Unusual Bathroom Fixtures

20 Unusual Bathroom Fixtures To Beautify Your Modern Home in 2021

There are some stunning, beautiful and unusual bathroom fixtures available on the market today that we’d like to highlight in this report. If you’re looking to add a wow factor to your bathroom then these fixtures must be considered. If you’re obsessed with your bathroom design as we are then you’ll love this selection below. As the US bathroom decorating trend has firmly shifted toward modern decor, products from the leading European bathroom brands have become common fixtures in American homes. Here’s some of their latest designs.

Bathroom Collection Vitae by Noken

Futuristic Sinks

Bathrooms with high design

Modern flowing sinks

Collection Vitae (“life” in Latin) was created by the late Zaha Hadid for Noken. And these double wall-mounted washbasins, toilets and bidets have made a big splash in bathroom design. Architect Zaha Hadid is known for her fluid lines and this incomparable design will hold up for decades. The collection masterfully integrates organic lines and liquid forms, full of innovation and sustainability. And aptly named Vitae – because water is where life begins. And this innovative design is where your bathroom begins.

Creative and very ahead of her time, the late Zaha Hadid (1950-2016) was the founding partner of Zaha Hadid Architects. She won Pritzker Architecture Prize and is internationally renowned for her architectural jewels such as the National Museum of Art and 21 st Century Art in Rome, the BMW Central Building in Leipzig and the Guangzhou Opera House.

The Metropolitan Collection by Bleu Provence

Industrial style at its best

The Metropolitan collection by Italian company Bleu Provence just screams pure industrial style. Designed by Emanuele Pangrazi, it has a surplus of choices in faucets, mirrors and accessories.

Just look at the double rectangular washbasin above. What fixtures! What a gorgeous finish on the ceramic. How practical. How industrial. We love everything about it.

Double mirrors complete the bathroom

This gorgeous ceramic basin ads a pure industrial wood and metal cart as its vanity – and we love the mirrors. And the brick.

Wood and porcelain go well together

The countertop rectangular washbasin has a ceramic vessel sink.

Truecolors by Bleu Provence

A red double industrial sink that you will fall in love with

Once again by Blue Provence, this industrial line – Truecolors – makes a real statement in your bathroom. These charming retro pieces are available in a variety of colors, matt or gloss, with a metallic base or wall-mounted. Almost every color you can think of and a few patterns, too. And sizes and shapes – mini, large, corner, double – you name it.  We love the fire engine red double-mounted ceramic washbasin above. What a centerpiece it would be.

Mosaic Tile on Bathtubs

Custom mosaic bathtub with legs
Shown above is THYM – a cast iron bathtub on legs by Bleu Provence, in a mosaic finish. It’s enameled in titanium and comes in an assortment of mosaic finishes. You choose the bathtub, the color, the finish and voila – a unique tub for your bathroom. Available in many styles, sizes and shapes.

The Bombo from MG12

The secret shower head

This unusual showerhead from MG12 is like a built-in rain cloud, in the rain forest, in your shower. It doesn’t get any better than this. The Bombo recessed rain shower is available with or without lights but either way – it will redefine your morning shower.

The Slope by Rexa Design

A sloped sink gives your wash basin some intrigue

Black finishes add an industrial touch

The Slope washbasin by Rexa Design is outfitted with a tilted and removable circle that serves as both the sink tray and the drain. It’s brilliant, don’t you think?  It’s available in a round or squared basin with the removable tray and in assorted (muted) colors. This unusual basin is a highly design-led piece that is highly functional as well. You can’t ask for more.

The P’tit from Rexa Design

A compact wash basin for small spaces

A small bathroom with big design

Accessories make the bathroom

Tiny wall-mounted or counter washbasins are part of the P’tit line from Rexa – ideal for small spaces. The wall-mounted version is very compact and there are accessories available to save even more precious space. Shown in Korakril Ice White, the P’tit (short for “petite” and French for small, tiny) is available also in four other colors.

The Otre by Falper

A sink that looks like a drop of water

Round and smooth describes this wash basin

The Otre wall-mounted hand rinse basin by Falper is made of cristalplant – the first sustainable solid surface material that has been developed in Italy. Developed through years of research at the Nicos International laboratories in Italy, Falper is one of the global companies that have chosen this material for its durability, hardness and aesthetic appeal.

And as an aside, does it surprise you that so many manufacturers of high-quality bathroom fixtures are Italian? You cannot beat Italy for technology, design and function when it comes to decking out your bathroom. The unusual Otre line is available in countertop, wall-mounted or freestanding washbasins.‎ It’s a simple design, yet its flow and curvature are unmatched in the bathroom design space.

Monsieur Console by Falper

High thin legs really show off this sink

Designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez for Falper, the Monsieur oval single washbasin is elegant and simple and sleek. We love all the air and white space. It just looks good – and we can’t stop looking. This is another design that works extremely well in small places. There’s enough open space to not close in a small room.  Even more spectacular in an airy loft-like space. We’d put this washbasin in almost any bathroom.

Map by Gravelli

The Map is one of our favorite sinks - very unique

The Map washbasin by Gravelli looks like a quarry – and it’s made from concrete. This is a wall-mounted piece, delivered with two support brackets for wall mounting. Hand made in the Czech Republic, this carved art cement slab is a showcase of a bathroom sink. Available in three colors: Anthracite (shown), grey and sand. Custom sizes are also available.

SANI3 Foot Basin by A e T Italia

Come rest those weary feet in the footbasin

A foot massage for tired feet

What a perfect ending - or beginning - to the day

Sani3 is a hydro-massage bath designed expressly for the well-being of the feet.‎ Its elegant and refined design, plus functionality, make it a bathroom fixture that elevates the room. What an unusual idea for a modern home!

Sani3 tones and relaxes the feet, loosening up the muscles and helping the circulation.‎ Can you imagine how great your feet would feel if you did this every morning? Sometimes, a water foot massage can be just what you need to start your day off right.

Accent Sanitary Line

You can get luxury accent fixtures

The Accent Sanitary line is a unique, unmistakable wall-hanging design for your bathroom. The form created by its curves is reminiscent of water droplets – and what is more appropriate for the bathroom. Then there’s the up-sell – this line can be personalized with luxury accent finishes like gold or platinum.

Class Bathroom Collection by A e T Italia

Gold buttons make a statement

Also available in platinum

The quilted design is pure elegance

The Class Collection with hand-painted details in gold – screams class and elegance. Oh, and not just hand-painted in gold – but hand-painted in real gold. These are nothing less than pieces of luxury furniture for your bathroom. Now, they aren’t going to fit in with every decor but in the right setting – these unique fixtures are priceless.

Also available in platinum.

Cuna Freestanding Oval Bathtub by Agape

This free standing tub has style

The Cuna Freestanding Oval Bathtub by Agape is a stunning bathroom fixture. Designed by the renowned Patricia Urquiola, this solid surface bathtub screams modern, industrial, loft, cement and many more bathroom buzzwords. It’s available in white or two-tone solid surface, among other choices. It can also be delivered in any custom color the client requests.

It’s a small, compact tub that showcases its structure, emphasizing the delicate round shapes. We love it.

DR Bathtub for Two from Agape

A tub for two

This tub has a lovely shape when viewed from above

Built for two - a tub for couples

If you’re looking for a bathtub built for two – we give you the DR Bathtub for Two from Agape.

This tub is the first collaboration between Marcio Kogan for Studio MK27. To quote the designers, “The intention is to create a friendly, sensual and charismatic object. The smooth, flowing lines of DR offer great versatility. Take your place, and welcome!”

The bathtub itself is a white Solid surface with an outer structure in poplar plywood. Stains are available in natural, brown or dark oak, teak finish or soft-touch lacquered in white or grey. Custom colors are available.

I Gessati Oval Washbasin by Antonio Lupi Design

The pin stripe is back

We love the linear design

This countertop oval Carrara marble washbasin, the I Gessati Oval washbasin from Antonio Lupi, has a unique and refined design. It’s certainly one of a kind. The ancient formation of Carrara marble meets modern technology and creativity – along with high design. This is a soft, rounded washbasin with delightful lines, literally. It looks especially impressive when paired with a mirror image as above. The unusual pattern reminds us of pin-striped suits – and it’s almost an optical illusion.

The parallel lines running on curved surfaces define new perspectives and new direction – each sink becomes unique and unrepeatable. A sure winner in the washbasin design department.

Ghost – the Disappearing Shower Head by Antonio Lupi

The Ghost is an amazing shower head

Ghost – the disappearing shower head by Antonio Lupi – is one of the coolest shower features we’ve seen in a while. When it’s not on, it totally disappears. And when it’s on, you wonder where on earth the water is coming from.

Perfectly integrated into the ceiling, the Ghost retractable shower head is revealed as a shower only when the water is turned on. Once turned off only the holes are visible. The small nozzles retract.

Basically, the nozzles are set inside a Flumood plate which fits seamlessly with the ceiling and can be painted the same color as the shower ceiling.

An elegant, minimal and perfectly integrated shower, the nozzles are easily replaced with a special tool when they begin to wear – another bonus in a world that complicates too many things. Every detail has been considered in the design and creation of the Ghost shower head. It’s almost spooky.

Lavandino Stainless Steel Washbasin by Antonio Lupi

Pure stainless steel and all modern

The name of this elegant sink might surprise you. Lavandino – a stainless steel washbasin by Antonio Lupi Design – simply means “sink” in Italian. And while it is a simplistic design – it is anything but simple.

A folded sheet of stainless steel, the Lavindino has a sharp presence and geometric rigor. Even the rectangular tap and the cylindrical knobs are placed in an asymmetrical position to enhance the sense of the dynamics. It seems suspended but the sink is actually mounted to the wall with a hidden frame. This sink would be at home in a lot of modern designs but just imagine it in a bathroom with other stainless touches and cement walls. Be still my beating heart.

Mastello Oval Bathtub by Antonio Lupi

A bathtub with a built in seat

Everything old is new again

A tub for total relaxing

The Mastello Oval bathtub by Antonio Lupi is a sitting tub. Yes, that’s right – a tub with a built-in seat. Mastello in Italian is the name of an old wooden tub used in the past for bathing. The name of the new bathtub is a nod to the ritual of bathing in an era in which running water was truly a luxury. A tub was an object that became a “place”. The Mastello – placed in the middle of the room – became the center of the scene around which to play, tell stories, and share emotions.

Antonio Lupi and Mario Ferrarini revive this theme in a new elegant bathtub also dubbed Mastello. The new bathtub is made of fluid lines and soft shapes. The Mastello is an ergonomic bathtub yet at the same time functional, thanks to the comfortable integrated seat and the edge that rises gently towards and acts as a headrest. A smallish footprint doesn’t impede the size of the bather – this compact tub can comfortably accommodate people up to 6’3″. It just means you don’t need a huge bathroom. What a great tub – a micro oasis of relaxation in the middle of your bathroom.

Steel19 Vanity Sink by Alape

The Bucket Sink is an industrial classic

Perfect for small bathrooms

This charming wash place solution, the Steel19 wall-mounted glazed steel vanity sink by Alape, boasts a contemporary design combined with traditional craftsmanship. The classic “bucket sink” finally has a place in your bathroom.

The black cabinet below the sink contrasts so delightfully and gives the piece industrial charm. Made from enameled steel, the small dimensions make it accessible for smaller bathrooms where you need to optimize all available space. The enameled rear panel and the black fixtures are the icing on this cake and the visual impact is stunning. Would be a perfect unusual idea for a small powder room!