Forest Bedroom Ideas

20 Forest Bedroom Ideas to Infuse Your Space With Nature

For any nature lover out there, creating a decor inspired by these forest bedroom ideas is the ultimate way of getting closer to the outdoors. Although I’m happy to live in a house, there’s certainly a part of me that dreams about calling an enchanted forest my home. Realistically this fantasy isn’t so feasible, yet it doesn’t mean that I cant incorporate some of the wonder into my bedroom decor.

Forest bedroom ideas

From wall murals to lifesize trees, furniture shaped like branches, and more, there are countless ways to bring aspects of the forest into your bedroom. Some require more effort and are ideal if you plan to design your interior around the theme, while others are simpler and can easily be installed when you need some inspiration from nature in your bedroom.

Forest Bedroom Styles


fairytale forest bedroom

For a magical fairytale forest decor, think about focusing your entire bedroom theme around the style. Wooden walls with details that mimic a log cabin like the picture above are a nice touch. Think of decorating with green and brown neutral colors, and adding charming details such as paintings of leaves or trees on the walls or ceilings. See more on Decoist.

Chic and Elegant

chic forest bedroom

Forest bedrooms don’t have to be over the top with decorations. A simple style like the tree branch bed frame above is a chic idea to include some nature into your design. I love the pale neutral hues used in this bedroom decor, keeping the look subtle and elegant for a classic design that will last the test of time. Aside from realistic tree branches, a similar bed frame made from iron would undoubtedly look just as elegant. Contact the designer here.

Forest Wall Art Ideas

Framed Art

framed forest wall art

I love this simple and stylish framed wall hanging displaying branches. The contrast of the rustic natural details with the silver frame is striking. This is definitely an idea that can be pursued if you enjoy DIY projects. Go for a walk in the woods and pick your favorite branches, acorns, and leaves. You’ll truly have a piece of the forest in your bedroom. See the step-by-step DIY guide to making this frame at Cleverly Inspired.

Framed Moss

moss wall art idea

For a funky piece of art on your wall, look no further than framed moss. Different patterns, colors, and design ideas are available, and the effect certainly stands out. If you like a clean look and solid colors, framed moss is a funky idea to evoke the forest life from the comfort of your own bedroom. Check pricing at

Forest Wallpaper

forest wallpaper

I can’t get enough of this misty forest wallpaper. This is the perfect look to highlight one wall of your bedroom as an accent, drawing all attention towards it. Choose the wall above your bed as in the picture above and I guarantee your dreams will be filled with images and tales of enchanted woodlands. You can buy a similar wallpaper at or at

forest wallpaper bedroom idea

For a soft and subtle wallpaper design that makes forest life equally present in your bedroom, I love the pattern above. Pale neutral colors allow this wallpaper to blend in seamlessly with your assorted bedroom furniture without taking over the spotlight. Nevertheless, the look is charming and impossible to miss. Check for availability.

Tree Mural

tree mural forest bedroom idea

Talk about a cool effect! This beautiful tree mural is the perfect work of art to highlight a section of the wall and ceiling. I love that it is painted around an attic door so that the ladder looks as if you are climbing into a treehouse. A tree mural is a great idea as a single showpiece, or to complement a bedroom themed around a forest decor. Designed by Simes Studios, Chicago.

Fairy Forest Mural

fairy forest mural on bedroom wall

For a more immersive experience, choose a mural that highlights the magical qualities of a fairy forest. The mural above certainly brings an enchanted woodland to mind, with intricately detailed designs and actual fairies scattered about. This is the perfect addition to a fantasy bedroom decor, or stick to a striking mural and leave the rest of the room simple. Check Etsy for availability.

Vine Walls

I love the natural feeling in this bedroom thanks to the hanging vines decorating the space. If you like your forest decor to be a little more realistic, this is definitely a great idea to pursue. For minimal upkeep opt for artificial vines, but if you have a green thumb you can definitely go for the real deal.

Forest Accessories

Ivy Lights

ivy lights bedroom idea

If you’re not quite ready to have ivy vines covering a wall, choose a simple strand such as the one above. Even better, some vines are paired with a string of lights making them decorative and functional. Ivy lights are my favorite idea for introducing an ethereal glow to a bedroom. Check availability on Etsy.

Forest Floor Carpet

forest carpet design

This is such a cute carpet, imitating a moss floor with decorative mushrooms. As long as you have enough space and won’t be tripping over the mushrooms, this design is a great choice. Alternatively, look for carpets shaped like trees, or depicting the rings of a tree trunk. There are plenty of options to choose from to bring the forest floor into your bedroom. Image:

Curtain Ties

curtain holder designed as tree branch

For a classy accessory that adds some charm to your space, use curtain ties shaped like branches. This is an elegant way to infuse your bedroom with details from the forest, without having to change the entire decor. For a chic and subtle decoration idea, these curtain ties are a solid bet. If you need tips for choosing the right curtain styles, have a look at our types of curtains guide. Visit to check for availability.

Doorway Decor

greenery doorway decor

I love how this doorway is a hint at what awaits inside. Dangling vines make a great welcoming touch for any bedroom. Use them to create an enchanted forest entrance to your room or to enhance the decoration inside. As with other vines, choose artificial ones to keep it low maintenance, or go for real plants to bring some life into your bedroom.

Lifesize Tree

lifesize tree mural

This lifesize tree is definitely a one of a kind accessory to have in your bedroom. There’s no forgetting you’re inside a forest-themed bedroom with this realistic lifesize tree. I love that it can also hold hanging decorations or be integrated into a wall mural to expand its size. This room is a part of the project by Wyman Stokes Builder LLC.

Forest Duvet

forest decor for a duvet

One of my favorite ideas for giving my bedroom a complete makeover is to switch out the duvet. This forest inspired duvet adds plenty of style to the space, and the options don’t stop there. Think of a duvet covered in leaf designs, realistic images of trees, or a fairy tale forest scene. Stick to a wooden headboard and bedframe and the look is complete. Buy it at

Forest Lamp

lamp made from a tree branch

This lamp with a branch stand is a charming idea to bring details of the forest into your bedroom. For a subtle look that stands out or to match a complete nature scene, a forest-themed lamp is definitely a great idea. There’s no need to renovate or install anything complicated either, which makes a lamp a convenient way to accessorize your bedroom.

Forest Furniture Ideas

Forest Cabin Bed

forest cabin bed design

This cabin bedroom decor is definitely ideal for nature lovers. Complete with wooden furniture, forest wallpaper, and hanging deer heads, this style might trick you into believing you’ve woken up in the woods. Details such as the tree trunk lampshade are great ideas for adding forest-themed accents to your bedroom. This bed is sold at

Bed Frame Ideas

bed frame that looks like trees
Image: Chris Everard

Wow, this stunning bed frame shows off the beauty of nature’s artistic qualities. A simple solid metal frame takes on a completely different look when it is curved into the unpredictable shapes of gnarly tree branches. The added vines aren’t necessary but they certainly add plenty of charm to the look.

Wall Divider

room divider made of trees

If you’ve got a studio space or a large bedroom with different areas, this wall divider idea is definitely one of my favorites. Slim tree branches from floor to ceiling create a divider that keeps the room looking open and airy. This is a great way to separate your sleeping area from a dressing or seating area.

Bookshelf Ideas

tree trunk bookshelf design
Image: Architecture & Design

This tree trunk bookshelf is such a charming piece of furniture. I love the way that it fits into the corner as an aesthetic design that is also entirely functional. Incorporating a forest theme into furniture that is regularly made with wood is a great way to become inspired to pursue the style further throughout your room.

Forest Headboard & Side Tables

forest headboard idea

This sleeping space is chic and simple yet packs in plenty of forest magic in a small space. Using a wooden frame paired with a thin tree in the center of the headboard certainly brings tons of allure to the look. Add some tree trunk side tables and this sophisticated decor is complete.