15 Chalk Paint Ideas for Bedroom Furniture

15 Chalk Paint Ideas for Bedroom Furniture

Your first thought might be to associate chalk with a classroom board, but there are plenty of chalk paint ideas for bedroom furniture that won’t remind you of school. While some chalk paints are the type that you can write on, the majority have other uses that make them a versatile option. First of all, generally no prep or primer is required when using chalk paint. If you’ve spent hours preparing your furniture just to start painting it, then you’ll be pleased to skip those steps.

Chalk Paint Ideas for Bedroom Furniture

As well, chalk paint has a matte finish that dries quickly and is easy to blend. These features make it a great material for artistic designs. Similarly, it is easy to create a distressed look simply by using a washcloth. This makes this type of paint incredibly flexible for all of your decorating needs. For extra inspiration, check out these great tips for making hand painted furniture. I’ve collected my favorite ideas so that you can give your bedroom a touch-up with a can of chalk paint.

Furniture Ideas


black chalk paint bed
Chalk paint is available at Annie Sloan

I love the striking matte finish of a bedframe painted all black. This is a great option for furniture that has some carving work on it such as the bed pictured above. Thanks to some coats of chalk paint, the final result is chic, making it the perfect backdrop for this elegant decor. Using black paint is especially noticeable because the matte finish is so distinct from glossy black.


chalk paint dresser idea

This charming dresser displays how chalk paint can be used for a subtle finish no matter how dark the color. While the effect is not huge, variations in the layers of paint create a slightly faded look that remains sharp. Add some detailed brass handles and the design is complete. Source: Salvaged Inspirations.


chalk painted bedroom vanity

This vanity is a stunning piece, highlighted by the use of chalk paint. A slightly weathered look is incredibly charming thanks to the detailed carvings on this piece of furniture. Pastel colors work really well with this style if you don’t want the distressed effect to overpower the other features.

Side Table

side table painted in chalk paint

I love how this side table pairs chalk paint with a chalkboard paint top for a charming and fun look. A shade of gray works well with the intricate carving work, highlighting the varying texture. On top of that, using chalkboard paint for the top is a quirky idea for writing notes or doodling. Source.

Cabinet Drawers

cabinet drawers idea using the chalkboard paint

These cabinet drawers use a mix of chalk and chalkboard paint to label the different compartments. I love the contrast of the black and white look, perfect for a captivating piece of furniture that easily matches the rest. The matte effect of white chalk paint is a great pairing that blends in seamlessly with the black.

Matching Bed Frame and Dresser

matching bed and bedroom dresser idea

Matching your bed frame to your dresser is easy to do with chalk paint. Thanks to its simple application which doesn’t require plenty of prep like other types of paint, you can complete both pieces in an afternoon. I love the matching style in the picture above and the way the furniture creates the ideal base for the patterned wallpaper and bedspread. See how this painted furniture was made at The Boondocks Blog.

Picture Frame

picture frame idea

If you want to start small with your painted furniture projects, a picture frame is a good place to begin. If you’ve never used chalk paint before, testing it out with an ornamental piece is less daunting than your bedroom dresser! This beautiful frame is intricately detailed with decorative carving, which makes it a striking backdrop for this soft distressed look. Source: villabarnes.com. Check them out on Etsy.

Design Style Ideas


a bedroom cupboard painted with distressed look

As mentioned, one of the great benefits of chalk paint is that creating a distressed look is extremely simple. There are different techniques depending on the effect you want. For example, you can paint your furniture, wax it, and then sand it or use a damp cloth to wipe off the area you want to distress. Alternatively, you can paint, sand, and then wax. Distressing parts of the furniture at random is a good way to avoid a manufactured look. Aim for edges and corners to keep the distressed effect natural.

Pastel Colors

pastel color ideas for a bedroom

I love how this gorgeous dresser displays the soft blended look you can get with chalk paint and pastel colors. By blending some white into a pale color, the dresser appears to have subtle highlights. Paired with detailed fixtures and decorative moldings, this dresser is a stunning piece of art. Source: One Girl in Pink.

Bright Colors

bedroom furniture example painted in bright red color using chalk paint

Although some of my favorite chalk-painted pieces of bedroom furniture are pastels, I love the effect of a bright and vibrant color and the way it shows off different shades in the paint. This striking chest pictured above is an attractive example, showing off the beauty of chalk paint. There’s no need to create a perfectly uniform color either, which makes it much easier to make your hand-painted furniture! Source: generalfinishes.com.


two-toned bedroom furniture idea

There’s no need to stick to one color when using chalk paint. I love rustic-style ideas like the dresser pictured above. Simply incorporate some distressed accents into the piece for a coastal cottage style. Opt for a dark and light color to contrast the tones or choose hues that are more similar for a matching style. A two-toned style looks great for your bedroom furniture whether you choose to go for a distressed look or not. Source: The Lily Pad Cottage.

Shabby Chic

shabby chic bedroom furniture painted with chalk paint

Here is another two-toned look with a subtler distinction between the two hues. Together with the glamorous ornamental detailing on the side of the dresser, it displays a shabby chic vibe. The great part about keeping the style slightly shabby is that you don’t have to worry about painting perfectly uniform layers. I’m always up for a redecoration project that doesn’t require hours of tedious work! Source: Marty’s Musings.

Antique Style

antique style chalk paint idea for a bedroom armoire

No one will know that your gorgeous armoire isn’t a prized antique once you’re done with this spectacular idea! If you’re looking for a centerpiece for your bedroom to add a stylish touch, painting a large piece of furniture such as an armoire or dresser with an antique look is one of my favorite ideas. Use a distressed effect, incorporating dark wax into the paint to add an aged look. Source: boispassionsetcie.com.

Vintage Flowers

floral pattern idea for a bedroom dresser with flower decor transfers applied over chalk paint

Chalk paint is a fantastic material for artistic endeavors such as the charming floral pattern pictured above. Thanks to its blending capacities and ability to dry quickly, layering an image is easy to do. Much like watercolor painting, chalk paint can be applied smoothly for a whimsical design. Source: ReDesign with Prima.

an amazing chalk paint idea for a bedroom

Source: Decoris Vintage Designs.


chalk painted dresser with unpainted wood top

I love how the top part of this vanity is left with the original wood. By painting the rest of the piece with a solid color, the final effect is polished and sophisticated. This style is striking since it leaves a bit of natural wood visible while adding a splash of color. Source: General Finishes.

Silver and Gold

a bedroom vanity painted with silver and gold accents

This dazzling vanity is truly a work of art. I love how silver and gold accents are incorporated into the intricately carved details of this piece of furniture in order to make it stand out. For an extra glam factor, silver, gold, or bronze trimming is definitely my favorite idea. See the step-by-step guide on how this vanity was painted.