20 kitchen bar counter ideas

20 Kitchen Bar Counter Ideas for Function and Decor

Whether you have plenty of space or not, these kitchen bar counter ideas can certainly fit into your decor. For smaller kitchens, your counter might serve a functional purpose as the main dining surface. Meanwhile, in larger kitchens that have space for a table, your kitchen bar counter can take on a fun and creative twist.

Kitchen bar counter ideas

Aside from your kitchen counter’s purpose, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to materials, stools, and other accessories and details. You can opt for materials that blend seamlessly in with the rest of your kitchen design, or you can make the surface stand out from the rest. I love using original materials such as live edge wood or mosaic tiling to infuse some flair into a kitchen bar counter. You’ll surely find something perfect for your kitchen among the following design ideas.

Kitchen Bar Counter Design Styles & Plans

Modern Glam Ideas

modern glam counter ideas
Image: kriszhainterior

This kitchen bar counter pictured above is made of a strikingly beautiful detailed marble. The pattern is definitely one of a kind, and it adds plenty of glamor to the space. The sleek cut and metallic accents frame this piece so that it stands out. If you want to add an element of luxury to a simple monochromatic kitchen, look for stunning high quality materials.

Country Beach Counter

Country beach kitchen bar counter idea

This light and casual kitchen above is equally charming and put together. While the bar is simple with wooden side panels, the striped counter stools add a touch of country beach atmosphere to the space. For an airy design that isn’t weighed down, pair a heavier counter with lighter chairs. The chairs are available at serenaandlily.com.

Minimalist Counter Ideas

Minimalist kitchen bar counter idea

Some kitchens are all about the minimal look with neutral colors, simple materials, and subtle details. This kitchen bar pictured above is a prime example, with a smooth white counter running the length of the kitchen. If you’re going for minimalism, add a bit of style by including a unique detail such as wooden topped stools. See more photos of this beautiful kitchen design by Ashley Winn.

Chic Minimal Ideas

Chic minimalist idea
Image: Hudson Valley Lighting

There’s plenty of place for elegance even if you’re opting for a minimal kitchen bar design. The style above shows how a large marble counter has a luxurious effect on a simple kitchen. Paired with golden stools and hanging glass lamps, the final result is decidedly chic.

Home Bar Ideas

Kitchen bar idea

If you enjoy having an evening drink, turn your kitchen counter into an actual bar. Display your favorite bottles, set up some stools, and you’ll feel like you’re going out for a night on the town. If you’ve got ample space and want to style up your interior, this is a great idea for you. The bar is custom-made by Aleko.

Mini Bar

mini bar kitchen counter idea

There’s no need for heaps of space to include an extra surface as evidenced in the picture above. This simple bar is the perfect spot to have your morning coffee or to pore over cookbooks looking for inspiration. If you like being the chef of the kitchen, your company can stay close by with this mini kitchen counter idea. See details about this design idea on Apartment Therapy.

Breakfast Bar

breakfast bar idea

This charming kitchen bar counter idea above is the perfect spot to enjoy breakfast together before everyone goes off their separate ways. Easy access to the stove and shelves makes this counter ideal for serving food. Placing a counter between windows is a good way to take advantage of the light when integrating a surface.

Curved Bar Shape

curved kitchen bar counter design

This curved kitchen bar counter idea from The Sky Is The Limit Design is definitely unique. Natural wood is cut along the edges to form an S shape, complementing the stone counters and wooden drawers. If you have the space for it, a unique counter shape is a great way to add a funky flair to your living area. You’ll be able to fit plenty of stools along the contour.

Ideas for Bar Stools & Counter Accessories

All White Bar

all white kitchen bar counter idea

For a classic look, opt for matching your chairs with your kitchen island counter. The design above is stylish thanks to tall white chairs against a white marble top with white wooden wall paneling. This is the perfect example that shows that less can sometimes be more.

Comfy Chairs

comfy kitchen counter ideas
Image: Leclair Decor

If you’re planning to spend a lot of time sitting at your kitchen bar counter, I love the idea of using comfy cushiony chairs instead of standard stools. The style above is elegant and certainly adds a soft charm to the decor. Pale colors are risky if you have a house filled with children, but they definitely look stylish!

Pastel Accents

pastel counter ideas

For a splash of color in a very white kitchen, opt for pastels to warm up the look. The salmon color above matches the wood floors and the counter, and adds some style to the room. While neutrals look great in a kitchen, some extra color is always welcome. Design is by John Kraemer & Sons, Inc.

Wicker Chairs

wicker chairs by the kitchen counter

I love the charming look of these wicker stool chairs. They add a homey detail to a simply styled room and are easy to match with other furniture. The wicker adds an element of texture to the design and the neutral color pairs well with everything. The kitchen design idea is by Nicole Davis Interiors.

Cushiony Bar Stools

cushiony stools

If you don’t want bulky chairs with backrests but enjoy the comfort of cushiony seats, using plush stools like the ones pictured above is one of my favorite ideas. Sitting on top of sturdy wooden legs, these look just as comfortable and supportive as proper chairs. Comfort is definitely key when it comes to choosing among kitchen bar counter ideas. Designed by Cheryl Scrymgeour Designs.

Metal Bar Stools

metal stools as counter height stools

If you like a modern hipster look, think of pairing a light-colored pattern with dark metallic stools. These chairs add an industrial art look to the space and provide support while you sit at your stylish bar counter. This inspiration is from Rejuvenation.com.

Geometric Bar Stools

geometric bar stools

You can get wild with your selection of stools as displayed by these metal hexagon-shaped stools. Matched with a geometric mosaic counter wall and a neutral wooden surface, the look is trendy and fun. There are plenty of ideas to add a funky twist with geometric accents.

Transparent Bar Chairs

transparent chairs do not obstruct the bar counter

If dark heavy chairs feel like clutter to you, use transparent chairs at your kitchen bar counter. They’ll be just as effective even though they’ll feel almost invisible. There are many great ideas to incorporate transparent furniture to add a subtle and unique touch to your decor. This counter idea is from Rebecca Reynolds Design.

Rattan Chairs

rattan chairs ideas for a bar counter

For a truly cozy home feel, set up some rattan chairs with cushions for one of the comfiest kitchen bar counter ideas. You’ll be comfortable while you sit down to enjoy your meal in this charming nook. This kitchen counter design is by Coton et Bois.

Kitchen Bar Counter Material Ideas

Wooden Bar

wooden counter ideas

Mismatched materials are a cool way to distinguish between your kitchen counters and your bar countertop. The style pictured above shows that pairing different materials together adds tons of style. This idea is from casadevalentina.com.br.

Elevated Wood Bar

elevated counter ideas

I love how this kitchen bar is elevated over the regular countertops to set it apart from the rest. Use contrasting colors and materials to show off the two parts, and add equally distinct chairs to complete the look. This is one of the more elegant ideas for your counter – from mueblesmario.net.

Live Edge Wood Counter

live edge counter ideas

A live edge wood kitchen countertop is a fabulous idea for anyone who loves the beauty of nature. You’ll have all of the intricacies of the wood on display with this design. Keep the rest of the kitchen decor simple to let this countertop stand out.

Marble Counter

marble counter idea

Marble is certainly a stunning material for any piece, and a kitchen bar counter is no different. This pastel hue is warm and inviting, the perfect luxury option that makes you feel at home. Inspiration is from mrjmarmores.com.br.