15 Unicorn bedroom ideas

15 Unicorn Bedroom Ideas to Add Some Whimsy

Magical mystical creatures certainly have a place in home decor, which is why I’ve come up with various ways to list my favorite unicorn bedroom ideas. Whether you want a room entirely themed around them or want to use unicorns as an accessory to highlight parts of your room, there are plenty of options available. Likewise, some ideas require more effort and are meant to last a while, whereas others are easy to install and can be changed on a whim.

15 Unicorn Bedroom Ideas

Don’t think that unicorn bedroom designs are only for children! Anyone can incorporate unicorns into their interior design with the right selection of furniture and decor. Even if you don’t believe in the mystical creature, it has a way of sprinkling some magic into any room, especially the room where you spend your nights dreaming! So read on for some ideas to turn your bedroom into a mystical zone.

Unicorn Bedroom Styles


minimalist bedroom unicorn idea
Image: decorpad.com

For a classic and timeless look, include unicorn accessories in a bedroom with a minimal design. Simple white and pastel colors are the ideal palettes for this look. I love how this room includes a wall-mounted unicorn over the headboard as a centerpiece. It definitely draws the eye upwards and is a nice contrast to the minimal decor.

Simple doesn’t have to be boring and accessorizing with unicorn-themed pieces is a great way to liven up your space. Keep your furniture choices basic and opt for light colors to avoid overwhelming the eye. Minimal bedroom designs can benefit from themed accessories or wall art.


princess style unicorn bedroom idea

What could be more regal than a canopy bed with a unicorn crown? I know sleeping in this bed would make me feel like royalty! For a princess take on a royal-style bedroom, I love how this bed becomes the focal point thanks to the headpiece. Aside from actual crowns, opt for pink and pastel hues, and golden accents to make your room fit for a princess.

princess-themed pink room with a unicorn wall art

I love this princess-themed pink room with its turret-like canopy curtain. Unicorn accents on the walls, stars, and golden details make this room perfect for a princess fantasy. Including castle-themed decor, crowns, and swans into a bedroom design certainly brings out the princess in everyone.

Unicorn Wall Art Ideas

Bedroom Murals

This bedroom unicorn mural is a stunning piece of art
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Wow, this stunning wall mural is a beautiful piece of art. I love the delicate features and the pastel colors. If you want to make a point to showcase the beauty of unicorns, a wall mural is definitely the way to go. There is a large range of styles available from more realistic detailed paintings to simpler drawings or outlines.

If you want your piece to be one of a kind, hiring an artist to paint the mural on the spot would be a good idea. For a more budget-friendly choice, wall decals or stickers are an easy option that you can even install yourself. The beauty of a mural is that you can take over an entire wall, truly highlighting the image.

Gallery Wall

Gallery wall displaying multiple mythical creatures
Available at Etsy

If you like the idea of having the mythical creature on your walls but don’t want to go for a full mural, my other favorite bedroom ideas include hanging images. You can dedicate an entire wall to framed unicorn-themed images or you can line up your favorite as a trio like in the picture above. This is my number one idea for an elegant style that is equally fun. To truly match the unicorn vibe be sure to choose gold or rainbow-colored picture frames.


Bedroom wall mural with rainbow and unicorn
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Even though I’ve never come across a unicorn in person, I am certain that they go hand in hand with rainbows. Combining the two makes for a perfect match, filling your room with magical colors and a mystical ambiance. I love how the mural above includes a large rainbow with a unicorn, but a subtler look such as focusing on rainbow colors amidst the unicorn decor is also a stylish idea.

Wall Mounted Unicorns

wall mounted unicorn head
Available on Etsy

This wall-mounted unicorn adds tons of fun glam appeal to any room. I would love to install it over my bed as a headboard, or on a narrow section of a wall as decoration. It would also be a fun accessory to hang on a bedroom door. There are plenty of styles of wall-mounted items, you’ll surely find the right match for your decor. Likewise, they come in a range of materials from soft and plush to sturdy metal.

Unicorn Bed Ideas

Duvet and Pillows

Unicorn themed duvet and pillows
A similar item is available on Amazon

One of my favorite ideas is to find a duvet and cushions with images of the mystical creature. Printed patterns with small creatures or a larger image like the one above are all great ways to include them in your bedroom decoration. If you’d rather have just a touch of magic, pick unicorn-shaped throw cushions. But if you’re ready to go all the way, a full unicorn duvet is the choice for you. The advantage of a duvet is that you can easily switch it for something more neutral on the days when you’re feeling more serious!

Unicorn Headboard

A twin girls bedroom decorated with unicorn headboards

These unicorn headboards have got to be some of the cutest styles around! I love the simple cutout shape with the horn front and center. Simply decorated with some floral details, these headboards are a delicate way to include the mythical creature in your decor.

Since these headboards might not be available everywhere, I recommend rolling up your sleeves and making your own if you’re into DIY projects. Get creative with materials, the ceiling is your limit! For an easy take, you can use wall stickers to create a headboard to your liking.

Unicorn Accessory Ideas

Bedroom Lights

unicorn neon light idea
Similar lights

For a fun accessory that brightens up your bedroom, pick a unicorn-shaped light. This neon model above adds a retro vibe to the decor. For a more functional source of light, choose a lamp like the one below. Pick a lampshade decorated with the creatures or a stand with a built-in unicorn. I love that a simple detail can highlight the magical atmosphere that comes along.

children unicorn lamp idea
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Bedroom Clocks

unicorn kids clock idea
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For simple unicorn bedroom ideas that don’t require an entire renovation or large expense, go for a wall clock. The above shown clock is a great way to display your love for the horned creature. It’s easy to install, can be swapped out if you want to change your decor, and has the extra benefit of being useful for telling time. Go for a wall piece for maximum charm, or choose a small bedside clock that doubles as an alarm.


A girl bedroom decorated with a square unicorn rug
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If you have large floor space in your bedroom, my favorite unicorn decorating idea is to lay out a rug printed with a design. Your feet will be able to tell the difference thanks to the extra coziness provided by a magical rug. A decorative carpet is perfect to layer over hardwood floors, but you could also place a small accent rug over a carpet. Rugs are a good way to test out the decoration idea without having to make a huge commitment. For tips to choose the best rug for your room, learn about the types of rugs.

Bedroom Curtains

Nursery room displays unicorn themed curtains
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Another fabric accessory that can take on a unicorn persona is your curtains. The ones above make the magical creatures the star of your decor, while other patterns might include a complete scene. Whatever the design, you’ll definitely sleep better with unicorns guarding your windows. Much like duvets and rugs, curtains are simple to install and are an easy idea for bringing some mysticism to your bedroom.