Types of Refrigerators for Your Kitchen

Types of Refrigerators for Your Kitchen

Among the many types of refrigerators available, there are probably some key details that are important in your decision-making. The appliance is common in most homes, and even minimally decorated kitchens will have some sort of refrigerating unit. A refrigerator says a lot about the people living in a home and their needs. Whether they have a large modern fridge with plenty of additional features or a basic appliance that simply cools foods can indicate a lot.

Types of Refrigerators

When it comes to choosing a refrigerator for your home, there are a few important elements to consider. First of all, space is a huge factor! Refrigerators come in all sizes but they might not all fit into your kitchen. Next, they can include dozens of features, including freezers, water and ice dispensers, and even a coffee maker! The layout of a fridge can also vary significantly, with different storage systems and setups. Finally, refrigerators come in a range of colors, materials, and styles. Read on for a thorough breakdown of the numerous types available, to help you make a choice.

Model Designs

Combi Refrigerators

combi refrigerators

Gaggenau makes a sleek and efficient combi refrigerator, which includes a section that freezes as well as one that refrigerates your food. These types of refrigerators are great if you don’t have a separate freezer and you are looking to purchase an appliance that has everything you need. Aside from being extremely functional, combi designs also save space since you have a multifunctional appliance.

Double Door Designs

refrigerators with double doors

Ilve highlights the stylish look of a double-door refrigerator. Aside from the grand aesthetic, double-door designs tend to be larger than average. You’ll have plenty of extra storage space, including two separate sets of door shelves. If you want a large fridge but don’t have the space for a wide door, a double-door style condenses the design.

Single Door Designs

refrigerators with single door

Smeg shows off the timeless look of a single-door design. If you have a narrow rectangular-shaped refrigerator, a single door is all you need. You’ll still be able to store plenty of items in the door, and you’ll probably have an easier time finding them! Models with a single door are the perfect type for smaller kitchens.

American Style Refrigerators

American types of refrigerators

Ilve highlights the spacious qualities of an American-style refrigerator. These types are characterized by double-doors, compared with the common single-door European style. Double-door refrigerators have plenty of storage and are ideal for well-trafficked kitchens! American-style models typically have additional features such as an ice or water dispenser.

Fridges with a Freezer on top

refrigerators with top freezer

This combi refrigerator by Galanz shows a layout where the freezer is directly above the fridge. Both doors swing out and the freezer usually contains a shelf to organize your items. This style is convenient if you want to be able to view the contents of your freezer at eye level. Depending on what you store, it can make organization simpler.

Fridges with a Freezer on bottom

refrigerators with bottom freezer

Iio shows the opposite layout where the freezer is located beneath the refrigerator. The freezer might have a swinging door or otherwise, it could open up as a drawer. Having your freezer below the fridge requires a bit more effort when you’re searching for items. However, if you prioritize the use of the refrigerator portion, this is a good setup.

Extra Features for Different Kinds of Fridges

Models with a Freezer

refrigerator with freezer

This double-door model by Gaggenau includes a pull-out drawer freezer beneath. Having a freezer attached to your refrigerator is incredibly useful. Although separate chest freezers can be helpful for stocking up on food, a built-in freezer is easily accessible for everyday items.

Designs with a Glass Door

refrigerator with glass door

A refrigerator with a glass door like this model by Fhiaba has a number of benefits. First of all, you get to see your selection of food without even opening the door. Aside from the practicality, it also helps to save energy. Instead of sticking magnets all over your fridge as decoration, let the contents inside be colorful details. Of course, you’ll have to keep your items somewhat organized to be aesthetically pleasing.

Fridges with an Ice Dispenser

refrigerators with ice dispenser

This double-door refrigerator by Steel also includes an ice dispenser as an additional feature. Sure you could make ice in trays, but an integrated ice dispenser does the work for you. You won’t even need to open the door anymore when you want to get some ice for your drink.

Fridges with a Water Dispenser

refrigerators with water dispenser

Steel also makes a version with a water dispenser. This type is very useful for filling cups and pitchers, especially if the sink is being used. It’s important to stay hydrated and a refrigerator with a built-in water dispenser helps provide the extra reminder thanks to its simple front display.

Fridges with a Wine Cooler

refrigerator with wine cooler

Enough about water, how about a refrigerator with a separate section to store wine? Officine Gullo makes this multi-purpose design with a built-in wine cooler, set to the appropriate temperature for storing wine. This is a great option for wine lovers who haven’t yet set aside a part of their home as a cellar. Or, keep your big collection tucked away and store your daily pours at arm’s reach.

Different Kinds of Installations

Built-In Refrigerators

kinds of installation

Fhiaba shows off a built-in refrigerator installation style, perfect for sleek kitchens. Your fridge fits into the background along with your cupboards, creating a stylish and streamlined look. Built-in designs are easier to install along with your kitchen cabinets, but if you decide to make the shift, a few alterations to your layout and power connections can make it possible.

Freestanding Refrigerators

freestanding types of refrigerators

Freestanding refrigerators like this model by Smeg are a simple and straightforward method of installation. You can place them just about anywhere the power cord reaches, or just add an extension. As long as you have enough wall space, any kind of refrigerator can fit in freestanding. You could also place it strategically to create a room divider.

Undercounter Refrigerators

undercounter refrigerator

This refrigerator by Jokodomus is the perfect type for an undercounter installation. Generally, smaller designs will benefit from this style, as is often seen in restaurants or bars for drinks. If you want to include a small wine fridge in your kitchen, an undercounter installation is a great way to save space while keeping your bottles easily accessible.

General Refrigerator Features

Models with No Frost

no frost refrigerator

Siemens takes refrigerator technology one step further with this no frost model. The system works to eliminate frost in the freezer and refrigerator compartments by removing air and humidity. With the help of a fan, the air remains dry, reducing the possibility of any frost build-up. If you want to ensure maximum freshness for your frozen and refrigerated items, this technology is certainly efficient.

Ventilated Fridges

ventilated refrigerator

Grundig makes refrigerators with a useful ventilation system for maintaining temperature. By circulating cold dry air throughout the appliance, the cool temperature remains consistent and the interior is free from humidity. Aside from keeping your food nice and fresh, well-ventilated fridges are energy efficient and durable.

Refrigerator Designs with Drawers

refrigerator with drawers

Jokodomus displays a refrigerator simply made up of drawers. While classic types tend to have a door, drawers can be equally convenient especially if the model is small. Simply stack your items and you’ll be able to sort through them at ease.

Refrigerators with a Dual Motor

dual motor types of refrigerators

This dual-motor refrigerator by Siemens is efficient and practical for designs with an integrated freezer. Instead of using a single motor to cool the entire unit, separate motors ensure the cooling of both the refrigerator and freezer. Aside from being energy-efficient, this technology also helps reduce any excess humidity and eliminates smell transfer from one compartment to the other.

Wifi Enabled “Family Hub” Refrigerator

types of refrigerators

Samsung seems to know what you need before you even realize it! This hi-tech Wifi-enabled “Family Hub” refrigerator is perfect for busy families. Display your schedules, notes for the day, recipes, or family photos on an ever-changing smart screen. While it might not be a necessary feature, it certainly comes in handy and helps to keep you and your family organized.

Fridges with a Coffee Maker

refrigerator with coffee maker

GE Appliances designs a refrigerator with a built-in coffee maker, and we hope that other manufacturers will soon follow suit! Your mornings will be more efficient thanks to this innovative appliance that helps you get your day started. Be sure to keep your two-in-one fridge well maintained to avoid missing out on your morning cup of coffee.

Materials for all Refrigerator Types

Stainless Steel Ideas

stainless steel refrigerator

Signature Kitchen highlights the smooth shiny appearance of a stainless steel refrigerator. Thanks to its sleek design, stainless steel is welcome in most kitchens. It is also extremely resistant to rust and durable over time. Unfortunately, if you want to keep it looking shiny, you’ll have to clean it regularly to remove smudges and fingerprints. Nevertheless, it is easy to clean and it is a hygienic option thanks to its non-porous character.

Steel Models

steel refrigerator

Officine Gullo highlights the sophisticated look of a steel refrigerator. The material is extremely hard and durable, though it may require a protective layer to prevent rust. For a unique look and a step away from the usual stainless steel, look for types of refrigerators made with steel. Steel appliances are usually less expensive than their stainless steel counterparts, making them a good option.

Aluminum Designs

aluminum refrigerator

Gaggenau shows off this stylish aluminum design, perfect for contemporary decors. Aluminum is a great choice for all types of refrigerators since it is suitable for quick cooling. This makes it especially efficient for a cooling unit, not to mention aesthetically pleasing.

Glass Models

glass refrigerator

Fhiaba highlights the sleek look of a glass door refrigerator. The material lends a spacious look to your kitchen thanks to its open concept view. You’ll want to keep your hands off the surface to avoid too many fingerprints but otherwise, types of refrigerators made with glass are easy to maintain.

Refrigerator Styles

Contemporary Design Ideas

contemporary style refrigerator

Fhiaba makes high-quality contemporary refrigerators for the modern homeowner. Stainless steel, sleek lines, and countless options for storage make this style useful and stylish. Fit it into a contemporary decor kitchen, or add it to a classic interior to bring your fridge storage to the next level.

Kinds of Energy Efficiency

Refrigerators certainly use a lot of energy resources since they must maintain a cool temperature at all times. Thanks to improvements in technology, there is an increasing number of models that take energy efficiency into consideration.

A good indication of an energy-efficient model is one that is certified “Energy Star”. These types generally go above and beyond the standard requirements so you can be sure your appliance is an earth-friendly choice. Also, if you don’t plan to use the ice or water dispenser regularly, you might want to opt for a model without these features to maximize its energy efficiency.

Another issue with refrigerators is the type of coolant used since many of them happen to contribute to greenhouse gases. Stay informed about the latest technologies when shopping for a fridge to ensure that you are using a refrigerant that doesn’t have a negative impact on the earth.

Aside from purchasing a new model, placing your unit in a suitable location with aeration, and regularly maintaining it to keep it running smoothly are good ways to increase its energy efficiency.

Size/ Total Capacity

Compact Refrigerators

compact types of refrigerators

This cute and compact refrigerator by Nostalgia can be brought along on picnics or outings thanks to an integrated handle. Since it’s so portable, it even doubles as a cooler. A compact design is a great choice for a secondary appliance. You can use it in a guest room, garage, or storage closet for extra fridge space. While you might find it to be a tight fit if it’s your only refrigerator, it can be very useful as an additional fridge.

Oversized Refrigerators

oversized types of refrigerators

Cooler Depot makes oversize refrigerators, ideal for commercial spaces. Nevertheless, you don’t need to have a commercial kitchen in order to purchase an oversize unit. As long as you have enough space to fit it in, an oversize version can be a great choice for a large family or a home of enthusiastic cooks. You’ll be able to organize your items on multiple shelves and stock up on favorites.

Colors and Finishes for all Types of Refrigerators

When it comes to making your refrigerator the highlight of your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with a bit of color! Look for hues that match the rest of your kitchen decor or go for a bright contrast. Keep in mind that not all types of refrigerators will have the option of a color choice and you may have to look for custom models. If you want some color without opting for a colored fridge, start collecting magnets to add a vibrant decorative touch.