wood, even pinecones. Of course, many of these are more art than realistic – but the ones made to look like real flowers are so convincing you can almost smell them. And you aren’t limited to the current selection at your local flower seller. I mean, really, what if you want a stunning trio of Heleconia and he doesn’t have them?  Artificial flowers come in every color and in every variety – perfect for every room from the bathroom to the bedroom. And put your artificial flower arrangements into vases for a little extra persuasion – people will see what they expect to see. And if they are faux flowers, they wouldn’t be in a vase, right?

From pieces of art by master craftsmen to the whimsical DIY faux flower projects – these are the best of the best …

Artificial Leather Flowers

One of the more unusual materials for making artificial flowers is leather. But it’s a soft, easily formed material that lends itself to different shapes – and it can be dyed almost any color.

Leather artificial flowers

If roses are your passion, Blossoms DIY has you covered with artisan leather roses (above and below). Such an unusual combination – they’re sure to start a conversation! Check out all their colors and don’t miss their other varieties of artificial flowers, all created in leather.

Faux bouquets of yellow roses

Artificial Metal Flowers

Metal is another interesting choice for artificial flowers. While there is little chance of mistaking them for real flowers – it’s not a realistic material at all – they are almost always works of art. And the flexibility is really wide-ranging in color, size and shape.

Colorful faux flower bouquet in a vase

These artificial flowers are made from metal – artistic (and realistic) poppies of every color. You can order them from DWC Metals as an assorted set of six (as shown) or in one specific color.

Faux rose couplet - intertwined stems

Stainless steel roses are an interesting choice that would look great in an industrial/stainless kitchen

Steel roses (above and below) are the thing over at Steel Roses Co on Etsy. They come in stainless (the natural steel – we love it) or a choice of many colors. You can choose a steel vase (or not) and they are sold in bouquets of 3, 6, 11 or 12 but they’re also available in singles or an entwined pair (as shown above with the red steel roses). Really interesting to make faux roses out of steel – their petals are such textural opposites and yet, it works.

A bouquet of artificial flowers - in stainless

Artificial leaves for accents

This Beech leaf on wire (above and below) is the perfect accent and filler for your faux flower bouquet – it’s flexible and works well with metal flowers. More info on

Faux leaves for faux flower bouquets

Origami Flower Bouquets

Origami faux bouquets can be any color at all

Colorful faux flower bouquet in origami paper

Origami Bloom creates these custom show-stopping origami bouquets – real works of art. Custom made – you can choose your style and all the colors.

Ceramic Artificial Flowers

Whimsical ceramic faux flowers

This whimsical faux bouquet (above and below) was made at SrulCeramics – assorted colors and styles for you to choose from Just the thing for spring!

These faux flowers are almost a sculpture

Faux flowers - red poppies are super realistic

These faux poppy flowers are very realistic and hand-made with a technique called cold porcelain. Cold porcelain is a non-toxic material, despite its name it is not porcelain at all, but clay. Available from Flowers Porcelain Art.

Wood Flower Bouquets

Wooden roses in black

Black wooden roses will make a statement in any room. Made by this Etsy shop.

Pinecone Faux Flower Arrangement

Pinecones, and other forest floor treasures, can be used to DIY your own faux flower arrangement.

Pinecone faux flower board

This pinecone faux flower wall hanging is so whimsical, so shabby chic. Perfect for the comfy, cottage look! And something you can absolutely DIY. Source

Pine cone faux flower bouquet in a vase

Another faux bouquet created with pinecones by LMC Design Creations.  It comes with the vase and clear beads – and looks great on a kitchen table.

Paper Flower Bouquets

Paper flower bouquets can be some of the prettiest – they are one of the most delicate forms of faux flowers.

Paper flower faux bouquet shadow box

Paper Art by Ada makes these incredible faux flower arrangements (above and below) out of quilling paper. Absolutely charming – colorful, slightly whimsical and hugely artistic – the frame can hang on the wall or sit on a table or shelf.

Paper flowers in white and lace - faux bouquet for the wall

Kusudama flowers - paper and buttons

And here we have more origami faux flowers – this time with buttons from Starkey and Co.  These are Kusudama flowers – Kusudama meaning “medicine ball” – traditionally, 12 of these flowers would be glued together to make a ball.

Faux flowers in custom sizes and colors

Mescreations65 can bring you a bouquet of Kusudama flowers in custom colors and sizes.

Faux flowers made with sheet music

Dana’s Paper Flowers can make you a faux bouquet from any paper – sheet music, newspaper, books, magazines – your choice!

Crochet Flower Bouquets

Crocheting is really a trend these days – and it’s even moved into the faux bouquet space. We love the example below.

This faux flower arrangement crochet bouquet had us laughing out loud – a Venus Flytrap with a victim. From Krawka on Etsy.

Artificial Flowers that Look Real

We’ve been focusing on whimsical faux flowers using the more obscure materials. But now it’s time to have a look at some realistic faux flowers (most you will note, are silk).

Faux Calla Lilies

This Calla Lily cascading bouquet from Dress My Wedding is a perfect wedding bouquet but also a perfect decor item. The flowers look so realistic and elegant.

These faux peony flowers are extremely realistic

Such realistic artificial flowers – these silk peonies from Decor Flower Shop UA are incredible. And double bonus – anyone who has picked a peony knows they don’t last very long. These ones will last for a very long time. We love the color mix – and how real they look.

Faux stems add splashes of color to artificial arrangements

These red silk cattail bundles from Expressions by Decor are the perfect complement to your faux flower bouquet. Maybe you just need that little pop of color (wouldn’t they look wonderful with white flowers?) or maybe you’re looking to expand the shapes and textures in your bouquet. Whatever your motive, these realistic-looking artificial flowers can perk up your arrangement.

Shabby chic faux flowers

This faux white lavender from HiRustic Reach is another very realistic-looking faux flower. You could set it in a shabby chic basket as they’ve done above – or use it as an accent flower in an entire bouquet of realistic-looking artificial flowers.

Sunflower and Millet faux flower arrangement

And again from HiRustic Reach comes another delightful faux flower arrangement: Sunflower & Millet (above and below). Such a perfect country look with none of the muss or fuss of a real arrangement. Made from fabric and hand-crafted, the Sunflower & Millet is a winner.

Faux flowers and grasses in a vase

Dried Flower Bouquets

Are dried flowers actually faux flowers? In a sense. We decided to include them because they clearly aren’t alive. But many look like they could be.

Dried faux flowers fall

This fall flowers bouquet is made from completely organic dried flowers, grasses and handmade wooden elements. Perfect for an autumn wedding – or to give your home a little fall flavor. From the Koroni Art Studio – the bouquet is made of Rattan balls and elements, Bunny tail grass, Dried Phalaris, German Statice, Different dried flowers and grasses.

Multicolor dried faux flower bouquet

This dried winter bouquet is a mix of multi-color dried flowers and plants that creates a natural rustic style bouquet. This incredible bouquet includes dried roses, dried forest garden plants and flowers, artificial decorative flowers. It’s wrapped with linen and raphia. Decor Effective on Etsy.

Romantic Faux flowers

Available on Etsy from Right Way Creations, this stunning wedding bouquet can be used as a bridesmaid bouquet, as a table decoration – or a winter gift. This pseudo faux bouquet (after all, it started as real flowers) will enchant the recipient for a long time to come.

Autumn Artificial Bouquet

This dried flower bouquet is sold in a glass vase and is the perfect natural rustic decor for home or parties – looks great as a centerpiece for your table or a splash of fall on your dresser. This contains various types of wheat and other wild plants. Available from Decor Effective.

Faux flowers in every room of the house

Having a party? Make it simple on yourself – this listing is for five bouquets of dried flowers. A simple way to accent your home in coordinating dried flower bouquets from Nature Lover Finds. And all done with one click – five tables or areas are perfectly coordinated.

Oats are faux flowers too

These handmade bouquets are made of oats! You can’t get much more rustic than that. They’d look great in a front hallway, wouldn’t they?

Beautiful yellow accents for faux bouquets

If this bouquet looks extra realistic – well, it’s made of dried yellow Linum stalks.  So, it used to be real but now falls into the faux flowers category. Stems are great for accents or adding that splash of color, or equally impressive grouped alone. From  Proven Dried Flowers on Etsy.

Fax lavender is incredibly realistic

You really cannot beat lavender for realistic faux flowers. You can almost smell these gorgeous purple bundles.  Certified organic, with 250 stems per bundle from the Nustad Family Ranch.

Setaria grass for faux arrangements

From Pax Wood Crafts, we have this dried – and dyed pink – Setaria grass bunch.

Vibrant orange faux flowers

This dried grass bunch of orange Phalaris is a favorite with florists and we can see why.  You can use these vibrant orange dried flowers as fall flowers for your bouquets, autumn flowers centerpieces and decorations. From Koroni Art Studio.

Purple faux flower arrangement in a vase

These stunning purple dried flowers from Me Botany are dried Gomphrena ( Globe Amaranth).  These are handpicked and grown with no chemicals at all. Natural color – and one of the more vibrant hues.

An assortment of faux flower stems

From Larkspur Hill, you can order an assortment of 25 dried flowers to use in any number of projects from flower hair wreaths to table bouquets. A beautiful assortment of 25 dried flower stems will be included in every bunch and Eucalyptus leaves are included at no charge.

Faux dried wild flowers

Again from Larkspur Hill (above and below) – the perfect way to order dried wildflowers for your faux flower projects. Available in bunches of 25, 50, 75 or 100 – they are eco-friendly and bio-degradable. Perfect to throw at weddings!

faux flowers for bouquets

These dried berries almost look like sea shells

When we first saw these stems, we thought cowrie shells – but no. From HogBarn Antiques we have dried white Tallow berries.

Preserved Flowers

Preserved flowers are the best of the faux bunch

These aren’t faux flowers at all – they are preserved Helichrysum flowers – in yellow, purple and white. Preserved flowers are natural flowers that have been processed using revolutionary technology to maintain their fresh appearance for several months or even years. From Flower Art Forever.

Fake Flower Bouquets

Mini faux flower bouquets

From the Natty Collection, we have the sweetest little miniature Mulberry paper flowers with 25 pieces per bunch. They are perfect for projects such as hair or jewelry accessories, dollhouse decoration, cake decoration. Use your imagination!

Faux flower daisies

These silk daisy faux flower bouquets were made to order. A very realistic faux bouquet, the colors are springlike and cheerful. They’re the perfect pick me up for a winter day.

Artificial flowers - blue cornflowers

These blue Cornflower blossoms are so realistic, can you even believe these are fake flowers? From Expressions by Decor.

Faux mum bouquet in a vase

Expressions by Decor bring us this faux flower bouquet in silk: mini mums.  They’re very realistic-looking faux flowers, with their bright autumnal red, yellow and orange colors and dark green stems and leaves. Each mum bouquet has 10 flower heads.

Faux flowers - Hydrangea in Ball Jars

Planter and hydrangea are included in this gorgeous faux flower arrangement from Country Home and Heart.  A wide variety of colors are available both for the silk hydrangea and the Ball mason jar vases.

Tropical Faux Flowers

faux tropical flower: Heleconia

Flowers by James will be happy to ship you these stunning tropical Heleconia stems. These are very realistic faux flowers and work great with other tropicals or in a pot of sand out by your pool in the summer.

Faux bird of paradise flower

Flowers by James also sells incredibly realistic Birds of Paradise faux flowers. Bring some of the tropics into your home year-round with these beauties.

Silk Protea tropical flower

The silk protea from Kristinez Design looks like something prehistoric – a faux flower that packs a big impact. Pair it with a couple of Birds of Paradise and Heleconina for a stunning faux bouquet.

Faux flower bouquet - stunning tropicals

The Anthurium in this faux bouquet of tropical plants is from Wedding Flowers Crafts. This is a perfect example of the type of show-stopping faux flower arrangements you can create with tropicals.