25 bedroom door decoration ideas

25 Bedroom Door Decoration Ideas

My favorite way to add a quick twist to my interior is with one of these bedroom door decoration ideas. While there’s a time for complete renovations, sometimes a quick project is all you need to change your decor. I’ve collected some fun ideas to decorate your bedroom door to give your space a new allure.Bedroom door decoration ideas

There’s a wide range of styles and designs to choose from, whether you want to add a simple detail or decorate with ornamental accessories. Most of the ideas are purely aesthetic, but you can certainly use your bedroom door with a purpose, such as by adding hooks or a chalkboard. The best thing about decorating your door is that it is an easy project that changes the whole look.

Door Decor Ideas

Door Sticker Decoration

bedroom door sticker decoration

With stickers, decorating your bedroom door is as easy as unpeeling the protective backing and carefully placing the sticker wherever you want it to be. I love the charming inspirational words in the image above, but the options are limitless. Random ornamental stickers are a fun touch, or you can opt for a pattern for a sophisticated look. Stickers from Blinggo.

door sticker idea

This piano keyboard sticker idea is so original! It truly shows the vast range of ideas possible with stickers. This style requires careful placing to ensure the lines are straight, but the final result is definitely worth it. Check for prices on Amazon.

Mannequin Decal

decal bedroom decoration ideas
Inspiration is from HDTV.com, the decal is from Etsy.

Here is another fun decal idea. This mannequin sticker is a playful decoration for anyone who loves fashion. Hammer in a couple of hooks as well and the door doubles as a functional mannequin. I love this floor-to-ceiling look since it also adds an element of depth.

Nail Heads

nailhead trim decoration idea

Using nail heads as a door trim is a glamorous way to add decoration. The double framed style above with the accent corners is a chic style that will add elegance to any room. I like that the door is painted in a vibrant color which adds to the striking effect of the embellishment. Designed by DKOR Interiors, Miami, FL.

nail trim door ideas

If you like the idea of a nailhead trim but are looking for a funkier style, take some tips from the idea pictured above. I love that the design is geometric with an asymmetrical twist. This is definitely a stylish way to decorate your bedroom door. The pastel background makes the nailhead trim really stand out. You could use these nails to create a similar decoration.

Door Wreath Decoration

bedroom door wreath ideas

Wreaths don’t only have to be on your front door. This multi-season wreath is the perfect way to bring some greenery into your bedroom decoration. It fits right into the teal painted walls and the other plants in the picture above. Choose a green wreath or go for mixed flowers to add a whimsical element to your space. The wreath is available here.

Hanging Door Decor Ideas

hanging decor door ideas

I love simple yet effective bedroom door decoration ideas like the one pictured above. Layering wall hangings with meaningful words is a charming way to include some of your personal values into your bedroom design. I love the mixed wood neutral backgrounds used for each hanging, but the options don’t end there. Look for painted or glossy signs for a different style. Check Amazon for pricing.

Picture Frame Decorationpicture frame ideas

Image and DIY Guide: HGTVWhat a cute idea! I love how a simple surface is completely transformed by hanging mismatched colorful picture frame decorations from top to bottom. I also like that not all of the frames are filled with images, which keeps the look bright and fun. Fill the frames with embellishments and personal pictures, or leave them bare.

Whole Door Ideas

Curtain Styles

curtains for bedroom door idea

If you want your bedroom to be a little hideaway spot you can escape to, I recommend installing a curtain that slides across the door. This way once you’re tucked into your room you can close the curtains and enjoy some peace and quiet. If you have loud housemates, look for a curtain with soundproofing features and your quality of sleep will surely improve.

Mirror Ideas

mirrored bedroom door

A mirror is always a bonus in bedroom decor, but sometimes wall space can be lacking. That’s why I love this idea pictured above, with a mirror hanging the length of the door. It is a great way to include a mirror without sacrificing wall space so that you can have the furniture and accessories you need in your bedroom. For pricing, visit Houzz.


chalkboard door idea

Chalkboard bedroom door ideas are fun and whimsical. Use it to write endless to-do lists, or for inspirational words as in the picture above. You might even get creative and use it as a canvas to show off your artistic talent or fun doodles as decoration. If you’re looking for a style that is constantly changing, I recommend installing a chalkboard wall sticker. Available on Amazon.

3D Effect

3D effect door idea

This simple bedroom door has wood moldings installed in the center in order to add a 3D effect. If you have a plain flat surface and want to create some depth to the look, choose a simple design like the one above and nail on some elevated wood moldings to build an additional dimension. Etsy.

Geometric Paint Styles

geometric paint idea

Sometimes, all you need is a fun paint job to transform your space. These funky geometric styles pictured above and below are easy fuss-free ways to add a definite cool factor to your bedroom decoration. I love how the design above fits into the wall paint, whereas the one below sticks to a geometric accent on one side of the surface. Triangles, squares, circles, lines, and patterns are all great ideas to paint on a geometric design.

geometric paint door decor

Wallpaper Designs

wallpaper door idea

Wallpaper doesn’t only belong on walls. If you want an easy way to add a patterned design to your bedroom door, layering on your favorite wallpaper is definitely among the best ideas. You can also include some unusual details like the old staircase in the picture above. I bet a wallpapered style decor would look fantastic. The one shown above can be found on Etsy.

Rainbow Door Decoration

rainbow bedroom idea

If you can’t decide what color to paint your door, why not choose a handful? This rainbow style pictured above works really well with a white background. You could go ahead and paint the full door in color but I like how the white offsets the intensity of the look. Photo: Lovely Indeed.

Mosaic and Wood Ideas

mosaic wood door design

This is a stunning piece of art with a beautiful wood frame detailed with mosaic images. I love how the wood depicts a tree shape while the mosaics fill the door, displaying an entire scene. Ducks and birds are the themes above, but I bet a mosaic pattern or floral design would be striking. Image.

Painted Door Archway

painted archway bedroom

Sometimes it’s not about the door but what surrounds it! I love how the painted archway above immediately makes the doorway look grandiose. Along with the golden ornamental centerpiece above it, this style seems fit for royalty. See the step-by-step DIY tutorial on popsugar.com.

Book Door Decoration

Bookshelf door mural idea

This bookcase design doorframe is a fun way to show off your love for books. Maybe the other walls are covered in bookshelves or perhaps you have no space for them and opted for this design. Regardless, I love the charming look of these old books adorning the room. Bookshelf Door Mural is from Etsy.

Photo Collage Ideas

photo collage door decoration

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to show off your favorite photos. This fun photo collage style pictured above is definitely a great way to display your top shots. Whether you choose photos from your own collection or stick to prints, your bedroom door will tell a story.

Patchwork Door Decoration

door patchwork decoration

This patchwork style is a fun twist on a solid wallpaper. Mix and match your favorite patterns for a unique background that is all yours. I love that patterns are mixed in with floral designs for a charming look that stands out.

Moonlight Sticker Decoration

Moonlight door sticker

I wish my bedroom window looked right out onto the sea, but the next best option is probably this stunning door decor idea. Stick-on images of your choice have a striking effect, especially when they are as dazzling and realistic as this moonlit ocean. See similar sticker designs on Etsy.

Stained Glass Decoration Ideas

3D self-adhesive stained glass door sticker idea

Another eye-catching idea for a stick-on door design is a large stained glass image. While the real deal can be quite costly, this version brings all of the artistry at a fraction of the price. Florals, patterns, and a touch of color complete the look. Check Amazon for pricing on this 3D self-adhesive stained glass door sticker.