Types bathroom sinks

40 Different Types of Bathroom Sinks

So you want to know what are the types of bathroom sinks. We’ve compiled what could be the most complete list of different bathroom sink types. The type of your sink will depend on the style, layout, and size of your bathroom. Your budget will also play a major role when selecting a bathroom sink. Cheap sinks obtained on a small budget ($100 – $300) will just do the job. But if you desire something more stylish or more versatile prepare to spend over a thousand dollars easily. Finding a very small or a corner sink can be particularly challenging. Yet, there is a sink design out there for every style, shape, size, and budget. Let’s go over the list of 40 designs.

Different types of bathroom sinks

Whether you have one or multiple bathrooms in your home, there is the right sink for your space. If you have plenty of room you might consider a larger fixture or a double sink. Depending on your bathroom decor, you may want to custom-design a piece to fit in seamlessly with the rest. With less space, the options are equally varied and you can choose to install your sink in a unique manner to take advantage of any extra area. If your overall decor is simple and classic, you can add some flair by opting for a quirky shape, color, or material.

Just because some types of bathroom sinks are primarily functional, there’s no need for them to be boring! See a larger selection of unique bathroom fixtures.



Types of Sink Bowls

Single Bowl

single bathroom sink

This single bowl bathroom sink by Bette highlights how less can be more. For bathrooms that don’t receive much traffic, single model types are the most practical choice. Set them on a bare counter for maximum effect, or be grateful that they take up so little space so that you can fit them into a tiny bathroom. A single model can be simple and classic or you can use fixtures that stand out for a glamorous look.

Double Bowl

double bathroom sink

Boffi displays these sleek double sinks, which are not only very useful but manage to add plenty of style. Double bowls are a great option for families or partners who enjoy having their own space. There’s no more need to line up to brush your teeth with an extra sink. Different model types are either entirely separate or part of the same base, giving you a range of possibilities.



Different Sink Shapes


rectangular shaped bathroom sink

This rectangular bathroom sink by Hi-Macs is a great example of the spaciousness of the shape. Rectangle sink types are a great choice for an individual or larger fixtures. This shape is classic and simple and can fit into traditional and modern styles. Choose sharp corners for an edgy look or opt for smoother contours for a softer design. Thanks to its simplicity, a rectangular design can be made from a range of materials.


round shaped bathroom sink

Kaldewei displays this round basin, perfect for trendy modern interiors. It’s the perfect detail for a minimalist look that stands out, and it can fit in both small and larger bathrooms. For a splash of style, choose a round sink with vibrant color. The lack of corners makes this shape easy to clean – definitely a priority for a bathroom sink!


oval shaped bathroom sink

What a stunning oval design by Relax Design! This bathroom fixture is smooth with sloping contours, definitely perfect for elegant decor. Thanks to the subtle and timeless style, an oval sink can fit into a number of interior designs. For a unique touch that will stand the test of time, choose an oval shape.


square shaped bathroom sink

Mimic Concept shows off these boxy square designs. Similar to round options, squares are great for incorporating into smaller spaces. Whether you have a row of two square sinks or choose to have one as your main bathroom sink, the shape is a natural fit all over.


corner bathroom sink

Devon&Devon shows that you don’t need tons of space to have style. Smaller bathrooms that may not have a counter can benefit from installing a sink in the corner. It will still serve its full function, and you will be able to incorporate it without sacrificing the necessary legroom. Curved styles work well in corners to round out the edges, however, a geometric style provides plenty of aesthetic as well.



Sink Installation Types


countertop installation bathroom sink

These double bowl sinks by Galassia are a striking example of the countertop installation style. This is a great option if you already have a countertop in mind for your bathroom and want to easily layer on a sink. This is an appropriate installation method to use if you are choosing a basin with higher walls as it only provides a surface. Match the bowl color to the countertop or opt for a contrast to spice up your decor.


wall-mounted installation bathroom sink

This wall-mounted sink by BMT is a prime example of this sleek style. If you prefer a minimal look and aren’t keen on counters that reach the floor, then opt for a wall-mounted installation. This option requires some expertise to ensure that the wall can support the added weight. Once it’s set up there’s nothing complicated about this chic effortless look.


inset installation bathroom sink

This model by Zucchetti shows what an inset sink installation looks like. The style is not as elevated as a countertop installation, yet still highlights a distinction between the counter and the basin. This is a great option if you plan to use different materials for the two, and it makes it easy to keep your countertop space dry.


freestanding installation bathroom sink

Monitillo displays this stunning freestanding bathroom sink, a total piece of art if you ask us! Depending on the layout of your room, you may wish to completely separate the basin from the countertop. A freestanding design is also suitable for guest bathrooms or any secondary washrooms that do not require as much storage or counter space.

Integrated Countertop

integrated countertop installation bathroom sink

This integrated countertop sink by Maiullari is undoubtedly an elegant modern look. This installation is ideal for materials that can also be used for the bowl, such for example, natural stone. Having no ridges means that cleaning is a breeze since the surface is uniform. This gorgeous look is ideal for a contemporary design bathroom, and it certainly makes a statement.


undermount installation bathroom sink

Ceramica Cielo displays this chic minimalist undermount installation method. If you are looking for a bathroom sink that appears integrated into the countertop without resorting to building a whole new structure, simply cut out the space to insert the bowl from beneath. Not only is this method simpler and cheaper than an integrated countertop sink, but you can also mix and match materials for a diverse look.


console bathroom sink

This console bathroom sink by Devon&Devon highlights a convenient and equally useful installation method. A console is ideal for rooms with no existing counters or storage space. Instead of building a full unit, a simple console includes some counter space, perhaps drawers, and most importantly a washbasin. This is a great option for a fuss-free sink installation.


semi-inset installation bathroom sink

Flaminia displays this semi-inset sink, showing off how you can use a small counter to fit an entire fixture without sacrificing space. By setting the basin partway into the counter, the mix of materials creates a unique style. This is a nice installation method to use in a modern contemporary design, as it sets itself apart from the ordinary.


pedestal bathroom sink

This pedestal bathroom sink by Devon&Devon is a prime example of the glamour factor such designs can have. Set away from other furniture, standing tall and independent, a pedestal sink is a piece by itself. This is ideal for bathrooms with no space for full counters, but can also be incorporated into larger areas to distinguish the fixture from the rest of the furniture.


semi-pedestal bathroom sink

If you like the pedestal sink but don’t have much floor space to make it work, opt for a semi-pedestal installation style like this one by Rak Ceramics. The majority of the look remains the same, but since the pedestal doesn’t extend to the floor, you won’t have to worry about a lack of legroom — it also makes cleaning the floor much simpler!



Sink Decor Styles


50s Style

50s style bathroom sink

Bleu Provence knows what’s up when it comes to a glam 50s style decor. Contrasting materials, metallics, and pointed tips make this style one of a kind. Choose a 50s style sink for your retro decor, or add it to a simple interior for a centerpiece that stands out. We promise it won’t be overlooked!


industrial style bathroom sink

Bleu Provence highlights the cool allure of an industrial-style decor with this bathroom sink. Iron fixtures, sharp contrasts, and a simple structure make this design functional and timeless. If you decide to switch up your decor, this style sink will fit into all sorts of interiors thanks to its basic characteristics.


oriental style bathroom sink

These gorgeous oriental style bathroom sinks by Flaminia are a beautiful example of the artistic qualities you can infuse into your design. Well-made ceramic and patterned details and designs are some characteristics of oriental style fixtures. Opt for colors that blend in or a vibrant pattern that stands out to make your room decor completely unique.


overflow bathroom design

This sink by Bleu Provence has a useful overflow feature to help water drain out more quickly. While there are ways around it, having an overflow opening at the top of your basin is the safest way to prevent a disastrous flood in case you accidentally leave the tap on. It doesn’t affect the aesthetics much, and you’ll feel far more comfortable knowing that it can drain water faster than it will fill.



victorian style bathroom sink

Gentry Home displays this elegant Victorian-style bathroom fixture, ideal for a classic decor. With golden accents, ornamental taps, and detailed finishes, this sink is definitely a luxurious element to incorporate into your bathroom. It’ll blend into a sumptuous decor, and can also fit into a simpler design as a highlight.


English style bathroom sink

Gentry Home shows off a charming English-style bathroom basin. From the detailed flowers on the ceramic to the opulent golden details, English-style design is a beautiful choice for traditional decor. It’ll fit into a classic design and will certainly be a showpiece if you include this style of the basin in plain decor. Pair it with other floral or botanical patterns or pastels for a lovely finish.


designer bathroom sink

Falper shows the range of possibilities available with a design-style bathroom sink. Floating, asymmetrical, and sleek, the look is far from boring. Due to the unique shapes and materials, designer sinks are a great fit for contemporary or eclectic decors. If you enjoy showing off stylish furniture and fixtures, choose one!



Bathroom Sink Features And Extras

Towel Rail

bathroom sink with towel rail

There’s nothing more frustrating than washing your hands and dripping water across the floor while you reach for a distant towel. Devon&Devon take care of the issue by designing a bathroom sink with a built-in towel rail. There’s no need to sacrifice style for function with this sleek model. Simple railings fit seamlessly into the basin design, so you’ll never find yourself rushing to the other side of the room to dry your hands again.


bathroom sink with drawers

Boffi fits drawers into this bathroom sink for a functional model that is equally stylish. When space is limited or you want to keep furniture to a minimum, every extra spot for storage is appreciated. Sink drawers are ideal for keeping items you regularly use or refill so that you are always prepared. Stock fresh towels, soap, and cleaning supplies, and you’re set.

Lighted Sink

bathroom sink with lights

Even if your bathroom receives lots of natural light and is well equipped with light fixtures, this design with lights by Rapsel shows what a striking feature it is. You may have never thought about having lights integrated into your bathroom sink, but think of how convenient it is if you wake up during the night. Aside from its use as a night light, adding a light makes any room look infinitely more unique.

Custom Sinks

custom bathroom sink

Sandhelden highlights just how funky a bathroom sink can be. Original textures, materials, colors, and styles are all up for grabs when you are designing a custom fixture. Whether you want to match a new piece to your current decor or style the space around a unique design, the options are endless. Be sure to consider your needs and the space you have available before making a decision.



Bowl Materials


ceramic bathroom sink

Valdama shows off the smooth contours of this ceramic bowl, one of the most common materials for bathroom sinks. Apart from extreme impacts, ceramic is very durable and resistant to wear and tear. It is also very easy to clean and doesn’t accumulate bacteria making it a low maintenance option. The look can vary widely from more traditional styles to sleeker modern models.


composite materials bathroom sink

Composite sinks are a good option since the blend of materials used is designed with specific properties in mind such as durability and heat retention. Aside from being resistant and high quality, this model by ex.t displays the unique styles possible when using composite materials.

Natural Stone

natural stone bathroom sink

For a glamorous style that adds an element of luxury to your bathroom, opt for a natural stone sink such as this model by mg12. This material creates a stunning earthy look that can match both classic and modern decors. These models are often custom made which means you can pick and choose exactly what you please, however it also entails a higher cost. For best upkeep, natural stone should be resealed every few years.


metal bathroom sink types

Antonio Lupi displays this sleek metal sink, ideal for a contemporary style bathroom. Depending on the types of metal used, each will have a range of properties. Stainless steel is generally a cost-effective option, however, it can scratch fairly easily. Other options like copper are more resistant and even have antibacterial qualities, but you will certainly pay for the added characteristics.


synthetic materials bathroom sink types

This trendy sink by Antonio Lupi is made using synthetic materials. Thanks to production, synthetics are usually designed with a number of qualities in mind. They can look similar to natural materials however, they tend to be built with certain advantages in mind. Therefore, they can be a good compromise for the best aesthetic and physical characteristics.


glass bathroom sink types

Depending on the production, glass basins can be made with additional materials in order to strengthen them. This model by Lasa Idea is a fine example of a classic glass sink, accented by metal rails. Other types are colorful or made into unique shapes for an artistic touch to your decor. Keep in mind that although glass fixtures are designed to be resistant, they are perhaps not the best option for a very busy bathroom.


wood bathroom sink types

This stunning wooden design by Rapsel demonstrates the beauty of the natural material. Depending on the types of wood and finish, different levels of upkeep are required. Teak for example is water-resistant and eliminates mold or fungi buildup, making it a suitable choice for a bathroom. Likewise, bamboo is a durable option for a wooden sink. It is also flexible and can be made into a range of styles.


concrete bathroom sink types

This stylish concrete sink by Moab80 shows off the industrial look of this material. Concrete sinks are often custom-built and can be personalized to your taste. While these types have to be resealed over time, overall, these types of basins are a low-maintenance choice. Keep in mind that concrete isn’t as hard as stone and may require a few patch jobs in the case of cracks or chips.


fabric sink

Bette proves that sometimes functionality can be set aside for aesthetics. While a fabric-covered sink stand is not necessarily low maintenance and generally requires additional cleaning, the look is elegant and chic. Use it for the guest bathroom to wow visitors, or in a secondary bathroom where upkeep is minimal.


plastic sink

This plastic sink by Moab80 brushes off any worries that the material might look cheap. A lot can be done with plastic, and different compositions impart their set of advantages. It is fairly durable and can be easily cleaned. The material is also lightweight which makes it a good option if you plan to do the installation yourself. As well, the variety of styles and colors is broad which makes it a good material to use for a quirky look.

Acrylic Glass

acrylic glass sink

Rapsel shows off these funky acrylic glass sinks, opening your mind to the possibilities available. Thanks to some added durability, glass is much more resistant when it contains acrylic. The material can be molded into countless shapes and different colors, allowing you free reign when it comes to designing your bathroom.