Types of bathtubs

45 Different Types of Bathtubs (Images of Shapes, Materials, Installation)

Learn all about the many different types of bathtubs available on the market in this extensive guide that will help you decide what type is best for your modern home.

Types of bathtubs

Nothing says relaxation more than having the time to soak in a warm and sudsy bathtub. While pretty much any bathtub can provide the container for some downtime, there are definitely perks to certain designs. As well, certain shapes or materials can not only entirely change the atmosphere of your bathroom, but can also provide characteristics that might be ideal for certain spaces.

Whether you can only fit a tiny seated tub or have room for a large whirlpool, we have the perfect option for you. We have put together an extensive list of bathtubs in every shape, material, style, and installation you could imagine. From simple models to those with added features to truly enhance your experience, there is a choice for everyone.



Oval Bathtub

Oval bathtub

Oval bathtubs are a great choice to add some curves to an otherwise angular room. Whether you place it freestanding in the center or have it touching a wall, the effect softens the look. This one from Hidrobox is simple yet makes a statement.

Round Bathtub

Round Bathtub

If you have space for it, a round bathtub is such a glam choice. Simple yet timeless, it really makes a great addition. Whether you choose a smaller model or this large UFO style by Agape Design, the smooth contours contrast nicely with the walls. Generally, round tubs are slightly deeper making them ideal for seated bathing, however, some styles permit more of a recline.

Triangular Bathtub

Triangular Bathtub

A triangular design can be a good choice to fit into a corner space. A rounded interior prevents it from feeling angular on the inside. This shape can be a great option for a multi-person bathtub that doesn’t take up too much space. We love how this model by Gruppo Geromin has a smooth outer side that is visually appealing.

Hexagonal Bathtub

Hexagon Bathtub

Hexagonal bathtubs might seem like a quirky idea but they are actually quite practical. The bathing area is spacious with smooth interior contours, without wasting space on the outside. It can also be installed in various ways to minimize any dead space. Besides the practical appeal, it is also a great way to add a splash of creativity to your bathroom. This model by Bette shows just how flexible this design can be for small spaces.

Square Bathtub

Square Bathtub

Square tubs are a great choice for making a bold statement indoors or outdoors. They are generally quite deep and can have rounded interior walls for added comfort. A square bath can be easier to install than other shapes since it can line up flush with walls. For this reason, they are also a good shape to use for a sunken installation that fits in seamlessly with the room. This model from Bleu Provence is definitely a work of art!

Rectangular Bathtub

Rectangular Bathtub

Rectangular bathtubs might seem like the most basic shape, but this makes them incredibly versatile. Whether you install it along a wall or have it freestanding in the middle of the room, the sleek lines and angles bring structure to a bathroom. These are excellent for full reclination to truly enjoy the bathing experience. As well, some rectangular models are fitted with built-in shelves which makes them practical and appealing. This model by Jacuzzi proves that a standard shape can have all the features you could want.

Octagonal Bathtub

octagonal tub

What a gorgeous bathtub! This octagonal shape is a piece of art and spacious enough to fully recline and soak in the luxury. The angular lines on the exterior remind us of a gemstone, and it certainly stands out like one! Octagonal bathtubs can be a great choice for statement pieces, or to add some edge to a subtle space. This model by Streamline has it all.

Asymmetrical Bathtub

Asymmetrical bathtub

Asymmetrical bathtubs are so great because the range of possibilities is limitless. If you can imagine it then it probably has been made! Innovative styles are abundant, like this sofa-shaped reclining design by Glass 1989. Uniquely shaped, they are the perfect option to make the tub the focal point of the room. Whether you stick to white or choose a color that pops, the shape will be enough to amplify the wow factor in your bathroom.

Corner Bathtub

Corner bathtub

Corner tubs are especially alluring if you have a window with a nice view. They come in various shapes, generally with a 90-degree angle that fits perfectly into a corner. This is a great option to squeeze a bathtub into a crowded bathroom or to make use of dead space. The bathing area can be quite spacious and there are many options to pair it with a shower. This model from Relax Design definitely has us dreaming!

And another beautiful corner tub from Bette.

Mini Bathtub

Mini bathtub

This mini bathtub by Glass Design shows that you don’t need to be big to be bold! Small tubs are ideal for tighter spaces or larger ones that you want to keep bare. A small tub is a good option if you like to take a seated bath, or for bathing small children. Another huge advantage is there’s less tub space to clean!


semi oval bathtub from Bette

This shape could be the perfect idea for someone who has a small bathroom and doesn’t like sharp corners :-). Installed against the wall, this tub offers plenty of surface space to place your bathing accessories. From Bette.


Trapezoid shape bathtub

If you have an irregular shape bathroom, consider looking for a trapezoid tub. From Bette.

Rounded Rectangle

rounded rectangle bathtub

Febe - the compact rounded rectangle bathtub from Cielo

Wow. What an awesome compact tub from Cielo. If I knew before that such shape tubs exist I would design my bathroom totally differently.



Wooden Bathtub

Wooden skirt bathtub

A wooden bathtub is such an original idea that is particularly enchanting. The natural material is visually soothing and it is very well suited to charming and rustic decors. Certain models are wooden inside and out, while others are only framed with wood on the outside like the one by Graff Designs pictured above. There are different factors to consider with both models and although the wood is sealed, there is a greater level of upkeep required. Maintenance aside, a wooden tub is one of a kind.

Real wood tub by NK Woodworking Design

The above tub is by NK Woodworking Design.

Copper Bathtub

Copper Bathtub

We love this eye-catching copper bath by Bleu Provence! It certainly adds a ton of elegance to this room, particularly as a freestanding tub. Copper is a fantastic option for a metal tub because it is resistant to rust and extremely durable. Copper is also antibacterial and protects against mold. It’s a perfect choice if you like to take long baths since it retains heat very well.

Metal Bathtub

gold leaf bathtub

Metal bathtubs can be made from a variety of materials that each have their own characteristics. Metal conducts and retains heat, so you can stay as long as you like in your warm soapy bath. Metal is very durable and resistant to germ accumulation so it is easy to maintain hygiene. This design by Glass Design is coated in gold leaf for a chic look.

Iron Bathtub

cast iron bathtub

Cast iron is probably the most durable material you can choose for your bathtub. Styles vary widely and there is something in every shape, size, and color. Cast iron retains heat and the enamel finish has a smooth and comfortable feel. We love this model by Gentry Home, with its simple exterior detail.

Stone Bathtub

Marble Bathtub

Stone bathtubs are gorgeous pieces of art that are unquestionably the center of attention in any bathroom. Marble, granite, onyx, and sandstone are examples of natural stone that can be used to build one. Since they are so heavy, added structural support might be required on the floor. The thick walls make great insulators, retaining the heat of your warm bubble bath. While stone tubs are often pricier than other models, they are incredibly durable and can last a lifetime. This marble model by Salvatori is all about timeless luxury.

Composite Material Bathtub

black oval bathtub

Bathtubs made with composite materials are ideal for maximizing all the practical characteristics of certain components while minimizing their disadvantages. For example, they can be made with properties similar to cast iron at a fraction of the weight. This is a great option if you want an insulated material that does not weigh a ton. We love the sleek contours of this model by Rexa Design.

Ceramic Bathtub

ceramic bathtub

Ceramic bathtubs like this classic style by Alice Ceramica are great for creating a minimalist look. As well, they can complement more elaborate styles with their simplicity. The glossy finish can brighten up a room and is smooth against your skin. Though a ceramic tub is less insulated than iron or stone, it remains warm even as the water begins to cool.

Synthetic Bathtub

funky shaped bathtub

Similar to composite materials, synthetic ones have a variety of qualities that make them suitable for particular styles. Since materials can be chosen with their purpose in mind, there can be some advantages. Tubs made with these materials are often lighter and can be shaped in original ways as pictured in the Rapsel bathtub above.

Acrylic Glass Bathtub

glass and metal bathtub

Acrylic glass is a sleek option for functionality and style factor. It is lightweight and simple to install which makes it easy to include in most spaces. As well, the glossy finish is durable and will retain its luster over time. This model by Zucchetti shows how the common material can be enhanced with stainless steel details for a modern take.

Concrete Bathtub

concrete bathtub

Concrete doesn’t have to be dull! This model by Glass 1989 shows how concrete can be formed into rounded contours to create a smooth look that flows. The malleability of concrete is a great advantage for molding any style you desire. Concrete is highly durable and while it is smooth for comfort, it has excellent grip. This makes it a safer option than slippery materials.

Leather Bathtub

leather bathtub

What a stunning look! A freestanding bathtub is a perfect choice to encase in leather. The leather stands out and looks sophisticated and warm. It is unconventional but definitely worth trying. A little extra upkeep will be necessary but it is totally worth it for so much added style. This model by Gentry Home shows the refined yet bold addition that a leather design can be.

Plastic Bathtub

plastic bathtub

A plastic bathtub is an inexpensive option that is lightweight and easy to install. It can be molded into many shapes and have built-in accessories. Since it is made from a single piece of material, there are no issues involving fissures. This minimalist style by Moab 80 is made from fiberglass, a reinforced plastic that offers durable results.

Glass Bathtub

glass bathtub

Glass bathtubs are certainly not for everyone. For those open to such transparency, the style can really create light and open up space in a room. As well, there is something incredibly stylish about glass, whether it be the entire piece or just the sides like this model by Moma Design. Modern and minimalist decors are well suited for this sleek design.

Fabric Bathtub

fabric bathtub

We love the cozy feel of a fabric-wrapped bathtub. The mix of water within a cozy exterior is incredibly unique and makes for a completely different bathing experience. The fabrics used are waterproof and easy to maintain. This is also a fun way to bring some color into your bathroom without committing to a colorful tub. This model by Bette shows how well the woven fabric pairs with the glossy interior, creating a warm feel.



Freestanding Bathtub

rectangle freestanding bathtub

A freestanding bathtub is a great choice for flexible layouts or when you want to create a focal point. Whether you place the tub in front of a view, like the Duscholux model pictured above, or in the center of a large bathroom, it can be accessed from all sides. While some plumbing alterations might be required, it is fairly adaptable. As well, this is a great option for bathtubs on legs as it gives the illusion of extra space.

Sunken Bathtub

sunken bathtub wood floor

There’s something about a sunken bathtub like the Bette one pictured above that screams luxury. Slowly dipping your feet into the water and sinking below ground level is a total experience. The seamless nature is aesthetically pleasing and works very well in modern decor. Though the visual effect is huge, a benefit of these models is that since the exterior remains unfinished, some costs are reduced.

Bathtub on Legs

bathtub on legs

A bathtub on legs is such an elegant look. Whether you choose a Victorian-style clawfoot model or a modern take like the one by Agape Design pictured above, the effect is striking. If you plan to have a freestanding tub, choosing one on legs will prevent your bathroom from feeling weighed down. The presence of space beneath the tub serves to illuminate the area around it, creating an airy effect.

Semi-Inset Bathtub

semi inset bathtub

A semi-inset bathtub can be the perfect compromise between a built-in tub and one that is freestanding. With a semi-inset tub, you have a greater surface area surrounding it to place toiletries, towels, and for ease getting in and out. As well, having it partially integrated into the wall or a base facilitates cleaning. This model by Glass 1989 shows how this model can be functional and slick.

Undermount Bathtub

black undermount bathtub

An undermount bathtub is similar to a drop-in installation but the outer rim is placed on top of the tub. This places a greater focus on the external deck, which is perfect if you want a bathtub that fits in with the existing decor. You can use a wide range of materials for the tub since the exterior walls may be hidden. This model by Glass 1989 shows how an undermount tub can create a seamlessly sleek look.



Contemporary Bathtub

contemporary round bathtub

Contemporary style designs fit in with the modern decor and minimalist looks. This model by Ex.t adds a ton of appeal to a simple room. There’s no need to get fancy with extra accessories and decoration, this tub does it all. Contemporary styles are perfect for anyone who wants to make the bathtub the piece de resistance¬†in their bathroom.

Design Bathtub

design bathtub with shelves

Design styles are extremely innovative and make use of functional additions and integrated accessories. This model by Rexa Design shows how a tub doubles as a shelving unit. If you like to have furniture that is the highlight of the room, the design version is meant for you.

Classic Bathtub

classic simple bathtub

Classic styles are well suited for timeless elegance. While they may be on the simpler side, additions such as unique faucets or bath trays can add flair. If you choose a classic style, aim for durable materials so that your bathtub withstands it all. This style by Devon Devon shows how a slightly wider rim adds some character to this classic tub.

Ofuro Japanese Bathtub

wooden Japanese style bathtub

Japanese Ofuro tubs are a style that invites gentle long relaxation. The bathtubs are made particularly deep to experience full submersion. Ofuro tubs are often made from cedar which is insulating and provides a pleasant aromatherapy sensation. This model by Rapsel proves that a deep wooden tub is an elegant addition to any space.



Whirlpool Bathtub

whirlpool bathtub

A whirlpool tub is such a luxurious addition to your bathroom or backyard area. These tubs are a great way to relieve sore muscles, improve circulation, relax, all while receiving a gentle massage. Something about a whirlpool tub makes you want to forget the rest of the world. The tub pictured above is a beautiful model by Jacuzzi, with a wooden rim to add a touch of sophistication.

Two Seater Bathtub

2 seater bathtub

We love how this two-seater tub by Jacuzzi has added props for complete comfort while reclining. Two seater tubs come in all sorts of shapes and materials to offer the best bathing experience for you and your plus one. There are some creative options that remain compact but spacious enough for full extension.

Custom Bathtub

marble stone bathtub

The best thing about a custom bathtub is it can be whatever you want it to be. This stunning design by Salvatori is created to fit in with the surrounding style of the bathroom. Whether you want something to match the rest or you have certain limitations, a custom tub is perfect for you.

Bathtub with Light

bathtub with lights

Adding lights to a bathtub is uncommon yet incredibly alluring. Imagine relaxing in a softly glowing bathroom without having to reach for a light switch? This model by Aqua Design Studio is all about comfort and unique trends. No need to light any candles!



Bathtub with Chromotherapy

Bathtub with chromotherapy

Chromotherapy bathtubs take light one step further. The lights are coordinated with hydrotherapy to create a pleasant relaxing effect. Each color hue evokes a particular sensation and this is used to soothe and enhance mood. The model above by Jacuzzi has a classic look and is the perfect setting for your chromotherapy experience.

Bathtub Shower Combo

bathtub with shower

A bathtub with a shower is perfect when you want it all. The options can range from simpler styles like the Bette model pictured, to corner installations with rain heads. Having a two in one shower and bathtub minimizes space and gives you the flexibility to switch between standing and seated or reclined bathing.

Seated Bathtub

seated bathtub

Some people enjoy being submerged in a warm bath but prefer or need to stay seated. There are plenty of options that have built-in or added seats to maximize comfort. The addition of steps like in the Agape Design model shown above is great for people with reduced mobility.

Walk-in Bathtub with Door

bathtub with door

A walk-in tub is perfect for ease of access and safety. The feature is suitable for many shapes and types of bathtubs. It can simplify the use of deep tubs which can be difficult to enter and exit. We love this tub by Glass 1989 for its clean lines and glass door.