20 Bohemian Hippie Bedroom Ideas

20 Bohemian Hippie Bedroom Ideas to Spice Up Your Style

If you’re looking for a fun and stylish way to decorate, then check out this collection of bohemian hippie bedroom ideas. The possibilities are wide since this style incorporates a range of designs. From flower power to mandalas, dream catchers, and eclectic patterns, bohemian hippie decor is incredibly versatile.

Bohemian Hippie Bedroom Ideas

I’ve selected my favorite ideas to create a bohemian atmosphere in your bedroom. Whether you plan to style your entire room decor around the theme or only include a few items to accessorize, the choice is yours. You’ll see, once you start adding to your decor, you’ll instantly feel plenty of good vibes in your space!

Bohemian Hippie Bedroom Styles

Modern Ideas

modern bohemian hippie bedroom decor
Image: Tatjana World

This stunning hippie bedroom decor is modern and chic. Neutral earthy colors, contrasting patterns, and geometric designs make this room stand out. Add some greenery and accent pieces like an exotic chandelier and you’re set. This interior is a great example displaying how bohemian hippie design is anything but grungy.

Eclectic Ideas

eclectic bohemian hippie bedroom decor

For a fun and eclectic take on a hippie bedroom, plenty of patterns and colors is the key. I love the style above with its mismatched patterns overflowing with colors. This might not be the look for the minimalists out there, but it certainly has tons of character. Since you’re not worrying about matching every single accessory, there are lots of options for adding to the decor.

A kilim rug over a bed as a bedspread - an eclectic bohemian idea

This vibrant bedroom decor incorporates some eclectic patterns but sticks to solid wood floors and a white duvet to bring the look together seamlessly. If you like color and pattern but don’t want to take it to an extreme, a carpet and blanket with matching designs is a great option. Image courtesy of Magic Dream Life.

Bohemian Hippie Wall Decor

Dried Flowers

dried flower bohemian wall decor

I love this romantic bohemian look with dried flowers hanging from the wall. Whether you select the flowers specifically for this purpose or use old gifts, the final result is whimsical. There’s no need to change the water in a vase or care for plants if you opt for an artisanal dried look. I like the way all the stems are lined up surrounding the mirror, but you can get creative and display them any which way. Source: Etsy.


Hippie Tapestry Wall Hanging Nebula Galaxy

If you’re a hippie at heart then you might know your way around a deck of tarot cards. If so or if you simply enjoy the designs, a tarot tapestry is certainly among the top ideas for your wall decor. Choose your favorite card from the deck or hang a trio for maximum effect. I love the vibrant image of the sun and flowers above, perfect for adding a bright splash to your hippie bedroom decor. Available at Etsy.

Indian Red Tapestry is a traditional mandala - a great idea for a hippie bedroom

Alternatively, a mandala tapestry is a striking way to add pattern and a point of focus to your room. Place it above your bed as a centerpiece, or hang it from a bare wall to show it off in full splendor. There are countless mandala designs around so choose colors that complement your decor and a pattern you can’t get enough of. Available at tapestrygirls.com.

Gallery Wall

Boho gallery wall design by Sarah Hubbard

This mixed set up of frames, vases, candles, and trinkets is a charming way to incorporate elements of bohemian style into your bedroom. Choose soft colors, flowers, and any antiques that catch your eye and the look is complete. Use a ledge or a tableside to show off your ornamental pieces. Source: theinterioreditor.com.

Peace Flags

a hippie bedroom decorated with peace flags

Peace flags or prayer flags are a magical way to add a hippie flair to your bedroom. I love the patterns in the ones above, but traditional prayer flags are equally attractive. For extra inspiration, choose some with motivational words.

Dream Catchers

dream catcher bohemian hippie bedroom idea

Dream catchers definitely have a place in a boho hippie decor. I love the black and white style in the image above since it really displays the dream catchers front and center. For a whimsical accessory to include in your bedroom, hang an actual dream catcher or find a duvet or tapestry with the design.

Bohemian Hippie Accessories

Lace & Flowers

lace flowers bedroom idea

Lace and flowers scream hippie as far as I’m concerned. For a unique take, hang lace tapestries from the ceiling over your bed. You’ll feel like you’re falling asleep in a dreamy celestial atmosphere. Decorating with lace is a charming way to add a splash of elegance to your interior style. Source: Apartment Therapy.

Duvet Ideas

bedroom duvet ideas

I love decorating my bedroom with mixed duvets depending on my mood. This vibrant design above displaying geometric patterns and elephants is definitely on my list! Even when the rest of the decor is kept minimal, having a vibrant duvet like the one above is the perfect way to incorporate a hippie style into your decor. Available from Wayfair.com.

Yellow Hippie Flowers bedding set from Creative Amazonia

If you’re all about the flower power style from the 60s and 70s, then you’ll love this flower patterned duvet. With bright colors and flowers splashed across, you’re sure to feel peace and love when you’re tucked under this duvet!

For a subtler duvet to bring out the bohemian hippie in you, tie-dye is the way to go. While you can go all out and opt for a rainbow tie-dye design, I love the neutral tones in the one pictured above. This stylish duvet leaves plenty of room to accessorize with other pieces. Available at creativeamazonia.com.

Floor Cushion

floor cushion hippie idea

Embroidered and beaded cushions are beautiful enough to be decorative pieces, but they also serve a function. Use them if you feel like curling up on the floor with a cushion beneath. It will also double as a meditation cushion if you’re so inclined.

Macrame Plant Hangers

Macrame Boho Plant Hangers

Macrame is an artsy way to show off your love for boho decor. Even better, these plant hangers pictured above serve the purpose of showing off your favorite greenery. Hang a few by the window to catch the rays of sunlight, and watch your plants grow. Source: Etsy.

Beaded Door

hippie doorway decor with crystals

This beaded doorway is a brilliant way to add some sparkle to your bedroom. Choose clear colored beading and let the reflective light do its magic, start with colorful beads, or venture further and opt for bamboo. Beaded doors are great if you have a large room with an extra doorway, or add them to your main door so that you can have varying levels of privacy.

Boho Beaded Curtains

boho beaded curtain ideas

If you don’t feel like walking through a beaded doorway every time you leave your bedroom but love the style, beaded curtains are one of my favorite ideas to enhance your decor. I love the style pictured above, with colorful beads at varying lengths that leave plenty of room to look out at the view. Check Etsy for availability.

Healing Crystals

healing crystal bohemian hippie bedroom ideas

The healing nature of crystals is powerful, and there’s no better way to invite it into your bedroom than by hanging crystals decoratively. You can hang them from windows, doors, bed frames, mirrors, lamps, or any extra spot you can find. Choose your favorite crystals to bring in all of the good vibes your heart desires. Source: soulmakes.com.

Bohemian Hippie Furniture Ideas

Bed Frames

bohemian hippie bedframe idea from Anthropologie - wood carved design

This stunning carved wood bed frame is the perfect piece if you are looking to renovate your sleeping quarters with a bohemian hippie style. I love that the pattern is in neutral colors so that you can add color anywhere you wish. Even if you keep the remaining decor simple, this striking pattern is a stunning idea for a bedroom. Source: Anthropologie.

bohemian hippie bedframe ideas

If you want a lighter bed frame, choose rattan or bamboo materials for your design. This gorgeous bed frame above is detailed yet the gaps in the frame keep the look airy. I love pairing a rattan or bamboo frame with a vibrantly patterned duvet to mix and match styles. Available from Anthropologie.

Cushion Sofa

cushion sofa in a bohemian hippie bedroom

If you don’t have space or budget for an actual sofa in your bedroom, opt for a large floor cushion and layer on the throw pillows. The design above is the perfect little nook, the ideal Hygge style setup for a modern cozy bedroom.┬áCheck Amazon for availability.