18 Hipster Bedroom Ideas

18 Hipster Bedroom Ideas to Add Style

If you’re always on the lookout for the latest untapped trend, these hipster bedroom ideas should definitely be on your list. The wide range of unique styles is apparent when it comes to hipster decor, with everything from ironic wall hangings to whimsical fairy lights included. Whether you want to add a few key details to give your bedroom a hipster vibe, or you’re ready to switch out your bed frame for a stack of pallets, I have an idea for you.

Hipster Bedroom Ideas

The great thing about hipster decor is that it is constantly changing and can include a broad diversity of styles. Even if you’re not ready to label yourself as a hipster, I bet these creative ideas will spark a desire to include the style in your bedroom decor.

Hipster Decor & Accessory Ideas

Bedroom Book Wall

open books accent wall idea

What a cool idea! If you are a book lover or enjoy glossy pictures from volumes showcasing wildlife or other striking images, then you’ll love this unique idea. Why keep all of your books closed on a shelf when you can display them on your wall? You’ll have to be sure the books are well secured to avoid any accidents but this is definitely a cool idea. Source: A Beautiful Mess.

Bedroom Fairy Lights

fairy lights hipster bedroom idea
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Fairy lights are definitely high up on the list of hipster accessories. If you want to add them to your bedroom in a completely original way, pick the most random way to install them. Hang them vertically like a curtain, wrap them around your desk or lamp, lay them along the floor, you get the idea!

Polaroids and Fairy Lights

Polaroids and string lights are coolest hipster accessories
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Polaroids are definitely tied with fairy lights for first place hipster accessories. I love the idea of interspersing polaroids on clothespins along a strand of fairy lights. Take up the whole wall as in the picture above, or hang strands selectively around your room to integrate the idea into your entire decor.

Funky Picture Ideas

funky picture hipster bedroom idea
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It’s no secret that hipsters enjoy quirky oddball details, which is why this llama picture frame is the perfect addition to your bedroom decor. A colorful llama wearing a tie is definitely a fun way to spice up your interior design. You don’t have to stop at llamas, I’m pretty sure a squirrel or a dog wearing glasses would do the trick!

Hanging Bicycle

bike hung on wall bedroom idea

Bicycles and hipsters are commonly associated with each other. When you don’t have the chance to be out on two wheels, why not have them hanging above you? Whether you have a bicycle for show and one for the streets or it’s one and the same, a bicycle is a certain way to add the right vibe to your bedroom.

Driftwood Jewelry Hanger Ideas

driftwood jewelry hanger idea
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I love the natural details of these driftwood jewelry hangers. These are versatile and can be used to hang belts, scarves, or anything you have lying around. Driftwood is a simple way to add tons of style to your decor. Whether you collect it from the beach or purchase the piece already made, it will definitely add a natural touch to your hipster bedroom.

Decorative Hats

decorative hats hipster idea for a quiet bohemian bedroom

Sometimes decoration can be as simple as choosing an item and hanging plenty of them clustered together on your wall. This fun hat collection is certainly eye-catching, and it is also a practical way to store them. You won’t have to worry about flattening piles of hats or misplacing one behind your dresser if you hang them front and center as a focal point.

An extra detail that I love in the picture above is the use of an old trunk as a bedside night table. Hipster style is all about using unexpected items in novel ways, and this trunk certainly fits the bill.

Antique Picture Frame Ideas

gallery wall in our bedroom full of antique-store-finds i’ve collected over the past few years. from vintage

Once again, this style above shows how clustering a collection of similar items together makes for stylish wall decor. Antique picture frames and old clocks are the points of interest here, but the range of options is as wide as your creativity. If you already have an existing collection of any type, think about how you could integrate it into a wall montage.

Bedroom Plants

hipster bedroom idea with a hanging plant

Even if your bedroom window looks out onto a busy street, filling your room with plants can turn it into a natural oasis. Hanging plants, large pots on the ground, and a row of small plants along the window make your bedroom a dreamy green space. Even if you don’t go all out with plants on all of the surfaces, a hipster bedroom needs a cactus at least!

Quirky Instruments

fun musical instrument hipster idea

If you happen to play an instrument or have any cool ones lying around, then you’ll definitely want to include it in your hipster bedroom decor. Extra points for banjos, harps, or exotic instruments from distant lands. You definitely deserve bonus points if you are able to play it too!

Hipster Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Honeycomb Shelves

honeycomb shelf idea
Available on Etsy

Some styles of hipster decor tend towards the minimal, and these honeycomb shelves are perfect for those bedrooms. Simple wooden shelves in geometric shapes make for a unique spot to store some of your favorite trinkets. I love that these shelves can be linked together or scattered at random to adorn the walls.

Unique Shelf Ideas

Even if you don’t play the guitar, this guitar shelf case has got to be one of the cooler ideas out there. It is definitely hipster-approved and it even serves a purpose to store smaller items. I love the one above used as a jewelry case but any small items deserve a spot in a guitar shelf case.

Open Rack Bedroom Closet

a bedroom with an open closet idea

Who needs a large armoire when you can showcase your latest fashion wear? This minimalist bedroom style uses an open rack closet to store clothing. Place your commonly worn outfits here, or choose a different color palette depending on your mood.

Indoor Bedroom Hammock

hammock bedroom ideas

What is more relaxing than an indoor hammock? Couches are great but a hanging hammock definitely invites the vacation spirit. I love the simple style pictured above but you could choose a decorative one to add some flair to a minimal style bedroom.

Bedroom Dresser with Unique Knobs

unique dresser geode pulls as a hipster idea
image: apartmenttherapy.com

A hipster room should contain unique pieces that are uncommon and rare. These stunning stone dresser knobs are definitely one of a kind. Choose a mismatched set for top style, or opt for similar colors for a matching look. These stone knobs are striking, but ceramic, glass, and metal are all great materials for original knobs. Check the geode knobs on Amazon and Etsy.

Hanging Side Table

hanging side table by Aimee Weaver Designs
See the DIY Guide by Aimee Weaver Designs

This hanging side table is definitely a quirky and unique hipster bedroom idea. You’ll want to be sure it is fixed securely to avoid any falls. All the same, you can hang your side table at the perfect height so that everything you need at night and in the morning is at arm’s reach.

Pallet Bed Frame

pallet bed idea for a hipster bedroom
Image: friederikchen

Sure a bed frame is nice, but a pallet bed frame is definitely a hipster proof idea. The double-level pallets pictured above are a great idea to add some height to your bed. Leave the wood bare or paint it to match the rest of your decor. Once again, an old trunk at the end of the bed makes for a quirky accessory.

Mezzanine Bed Ideas

mezzanine bedroom idea

If you can arrange the space for it, a mezzanine bed is one of the more charming hipster bedroom ideas. Keep a chill hang-out spot below with your favorite books, plants, and posters, and make the top-level your nighttime zone. Add some curtains on the mezzanine to truly set the space apart.