Wine Kitchen Decor Ideas to Highlight Your Passion

Wine and food tend to go hand in hand, so I decided to take it a step further and collect my favorite kitchen decor ideas. Decorating your kitchen with wine themed items is far less complicated than navigating the different vineyard regions of the world. You certainly don’t need to be an expert to spice up your kitchen decor with some wine inspired accessories.

From simple accent pieces to fully functional items such as a built-in wine fridge, I have you covered. Bottles, barrels, grapes, and corks are all commonly used to create unique accessories or furniture for your kitchen. The styles vary widely and include elegant chic designs as well as flashier pieces. No matter what style you have in the interior of your kitchen, there are ways you can show off your love for wine.

Kitchen Wall Art Ideas

Wine Bottles as Vases

bottle vase decor ideas

Once you’ve finished a bottle of wine, the container doesn’t have to be relegated to the recycling bin. There are plenty of DIY ideas to make if you collect empty wine bottles, including using them as a flower vase. While the ordinary option would be to place the vase on a table, I love this unique hanging wall vase design. Choosing wine bottles with the same labels is nice, or opt for random bottles for an eclectic style.

Wine Gallery

wine gallery decor ideas

For a simple and elegant way to display your love for wine, a framed wall gallery is a great option. Installing frames is straightforward and you can switch out the images if you want a change. I love these classic wine glasses with a funky abstract twist. Glasses, bottles, grapes, corks, the number of ideas are endless. Choose matching images or go for an assortment to keep the look fresh.

Wall Decal

decal decor ideas

If you’re serious about your love for wine, these wall decals displaying images of old bottles and grapes are stylish ideas to incorporate. Perhaps owning these bottles is wishful thinking, however, you can keep them close with these wall decals. Stick them behind actual wine bottles to trick the eye, or create a wall with your dream cellar.

Wine Themed Kitchen Accessories


cork clock

This clock is the perfect cross of aesthetic and useful. Thanks to a cage face, you can store your old corks in view. The more you collect, the more your clock fills up, or keep it half full for a different look. I love this clock because the design is modern and contemporary, yet it has a rustic feel due to the corks. If you’re in the market for a clock that makes a statement and tells the time, this is the choice for you.

cork and barrel clock

For a subtler look that shows off your love for wine in an elegant manner, I suggest choosing a clock with a similar style to the one above. An old barrel cap becomes the face of the clock, and every hour on the clock is told by a cork. This is a nice option if you like the look of corks but don’t feel like collecting your own to add to the decor.

barrel clock

This is another clock design that uses the top of a barrel for the face. For a timeless look, roman numerals are used to indicate the hours. This is a good option if you enjoy bringing some elements of wine into your kitchen decor but want to keep it from overwhelming the design.


bottle candle decor

As mentioned, there are numerous DIY projects to make with old bottles. Whether you choose to roll up your sleeves and make something yourself or take advantage of crafty artists, this unique candle certainly makes for an interesting decoration. If you’re making it yourself you can even choose your favorite wine bottle and label — I think I’ll have some Champagne!


wine bottle kitchen chandelier

If you a sturdy ceiling and iron structure, you can assemble a chandelier with your old empty bottles. This is definitely a cool way to show off your favorite wine, though unless you have a collection of empty bottles you will have to work your way through a couple of dozen bottles before completing the chandelier. The example above with assorted bottles is fun and quirky, but I can also imagine using the same bottles or creating a pattern for a uniform design.

cork kitchen chandelier

If you don’t want to risk having dozens of bottles hanging from your ceiling, this cork and string chandelier is another way to show off your favorites. I love how this can be a central chandelier or it can also be displayed off to a side as an accessory. You can even adapt the size of this DIY chandelier if you happen to have hundreds of corks lying around.

wine glass kitchen chandelier

This chandelier made of wine glasses also doubles as a glass holder. Place it close to the bar or where you pour yourself a glass of wine, and you are set. I like how there are a few Champagne flutes mixed in with the regular glasses to create an eclectic look, and also for functionality. No matter what you feel like drinking, you’ll always have a glass at arm’s reach.


wine bottle light ideas

Here is another striking example of wine bottle art that is also a useful light fixture. With the labels removed and a lightbulb inserted inside, I’d love to have these hanging bottle lamps in my kitchen. Whether you choose a row of hanging bottles or keep it simple with a single one, this look is beautiful and has a function.

Floor Mat

floor mat kitchen decor ideas

This wine-themed floor mat is a fun way to add the beverage into your kitchen decor without having to renovate your space. It’s easy to add or remove, and a kitchen floor mat is also very useful placed near the sink to catch any splashes of water. I love the bottle and grape theme but you can pick and choose what you like. Why not have a floor mat that states “I love wine!”? 

Wine Themed Furniture

Wine Racks

wine rack decor idea

This wine rack is stunning because not only does it store bottles, but it also holds succulents. This rack is the traditional design used to store Champagne in cellars. Integrating it into your kitchen decor brings an element of rustic style to the look. It would go really well in a classic, country, or even simple modern style. Wooden fixtures are timeless pieces for any decor.

wine rack decor

For a minimalist style, this wine rack is one of my favorite ideas. While it might not hold a huge wine collection, it’s perfect to store your favorites or the bottles you are planning to drink soon. The simple metal frame is chic and elegant, yet you could also hang decorative accessories such as beading or even vine leaves for a funkier look. Shop for it a Wine Enthusiast.

Wine Fridge

built in kitchen wine fridge ideas

If you are a wine aficionado then a wine fridge is one of the best ideas to choose. What better place than your kitchen island to install it? You’ll be able to conveniently grab a perfectly stored temperature-controlled bottle at any moment. This is a great way to use up the spaces beneath your counters that are often just filled in with solid material.

Bar Chest

wine chest ideas

If your wine collection is fairly extensive, then a good option is to integrate it into your decor. Go for a large chest that doubles as a bar for the ultimate style. This piece of furniture stores bottles, glasses, and equipment. There is even a complete surface above for decoration or more wine bottles!

Barrel Bar

barrel bar kitchen decor

Wow, this repurposed barrel is gorgeous and functional at the same time. Barrels are part of the winemaking process yet they are often discarded after a number of uses. Thanks to some talented artists and cabinet makers, you can have a unique piece made from a barrel in your home.


wine barrel table kitchen decor ideas

This table takes the barrel concept one step further. Turn the barrel top into a surface and add extra pieces of wood to make it more functional. If you want to make a statement and have enough place, this is definitely a striking piece to add to your wine-themed kitchen decor.