Tile shower niche ideas

50 Tile Shower Niche Ideas and Shelf Designs for Your Bathroom Planning

We’ve compiled one of the most comprehensive selections of 50 tile shower niche ideas to help you get started. If you are building or remodeling your shower and need ideas on how to design and tile a niche or shelf, then this guide is for you.

Tile shower niche ideas

A shower niche is such a simple and practical bathroom addition that completely changes the bathing experience. How frustrating is it to fumble as you reach for slippery shampoo bottles from an unsteady shower caddy or crowded by your feet? Adding a shower niche gives you a whole extra shelf at arm’s reach.

50 Design Ideas

1. Making Shower Niche from a Different Tile is Still Trendy

different color tile nicheWe like the contrast between the tiles in these niches and the shower wall. The image on the left shows how the larger wall tiles are flush with the narrower tiles of the niche, creating a clean contemporary look. When standing in front of the shower, you only see a clean outline of the rectangular niche.

2. Wall Width Wide Niche is a Perfect Idea for a Modern Contemporary look

wall width mosaic tile niche

This is the ultimate storage space for a long shower. We love how the shelf matches the opposite wall and the floor. If you look closely you’ll notice the patterned wall is covered in monochromatic marble mosaics. Get them for your next shower renovation at Wayfair. Mixing a pattern with white tiles is a great way to add a contemporary twist to your bathroom.

wall width shower niche

The niche pictured above stretches from corner to corner allowing you to store your toiletries anywhere you like. It also makes a great spot to lean against in case you slip! We love the distinctive sizing of the tiles in the niche compared to the shower wall.

simple wall width shower niche

Here’s another example of a niche spanning across the wall. We really like the clean design of a niche that fits the width of the shower cabin. This one from Wayfair even matches the shower wall tiles for a streamlined look. Sometimes less is more.

3. Add Glass Shelves to a Tall Niche

vertical shower niche glass shelves

If your shower space is tight we have the perfect solution for you! This niche runs up and down the wall with different-sized shelves to maximize storage space. The glass shelves are super easy to clean and won’t weigh down a small space. Get the look from Wayfair.

4. A Simple Small Niche Makes this Modern Shower Design Stand Out

red shower and niche

Make your niche design pop out with this creative modern style. A solid-colored wall is accessorized with a geometric pattern tile niche to dress up your bathroom. You should definitely choose a frameless shower door like this one to show off the look.

5. Use Pebble Tile to Turn Boring Shower Niches into Beautiful Accents

pebble tile shower

We love this pebble tile shower shelf and the matching accent wall and flooring. This is a great idea from Lowe’s to turn a small niche into a focal point to showcase plants or trinkets. The variations in the pebbles match the subtle tone of the wall tiles.

6. Shower Niche as Decor Feature

corner shower niche

We love that this shower niche is unusually positioned in a corner. Keep it lined up with the wall tiling for a carved-out look. It certainly adds some much-needed flair to a basic shower stall design. Display the minimalist style with a semi-frameless glass door like this one from Wayfair.

7. Make a Utility Niche the Center of Attention

decorative focal point niche

Lowe’s offers another beautiful idea with this stunning niche. It certainly stands out against the pastel subway tile for a unique look. The mandala design is a perfect fit and display for a standard 1’x1′ tile. You need to have a niche, right? Make the best of it by making it the center of attention. Don’t worry, the glass shelves are hardly visible so they won’t obstruct the view of the cool design.

8. When You Need a Contrast to Make it Right

patterned shower

This idea is the opposite of the one pictured above where the niche is the patterned accent. Here, the back wall is the focus while the niche is laid in plain white tile. Make your own shower stand out with this hexagonal tile designed by The Home Co and sold here.

9. Two Niches vs. One

double shower niche

Having two large niches is not only super useful but also a quirky addition. His and hers? A single wooden shelf in the middle adds a natural touch. Choose a clear glass shower door similar to the one pictured to showcase your dual design.

10. Frame your Shower Niche

framed shower niche

Here’s one meticulously executed design, as referenced by Sarah at roomfortuesday.com. Both niches are framed like pictures on the wall. You better have some snazzy shampoo bottles displayed there. On Sarah’s page, you’ll find a whole guide on how to plan and design a niche. It may come in handy if you’re in a DIY mood.

11. Would You Dare?

black and white shower design

Wow. We love how the highly contrasting black floor and niches match. Using different tile patterns adds to the edgy design. We love this double shower niche with hexagon-shaped porcelain tiles from Lowe’s. Why not have a shelf just for plants?

12. Experiment With These Shower Niche Tile Ideas!

textured shower niche

Here’s one from Home Depot, should we say ‘niche’ idea? What a funky look with mismatched overlapping tiling! Use similar colors for a textured effect or pick a rainbow of colors for something really wild.

13. Wooden Shelves

wooden shelved shower niche

This is one beautifully installed niche, with wooden shelves to add some natural tones. It looks like teak wood, a great option for wet areas because of its resistance to water. Get this Picket Ceramic Subway Tile from Tilezz.com for a classy take on a traditional style.

14. Make it the Main Feature

focal piece shower niche

Shown above is an awesome design by Kadilak Homes. We love how the wall and niche tiles are similar shades of color but different shapes. The subtlety adds a timeless character to the bathroom. The decorative niche and display are THE feature in this refined design, sign us up!

15. Lighted Niche Ideas

lighted mosaic tile shower niche

Wow! These lighted shower niches are incredibly sharp. We love how they light up the mosaic tones for a bright look. You definitely won’t have trouble finding your shampoo bottle.

lighted aqua shower niche

What a calming glow! The lighted shower niche reflects the pale aqua tiles for a cooling effect. The look comes together with a colorful band of tiles running across the wall and some decorative seashells.

16. Pebble Tile Design Ideas

matching pebble tile shower niche

Choose a pebble tile that blends in with your wall tiles for a soothing look. Stick to plain matching shelves to inspire relaxation. You don’t need tons of space for the necessities.

contrasting pebble tile shower

The contrast with the dark walls looks excellent with this pebble tile. We love the idea of using the same tile for the floor and niche! Adding a strip of pebble tiling from the showerhead down to the floor is an original idea to try.

17. Decorative Design Ideas to Add a Touch of Glam

decorative Moroccan style tile shower niche

What a glamorous niche made from simple Moroccan-style tiles. The marble shelves and subtle colors add a refined character. This is a timeless look that is sure to remain elegant.

decorative Moroccan tile shower niche

If you are looking for a statement wall, choose these ornate Moroccan tiles for your shower niche. Place them in a carefully designed manner or go for a wilder style with less symmetry. Use wooden shelves for a natural look.

detailed shower niche tiling

What a beautiful effect! We love how this bathroom is black and white yet anything but monotonous. The decorative tiling on the floor and shower niche enhances the whole space. The ordinary white tiles create a geometric contrast to the elaborate design.

centerpiece shower niche

This image reminds us of a window frame, except it showcases an exquisite symmetrical tiling. The black floor tiles provide an extra contrast to the design. Not only is it practical, but this niche becomes the prime focus of the bathroom.

black and white tile shower niche

This is a really slick style that is simple yet eye-catching. Choosing black and white tiles prevents it from looking too crowded and makes the contrast stand out even more. We like the different-sized shelves that hold everything you might need.

18. Modern Contemporary Design Offers a Sleek and Elegant Look

gray stone tile shower

Soft tones of gray are the perfect choice for this contemporary style rain shower. The smaller tiles in the shower niche match the floor, bringing the whole look together. Great lighting enhances any space.

marble shower

We love this bright and modern shower with sleek lines. The symmetrical niche is a necessary part of the overall design, adding functionality and tons of style. The wooden bench adds charm and prevents the space from looking austere.

19. Minimalist Design Ideas That Stand Out

modern double shower

This is such a cool style, alternating between larger matte tiles and smaller frosted ones for the niche. The frosted tiles make the space look even larger. Wouldn’t this double shower be perfect for a modern downtown loft?

dark minimalist shower

Minimalism never looked so cool. Simple and streamlined, this shower niche provides depth to the dark design. Use a subtly different shade in the niche to make it pop. A decor idea doesn’t have to be complicated to add character and purpose.

20. Add a Mirror for Extra Reflection

shower niche with mirror

We love this shower setup! The niche blends into the wall flawlessly, conveniently located between the sink and the mirror. The gold accents and small hexagonal floor tiles add a glam feel to the classy space.

21. Geometric Lines are Modern and Sharp

geometric bathroom design

What a striking design! Add black lines and outlines to your shower design for a look that stands out. Use different patterns, shapes, and intensities to enhance the geometric style. Varying sizes of niches add to the trendy style. Gold accents stand out against the black and white floors and walls.

22. More is Better

shower with multiple niches

Why not have multiple shower niches for decor and functionality? We love the way these niches fit right into each wall tile. The various hues of the small niche tiles complement the larger ones for a matching look.

23. Simple and Classic Styles For a Natural Look

natural stone shower

This simple design uses stone tiles in soft natural tones to create a relaxing feel. The walls are slightly smaller than the floor tiles but they blend together effortlessly. Take a seat and unwind in your private oasis.

classic shower niche

Use the same tiling throughout to create shelves that blend right in. The square tiles create a cool checkered pattern on the walls. The end product is a clean and streamlined look that will always be in style.

glass shower niche shelves

We love this glossy style in light gray tones. It evokes a modern farmhouse aesthetic with a homey feel. Use glass jars to match the subtle shelves. A single white flower is a charming addition to the cozy decor.

simple white shower

An all-white shower and niche make stainless steel knobs pop. Niches that increase in size are a cool and unique asymmetrical look you should try for your design. Choose glass doors to take advantage of the reflective light.

24. This Shower is All About an Edgy and Unique Ambiance

dark castle themed shower

Wow, what a dramatic look! Small and large tiles create opposition in this monochrome shower. The color and overall design remind us of old castles with dark stone interiors. Step into it and you’ll feel like you traveled in time!

25. Small Tiles and Details Add Character

sea themed mosaic shower

This niche camouflages into the wall with its tiny mosaic detail. The various aqua hues add a decorative splash to this shower. The neutral tone of the larger tiles is reminiscent of sand. There’s a definite sea theme vibe to this bathroom!

dark mosaic shower niche

We love this elaborate mosaic tile niche. It is extremely distinctive and adds a ton of sophistication to the wall. The white interior of the niche jumps out against the navy exterior. Choose colors that match the shower walls to avoid a chaotic look.

26. Choose an Industrial Style Look

industrial style shower

This industrial style is no-nonsense with a twist. We love the glossy blue tiles of the shower niche. They add a well-placed burst of color to contrast the black and gray space. Stick to similarly shaped tiles for a simpler look or use a different pattern of tiles to highlight the niche.

27. Vertical Design Tile Shower Shelf Ideas

neutral tone shower

We think this cool vertical installation fits perfectly with the neutral-toned walls. The darker mosaics warm up the design with a bronzed glow. You will definitely feel relaxed after your shower. Why not rest on the bench?

shower with wall height vertical niche

A vertical niche fits really well with this sophisticated look. The taller niche is almost at shower height which makes the design feel more thoughtful and integrated. Small frosted tiles add just the right amount of texture to the clean lines of the space.

double vertical shower niche

These double vertical niches add balance and symmetry to this large shower. We love all the shelf space for bottles and even a couple of starfish, why not? Sticking to large light-colored tiles throughout the design gives it an airy feel.

28. Horizontal Design Niche Ideas

horizontal low shower niche

A horizontal shower niche definitely adds to this polished look. We love the unusual location slightly below eye level and still within easy reach. It’s well placed to be accessible from the comfort of the matching bench.

29. The Best Shower Niche Ideas for Small Spaces

stone shower with corner niche

This corner shelving is simple but utilitarian, with enough space for the necessities. It is tucked away but totally accessible. We love the natural stone tiles and the black border on the floor.

simple corner shower niche

Here is another simple corner with mismatched shelves. It adds an avant-garde feel to an otherwise basic look. This is great for very small showers or for a second bathroom. Choose shelves with colors similar to the wall, or use them to add a splash of color to basic tiles.

simple shower shelf

Add a narrow shelf the length of your wall to maximize the storage space in a small shower. You’d be surprised by how much you can fit onto it! Use the same tiling for a shelf that looks like it belongs.