22 kids mermaid bedroom ideas

22 Mermaid Bedroom Ideas for Kids

If you’re eager to put a mystical spin on your decor, look no further than this selection of mermaid bedroom ideas. Mermaids are an excellent way to make your interior design unique and playful. Aside from being beautiful sea creatures, they also evoke plenty of other details from the ocean world. Thanks to the versatility of the theme, many different styles can be pursued.

22 Mermaid Bedroom Ideas for Girls

For example, I love incorporating other sea creatures and accessories into a mermaid bedroom. Whether you decorate your walls with mermaid decor, use the tail as inspiration for furniture, or choose images to accessorize your bedroom, there are plenty of ideas to pick from.

Mermaid Bedroom Styles

Pink and Girlie

pink girlie mermaid bedroom idea

For the ultimate girlie look, choose an all-pink style for your furniture and linen. In the picture above, the mermaids take over the wall, highlighting the bed and adorning the room. If you look carefully you’ll notice the aqua lamps match their tails, a striking contrast to the pink decor. For anyone who is a girlie girl at heart, choosing a pink mermaid bedroom is one of the best ideas.

Under the Sea

under the sea wall mural idea for a kids bedroom

Let’s keep in mind that mermaids live under the sea, so it’s perfectly fitting to design your bedroom as though you too were living under the sea. Walls painted to mimic water, and plenty of sea life decorating the space makes it easy to forget you live on land. The bedroom pictured incorporates a scene from arguably the most famous little mermaid, Disney’s Ariel.


Mermaid Pattern Wallpaper in the bedroom

Mermaid bedrooms aren’t just for kids. This beautiful wallpaper showcases the allure and charm of these sea creatures in all of their elegance. Pastel colors, white, and gold accents make this design particularly chic. For a classy take, think of choosing wallpaper or a duvet with a mermaid pattern and pairing it with soft colors. For pricing, check sharpshirter.com.

Mermaid Wall Art Ideas

Scale Wall

scale wall mermaid ideas

I love this scale design wallpaper! It’s the perfect way to include mermaids in your decor without necessarily showcasing a full creature. Mermaids are known for their beautiful tails with shiny scales in a rainbow of colors. This wallpaper highlights this stunning feature while keeping the underlying theme subtle. This is perfect for including a bit of magic into your space without having to commit to an entire creature.

Under the Sea Theme Wall Decal

under the sea bedroom wall decal - a mermaid idea

You can decorate your entire bedroom with an under the sea theme, or you can stick to displaying it as a mural for one wall. This design is playful with a mix of pastels and brighter colors depicting seaweed, shells, sea animals, and of course a mystical mermaid. See if you can find a wallpaper with a similar design, or opt for wall decals to place the scene exactly as you want it to be. Check Etsy for availability.


mermaid mural ideas for the bedroom

If you’re serious about mermaids, nothing says so more than an entire wall mural dedicated to them. I love the enchanted scene painted above, it feels like a window into the sea. I’m sure you’ll enjoy sweet dreams of the sea sleeping next to this lifesized mural. Etsy.

Gallery Wall

mermaid wall art gallery

If you’re looking for simpler ideas that can easily be installed and swapped, create your own mermaid art gallery. Choose your favorite images, frame them, and hang them around your bedroom. I love the trio above and can imagine that hanging another row of three above would certainly add plenty of style to your space. This is a great way to show off your love for mermaids without overtaking your entire room design.

Wall Mounted Mermaid

DIY mermaid wall mounted decor idea

This wall-mounted mermaid is such a beautiful piece of art! Her tail is made up of sea glass and the entire frame is made from wood. Wall-mounted styles come in all sizes, materials, and colors so you’re sure to find one that fits into your decor. If you’ve ever wanted to have a real-life mermaid around, this life-size version comes pretty close. I love the magical charm this design brings to a room. Here’s the step-by-step DIY guide on making one yourself.

Mermaid Furniture

Shell Bed

shell bed idea

This has got to be one of the coolest beds around! Shaped like two halves of a shell, you’ll definitely be dreaming of the sea while you sleep in this bed. Keep in mind that the unique round shape is best suited for larger rooms. Everything down to the rock and shell details at the base of this bed has been carefully designed to make you the true mermaid of this space. Get the price here.

Scalloped Headboard

DIY scalloped headboard idea

For a simpler take on a mermaid-themed bed, this scalloped headboard above is one of my favorite ideas. Satin and pastel colors make this look subtle yet undeniably chic. This is a great design if you want to include some sea magic into your bedroom yet aren’t prepared to have it take over your space. The scalloped headboard is reminiscent of a sea shell and even brings a mermaid tail to mind. To make one for yourself, see the complete DIY guide.

Mermaid Canopy

girl mermaid canopy bed idea

This mermaid canopy is ideal for anyone who can’t get enough of the mythical creatures. There’s plenty of space for delicate details at the top of the canopy, and the scalloped bedspread is also a perfect match. Pink, pastels, and some aqua-colored accents make this room a girl’s paradise.

girls on a budget mermaid room design from prettyrealblog.com

For another take on a girls’ canopy bed decor, I love this simpler style made from a lightweight material. It’s the perfect complement to the pink and aqua colors creating a classy style. The mermaid tail throw blankets are a subtle reminder of the mystical creature. See how Tiffany at Pretty Real designed it.

Canopy bed mermaid bedroom idea - Capiz Cornice & Glitter Tulle Sheers from Pottery Barn Kids

For an accent piece, I love this canopy bed with a mermaid scale crown at the top. Elegant and chic, the silver colors draw focus to the bed without overwhelming the other details in the room. A silver accent piece matches just about anything, creating a fancy look worthy of a sea creature. See similar ideas at potterybarnkids.com.


mermaid duvet bedroom idea
Image: crateandbarrel.com

Duvets are one of my favorite ideas for an easy way to add an undersea theme to your bedroom decor. Fuss-free and simple to add or remove, a duvet is a quick way to change the entire style of your room. For a look focused on mermaids, opt for a design like the one above with the creature displayed front and center.

Darigo Green/Brown Coastal Comforter Set

Meanwhile, if you like mermaids but don’t want to splash your duvet with an image of one, I love the style pictured above. Scales in vibrant turquoise hues with scattered golden accents are definitely a glamorous way to include them in your decor. For any adults or teenagers looking for a dazzling duvet, this style is a perfect choice. Check Wayfair for availability.


shell sofa nursery idea

What a fun sofa, shaped just like a seashell! Displaying characteristic sea colors, this sofa chair is perfect to add some mermaid style to your bedroom. Include it as a centerpiece or pair it with a room filled with similar decor. I love the seashell-shaped throw cushion too!


mermaid bookshelf in a girl's bedroom

This beautiful tail bookshelf is functional and a beautiful piece of furniture to have in your bedroom. I love the idea of turning a mermaid’s iconic tail into a bookshelf to showcase your items. Paired with a scalloped chair and a starfish carpet, this bookshelf fits into a stunning sea decor. Inspired by Etsy.


Mermaid Small End Table idea

Not all mermaid furniture is pink or turquoise! This stunning table is a work of art sculpted in full detail. While this small end table is striking and intricately designed, it can fit into a number of styles thanks to its quality materials and neutral colors. This table is certainly ideal for any sophisticated undersea theme lover. Check Walmart for availability.

Mermaid Decoration

Beach Shells

beach shell decor for the bedroom

To add a charming touch of mermaid scenery to your bedroom, nothing is better than a collection of seashells. Stack them in glass jars, display them in bowls, or line them up on a window sill or shelf to show off your treasures from the sea. Etsy.

Blanket Tail

mermaid tail blanket idea

Regular blankets are already cozy enough, but this mermaid tail blanket takes the cuddly factor up a notch. These tails make a playful throw blanket and are undoubtedly incredibly comfortable to crawl into. Check prices on Amazon.

Mermaid Clock

mermaid clock from Walmart

I love decorative clocks and this one with a mermaid design is no different. This is a simple way to bring some seaside magic into your bedroom, either as a single accessory or to match a complete decor. If you’re toying with fun ideas like incorporating sea creatures into your theme, a clock is a good place to start. Check the price at Walmart.

Mermaid Rug

mermaid rug in the bedroom

I love incorporating a fun design into an accessory like a carpet. It’s an easy way to add a splash of style without committing to a large piece of furniture. Whether you choose a mermaid-shaped carpet or one displaying the magical creature as pictured above, it’ll surely add some mystique to your bedroom. Check the price at thebraidedrugplace.com. And check out our guide for the types of rugs for more ideas.