20 Kitchen Island Centerpiece Ideas

20 Kitchen Island Centerpiece Ideas to Highlight the Room

If you’re looking to infuse some style into the busiest room of the house, check out this collection of kitchen island centerpiece ideas. With cabinets and appliances covering kitchen walls, it can be hard to decorate the space with your own personalized style. Since empty walls are harder to come by, kitchen surfaces are a great option to add a decorative touch.

20 Kitchen Island Centerpiece Ideas

If you’re lucky and have a kitchen island, then you probably have some extra space to accessorize. When choosing a centerpiece for the island, it’s useful to decide whether you want something timeless or if you prefer a thematic style. As well, you should decide if you want to have a purely aesthetic piece or whether it should have an additional purpose. Regardless of your choice, I’ve selected my favorite centerpiece ideas to inspire you to create your own.



flower pot kitchen island centerpiece idea
Image: Stephanie Strickland

If you’re looking for a timeless centerpiece that will add an elegant touch to your kitchen, then look no further than a flower pot. I love the unique shape of the style in the picture above, ideal for holding stunning flowers such as orchids. Flower pots come in all shapes, sizes, and colors so find one that matches your decor and flowers and you’re guaranteed a stylish piece.

unique flower pot pitcher idea for the kitchen

I love floral decoration ideas and this unique flower pot pitcher is especially fun. This is a classy style and it fits in beautifully with the rustic tray and jars containing assorted cooking utensils. Mixing and matching functional accessories with aesthetic ones is a great way to infuse some beauty and purpose into your kitchen.

Flowers and Candle Decor

flowers and candles create kitchen island centerpiece
image – Stone Gable Blog

For a kitchen island centerpiece that makes a statement, go big. Large glass vases with assorted leaves and flowers are paired with candles on wooden stands, catching the eye. If you have a large island and have enough surface area for this style to be feasible, it definitely decorates the room. Imagine the candles all lit up in the evening, glimmering and reflecting off the glass vases.

Flower Vases

multiple flower vases placed on a kitchen island to form a centerpiece

Simple bouquets in sleek vases are another way to introduce flowers into your centerpiece. This style is ideal for showcasing the latest blooms from your garden. As well, it is easy to move a couple of vases out of the way if you find yourself needing more counter space. If you’re looking for zero upkeep ideas, opt for dried or artificial bouquets.

If you can’t get enough of flowers, there’s no better way to show off your favorites than by displaying a collection on your kitchen island. Although they aren’t amassed together as a centerpiece, this option is nice for an island with a central appliance such as the one above. By decorating the surrounding area, the stovetop retains its workspace.


Winter Theme

winter theme kitchen island centerpiece idea
image: Calypso In The Country

It’s always fun to bring some of the seasonal changes from the outdoors into your kitchen. In the winter, it’s all about being cozy so what better way to display the feeling than a selection of candles? Placed on a striking wooden tray and paired with acorns and green plants to evoke the changing nature outside, the look is complete.

Spring Theme

spring theme centerpiece idea
image: Much Most Darling

It’s clear that flowers have a place in a kitchen island centerpiece! If you’re not up for it year-round, they should definitely be present in the springtime when flowers are in full bloom. These beautiful vibrant roses look classy and chic in a short long vase. Get creative with your flower displays, they don’t all have to be tall and narrow!

Summer Theme

summer theme centerpiece idea
image: Clean and Scentsible

Summertime is all about fresh produce! Fruit bowls are a classic but why not switch it up with a basket of fresh herbs? Not only are they visually appealing, but they also smell amazing and are at arm’s reach while you’re cooking. Talk about multi-purpose! Pick a weekly herb to focus your cooking on or select a few so you have the luxury of choice.

Fall Theme

Kitchen island centerpiece idea for Fall season

Fall brings with it beautiful hues of orange and golden to replace the bright greens of summer. Incorporate these stunning colors into your centerpiece by creating a bouquet of leaves and dried berries. Choose some decorative pumpkins to complete the look, or go for the real deal if you’ve been eagerly waiting to bake with pumpkins since last fall.

Accessories For Your Kitchen Island Centerpiece

Tiered Tower

tiered tower makes this island centerpiece
image: Rooms For Rent Blog

I love this tiered tower, filled with practical items conveniently on display. While I’d be equally happy if it were filled with pastries or fruit, using it for utensils, small dishes, cups, and herbs is a great way to store items you regularly use in plain sight. Make your tiered tower your own by placing your choice of objects and decorative accessories.

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan with salt and pepper centerpiece from Jane.com
Buy it at Jane.com

I love this charming Lazy Susan tray with its rustic appearance. You can always spin it around to access what you need, which makes it super practical. Items like salt, pepper, and napkins are always being passed around so it only makes sense to make them accessible from all sides. Add a decorative touch such as a bouquet or some trinkets and your Lazy Susan becomes a versatile centerpiece.

Tray Riser

chic tray riser centerpiece from Etsy
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I love this chic tray riser, displaying decorative items but also ideal for more practical ones such as condiments. By having a tray that’s slightly higher than the surface of your island, you’ll even be able to tuck some items beneath it to save space. This is the perfect way to make any decorative objects stand out.


tray centerpiece idea for a kitchen island

A surface-level tray is also a great piece to use to display decorative items or anything you want to keep contained in the center of your island. Clocks, old books, candles, and flowers make a charming rustic centerpiece in the picture above. Using a tray makes it easy to switch objects around if you enjoy variety. Your design theme will be perfectly contained within the tray.

Cutting Board

cutting board centerpiece idea
image: Home With Holly J

Farmhouse style decor ideas are great for kitchens, and a simple option is to use a wooden cutting board as a tray to display a centerpiece. A small bouquet of faux flowers and orange pumpkins make this kitchen island centerpiece idea charmingly cozy and the perfect welcome home. You might have fresh eggs one day and replace them with your garden fruit harvest the next. There’s no shortage of artisanal cutting boards around so pick your favorite and accessorize as you please.

Cookbook Stand

cook book stand on a kitchen island
image: Tom Howley Kitchens

If you’re a fan of cookbooks, then you need to have a stand to display your latest inspiration. Use it as a centerpiece on your island and you might find that you start cooking more regularly! Be sure to pick a cookbook page with beautiful images to add some color to your kitchen and stimulate your taste buds.

Decorative Kitchen Centerpiece Styles

Family Theme

a decorative tray filled with blooming flowers is great idea for a centerpiece
image: Adventures in Decorating

This decorative tray is filled with blooming flowers as well as a sign representing family. Choose keywords that are important to you and showcase them on display using an ornamental tray. Fill it with other items that fit the thematic or mix and match with functional items such as the utensils in the picture above.

Fruit Bowls & Baskets

fruit basket idea

I love this flat basket filled to the brim with fruits. If you have the space for it and eat plenty of fruit, what better way to show off the vibrant colors than by displaying them in full view? Wicker baskets add plenty of charm to a kitchen but any woven material looks great.

fruit bowl idea
image: Kelley Nan

If you’re searching for minimalist design ideas, display a glass bowl with fruit as your kitchen island centerpiece. Glass is a nice material for a simple timeless design, but feel free to use bowls made from wood or ceramic if it fits into your decor. Fruit is colorful and decorative by itself so simple colors and materials make a good match.

3 different fruit bowls make up a centerpiece
image: Kelley Nan

If you eat a lot of fruit then you’re better off having multiple fruit bowls. I love the minimalist look pictured above. Thanks to the transparent glass, the bright colors of the fruit are on full display. Organize your fruit by type if you want a solid colored look, or mix an assortment for a rainbow of colors.

Country Farm Style

country farm idea for kitchen island decorating
image: Beth Hart Designs

This charming country-style look is rustic and welcoming. Fill your tray with potted plants, flowers, candles, and why not a model of a rabbit? Whatever makes you feel happy to be in your kitchen deserves a spot in your decorative tray.