Stunning Ceramic Heating Stoves

20 Ceramic Heating Stoves to Create Stunning Warm & Ambient Home Decor

Stunning Ceramic Heating Stoves

THE IDEA:to add warmth and ambiance to your home by installing a beautiful ceramic heating stove

Welcome to the world of ceramic heating stoves that Europeans have been using forever and most Americans have never even seen. If you’re familiar with these vintage style heating stoves, often bulky and not very aesthetically pleasing then you know that these very handy fixtures are used to heat up space, to cook, and even to run hot water throughout the house. Some can warm up a large room in minutes.

But what if this utilitarian heating fixture is designed to look like a million bucks decorative item. Wouldn’t you want it in your home?

And that is exactly the types of stoves that we’ve gathered for your and our enjoyment. Some of these decorative heating stoves are so beautiful they should be made the centerpieces.

Now imagine how you could decorate around these stoves … one idea is to visit a flea market and find some vintage accent pieces to match. With all those vintage or antique objects, your home decor could still remain modern. In fact, mixing and matching styles is a popular trend now.

So check them out – we’ve selected 20 of the best designed, from the decorative point of view.

What Are Ceramic Heating Stoves?

The stove ceramic enclosures awaiting to be placed over the fireplaces at the Italian stove maker La Castellamonte.

The metal fireplaces that go inside of ceramic heating stoves, at La Castellamonte.

Each stove is a combination of a ceramic enclosure and a metal fireplace placed inside of it.

These ceramic stoves are all hand-made and does ceramic ever retain heat – it’s one of the best conductor materials out there. Above, we’ve shown the stove parts awaiting to be assembled at the Italian stove maker La Castellamonte. It’s easy to see how the attractive pieces would both hold, and radiate, the incredible heat.

These are convection type stoves. They emit warm air through the holes in the ceramic enclosure.

Built to suit any decor style, you can choose from classic to ultra-modern designs.

The doors are covered with antique bronze – bronze being one of the lowest level conductors of heat. For both design and practicality, these stoves make a great choice for a summer home.

The surface of the ceramic, even though it emits heat, does not get too hot – it maintains comfortable temperatures in the home.  Glass doors, of course, allow viewing of the fire – something so mesmerizing people even watch fireplace logs on TV.

These large fireplaces made of cast iron or steel, allow a considerable load of wood – with fires lasting up to 6/12 hours (presumably you are using hardwood). There’s optional fan-forced ventilation, with remote control for operation – recommended for larger rooms and for more coverage.

The metal chimney – required of course for ventilation – can be placed inside a ceramic pipe, making the design even more beautiful and radiating even more heat at a higher level  (although admittedly, hot air does rise).

There is a multitude of design choices – color, style, accessories . There are also different heights available.  Either way, you will simply need to fill the firebox, light the fire and then sit back and enjoy the warmth from your stove. And they are so efficient, you only need a small amount of wood to build a fire.

These stoves are excellent at retaining heat, which it releases slowly and steadily – while the stove surface remains safe to the touch. That’s progress.

How Are They Installed?

They come as several modules, assembled together on site. It only takes 1-2 days to install. Because these are wood or pellet burning stoves, they may require a chimney. So when selecting the right spot for a stove, you need to think about how the chimney will gain access to the outside. It could be installed through the ceiling or through the wall.

What Are the Types Available?

These attractive ceramic fireplace options are available as wood burning (with or without oven), pellet burning, or water stoves.  Wood and pellet burning are self-explanatory, but the ‘waterstove’ may need a little clarification.

In a waterstove, the manufacturer replaces the air exchanger with a water exchanger, rendering the unit capable of connecting to radiators. The stove performs the boiler function and it can be positioned in a central area of the home as a statement piece, while the heat is distributed through other connected methods (such as in-floor radiant heating).

Are They Available In the US & Canada?

All stoves have CE CERTIFICATION for Europe and some models are also certified for the specific Austrian, German and Swiss regulations.

La Castellamonte has US and Canadian UL and ULc certification and EPA certification on emissions and yields for The Rondo (first on our list). Presumably, others will follow.


Antique and vintage style ceramic stoves offer a wide range of decor options and there’s really something for everyone, even for those who love a modern look (if you’ve got any doubts, keep scrolling down). And Scandinavian interiors just love this type of stove. It’s really all about the colors and how the ceramic material enhances their effect from an aesthetic point of view.

Then, there are different shapes and different heights: rectangular, round, oval, tall, short and in the middle. With a ceramic chimney or without.

We will be showcasing 20 stoves from 4 Italian companies.  Your first choice – before the multitude of choices listed above, is… round or square? That’s the basis for the rest.

Best looking ceramic heating stoves

1. Rondo round Wood-burning ceramic stove

The Rondo, of course, is a round shape and it has a gorgeous vintage,  romantic frieze and graceful appearance. But it is also available with smooth walls no frieze at all, giving it a more modern case. The Rondo is produced in five sizes and has a very large glass door for optimal flame viewing. It is a highly efficient (84% efficiency) ceramic stove with the option of an intricate and vintage look or one with smooth clean lines.

Will you choose blue? Maybe white or black? Frieze or no frieze? Chimney? The choice is yours.

Attention: Rondo is certified in the US and Canada.

Rondo round Wood-burning ceramic stove from La CastellamonteRondo round ceramic stove in whiteRondo round stove without chimneyRondo from La Castellamonte in black

2. Vienna Wood-burning ceramic stove

The Vienna is the flagship of La Castellamonte’s production. This square ceramic stove is capable of heating large rooms and can also be used as waterstove. It is available in two sizes – and with a regular fireplace door or the Great Fire door. The ceramic coating is available again with detailed ornamentation or classic, smooth tile. We can see why it’s called the Vienna – and it would certainly be the focal point of any room you chose to heat with this functional work of art. We think the red ceramic is a particularly deep, rich color that would look marvelous in a large open room (particularly one with grey walls, as shown).

Vienna ceramic stove from La CastellamonteVienna stove in greenVienna ceramic stoves in whiteVienna stove in redVienna heating stove installed by the wall with a chimneyFree standing Vienna heating stove with a chimney going into ceilingVienna stove in black installed by the wall

3. Amabile Wood-burning ceramic stove

Amabile is a classic ceramic stove that looks back to the Art Deco days and comes in various sizes.  The larger two sizes can be equipped with a Great Fire door to facilitate greater output.

The largest of the four is the most efficient at 82%, with the smallest stove at 78% efficiency. The size of the rooms which can be heated will surprise you, with the largest heating up to 600 sf of space.  Different models of tiles offer a wide range of choice – from La Castellamonte of Italy.

Amabile Wood-burning ceramic stoveAmabile ceramic heating stoves

4. Liberty Wood-burning ceramic stove

Again from La Castellamonte in Italy, The Liberty is a classic stove with a rectangular shape that can easily adapt to any environment.  Inspired by the periods of decorative impact – Art Nouveau or Art Deco – this stove is a luxury heat source for almost any room. There are four sizes available and all but the smallest can be equipped with a Great Fire door for maximum flame and ember viewing. In this glorious red, it’s sure to be a hit at your house.

Liberty Wood-burning ceramic stoveThe entire collection of Liberty stoves in red

5. Onda Stove with Oven

Here’s another question for you. Would you like your Onda wood-burning ceramic stove with or without an oven?

We love the model with the oven on top. A heat source and an oven. Imagine the pizzas that it could turn out.

On the very top of the Onda, a cupola accentuates the curved shapes that characterize this small stove. “Onda”, of course, means wave in Italian and the design of this stove was based on the wave of the flame.

The Onda is available in three sizes (one with oven) and is 77% heat efficient.

Onda Ceramic Stove with OvenOnda Ceramic Stove with a fire door

6. Ellisse Wood-burning ceramic stove with Oven

Among the most innovative lines, the Ellisse is a stove with great heat output: it can heat up to 300 cubic meters (about 530 square feet). With its unconventional shape, it has a very large and wide fireplace suitable for wood logs up to two feet long. It is also produced at double height (with even more heat output) and upon request it can be equipped with a cooking oven.

Ellisse Wood-burning ceramic stoves with Oven

7. Voluta Wood-burning ceramic stove

Once again taking us back to the Art Noveau or Art Deco periods, the Voluta is a very classic shape but but with a hand-decorated tile that has a European flavor. Available in four sizes, the efficiency rating of this ceramic stove ranges from 78% (smallest) to 82% (largest).

Beautiful Voluta Wood-burning ceramic heating stoveVoluta ceramic stoves in whiteVoluta Wood-burning stove in pink

8. Ottagona Wood-burning ceramic stove

The Ottagona wood-burning ceramic stove is intriguing in its form – styled with panels and frieze, the look is very Gothic Italian.  Meaning octagonal in Italian, the Otagona is eight-sided with four small and four large tiles on each band of decoration.

It is produced in five sizes and with different combinations of smooth and decorated tile. The larger of the sizes can be equipped with Great Fire door and larger fireplace.

Ottagona Wood-burning heating stoveOttagona octagonal shape ceramic stovesOttagona in whiteOttagona with chimneyOttagona by the brick wall and a chimney going into the ceiliing

9. Volutamente Pellet Ceramic Stove

When La Castellamonte designed the Volutamente pellet ceramic stove, they wanted to not lose the effect of the wood logs. So they designed a pellet combustion stove to maintain the visual effects of a wood fire. Volutamente, by the way, means deliberately, attentively, purposefully – which is how they designed this clever and attractive ceramic pellet stove.

Volutamente pellet stoveBlack pellet stove idea



Assembling stoves at Sergio Leoni

Assembling a ceramic heating stove at Sergio Leoni factory


In this section, we present inspirations and stoves from Sergio Leoni.

Most are smartphone or remote-controlled. They can be used to cook or heat up water or floor.

These are amazing fixtures – you connect the stove to the water supply using hoses so that the stove is not too strictly connected to the system, and to allow slight movements.

I mean they work sort of like water heaters that you would normally have installed in the basement but they look like decorative pieces of furniture. What a difference!

10. Marlene Pellet ceramic stove

Enjoy the convenience of using pellets in a product with a classic design that will last over time and always look fresh. Designed by Sergio Leoni, and inspired by the Majolica tiled stoves of Nordic taste, the Marlene Pellet ceramic stove is a work of art. And it works perfectly with pellet technology and the natural convection heating.

In contrast to conventional pellet stoves, there is no internal ventilator in Marlene Pellet. The heat is spread naturally, exactly as in wood-burning models. The brazier inside has been lengthened and widened to produce a more irregular and hotter flame that is as nice as wood to look at.

The Marlene P/N is the convection version, while the Marlene Maxi P/I is a water stove that is connected with radiators or underfloor heating and can heat the entire house. It guarantees a high-performance level in terms of heat exchange, response time and operational autonomy. You can also produce hot water using this stove.

With many colors to choose from in matt and gloss and an assortment of antique finishes  – there’s a model to suit everyone’s taste and style.

Marlene Pellet ceramic heating stoveRoom Interior with Marlene Pellet stoveMarlene Pellet stove details

11. Marlene Forno

The Marlene Forno ceramic stove harks back to Nordic tradition, both in its geometry and in the decorative exterior. They are designed to be installed freely anywhere, without the support of a wall, opening up your options considerably. Marlene stoves come in a wide range of models: from “Mini” to “Maxi”, with heat resistant surfaces and optional ovens, as shown immediately below.

Marlene Forno heating stove

12. Marlene L/A

The Marlene L/A is a wood-burning stove with the timeless decor of Central European tiles that are cool to the touch despite the incredible level of heat these stoves emit.  This particular model boasts 12 hours of prolonged heat with only one load of wood.

Marlene Forno heating stove in the living roomMarlene Forno heating stove in white

13. Sissy Pellet ceramic stove

Sissy (see images below) is a simple design for a versatile ceramic stove, available in the wood-burning (water) stove and pellet versions.

Sissy P/N is a natural convection pellet stove. Thanks to a structure designed for maximum thermal exchange, it distributes heat to the environment in a natural way without forced ventilation. A very quiet stove, the Sissy P/N also produces a natural and attractive flame.

Sissy P/I is a water stove, that is connected to radiators or underfloor heating and can heat the entire house. It also produces hot water – talk about multi-functional. And it does all this while looking good.

Sissy Pellet ceramic stove in the dining roomSissy Pellet ceramic heating stove

14. Castellana Wood-burning ceramic stove with Thermal Accumulation

Truly a lady of the house: The Castellana is a solid-looking stove that radiates not just heat, but the long-time style of the region stretching between the Apennines mountain range and the plains. An area of rich artistic, historical and cultural heritage, it inspired the design for this high-end word-burning ceramic stove with thermal accumulation for maximum efficiency.

Castellana Wood-burning ceramic stove with Thermal Accumulation

15. Maria Luigia Wood-burning ceramic stove with Thermal Accumulation

Sergio Leoni is fond of saying that “stoves must have the charm of beautiful women”. And in fact, the Grand Duchess of Parma was the muse inspiring his first creation at the end of the 1960s. And the Maria Luigia wood-burning ceramic stove (again with thermal accumulation) is a success story that continues through time. Decorated in the Empirical style, this model evokes the pot belly stove – from its ceramic cladding to its cast-iron door.

Maria Luigia Wood-burning ceramic stove with Thermal AccumulationWow ... stunning ceramic heating stoveMaria Luigia stove with a ceramic chimneyGorgeous Maria Luigia stove in white

16. Corsara Ceramic Stove

The Corsaca ceramic stove was inspired by the Renaissance galleons, with two rows of holes – one on top of the other – said to resemble cannons on the sides of a ship. But not simply decorative, this detail enhances the thermal capacity of the stove. A double line of heat outlets spreads the heat more evenly in the surrounding space. This model ensures 12 hours of prolonged heat with only one load of wood. Efficient and attractive. What more could one ask for?

Amazing Corsara Ceramic StoveCorsara Ceramic Stove in the living room

17. Viennese Stove

This model owes its name to a lady who once commissioned Maestro Sergio Leoni to design a stove for her villa on the outskirts of Vienna. She wanted a stove that was large yet of extremely refined and harmonious lines and geometry. This led to a fortunate exchange of ideas between the two and the Viennese stove was born. An original and highly successful model, it is now also produced in a version with additional refractory mass for maximum efficiency. One of the more elegant styles of stoves we have encountered, this ranks in our top choices.

Stunning Viennese StoveViennese Stove in white is a centerpiece of the living room

18. Viennese L/A Stove

The Viennese L/A is a majestic wood-burning stove with a sophisticated design, equipped to easily heat the biggest rooms. And like the original, this stove has an additional refractory mass, which ensures 12 hours of prolonged heat with only one load of wood.

Viennese L/A Stove is an amazing heating fixture



19. Artistic stoves and designer furnishings by Pugi

Created from a passion for the classical art of Tuscan ceramics, Pugi stoves are well suited to any environment or design style. They are perfectly at home with modern, light interior design or ornate and heavy rooms. Entirely made and decorated by hand, Pugi stoves are the result of superb workmanship.

Ceramic Heating Stoves from Ceramiche PugiA heating stove with a nice flower motif in bluePugi heating stove in pinkPugi heating stove in blue

Classic STOVES

20. Vittoria Stove

The elegant Vittoria  from Ceramiche Casstellamonte is a versatile stove of considerable size but with a very small footprint. It’s the ideal solution for those who have to go out daily for very long times, but want the house warm when they return. It offers great heating capacity, with very low consumption and can reach up to 17 continuous hours of heat.

Elegant Vittoria heating stove from Ceramiche Casstellamonte