Types of Computer Desks

55 Types of Computer Desks for Your Home Office

If you love to have a comfortable office like I do you would know that choosing from the many types of computer desks is the most important step in setting it up. If you spend your day working on a computer then the computer desk is one piece of furniture that can make or break your day.

Types of Computer Desks

When choosing a computer desk, an important factor to consider is whether you plan to use it as a home office or if it is simply for leisure. This will dictate the size and whether you want to include additional features such as a keyboard holder or locked drawers or a standing version.

Aside from practical considerations, aesthetics are also influential in your decision-making. If you’re planning to put your computer desk in a room that already contains plenty of furniture or a distinct style, you may want to choose a material and design that matches. It’s worth taking the time to consider your options before making a purchase since the various types of computer desks can make one particularly well suited for your needs over another.

Computer Desk Types by Size

Small Types of Computer Desks

small computer desk

Foundstone displays how a lack of space doesn’t mean a lack of style or surface area! Smaller types of desks are uniquely designed to take up minimal space while still including multiple shelves and a working area. Small desks are ideal for small rooms or if you want to avoid making your desk the focal point.

Medium Types of Computer Desks

medium computer desk

This medium-sized desk by Wayfair is a step up from smaller sizes, and perfect if you want to keep a few larger items around. There’s plenty of room for a lamp, computer, and extras you may want to have. To maximize space, look for models that have additional shelves.

Long Types of Computer Desks

long computer desk

17 Stories showcases this unique long desk, ideal for two people or if you have multiple projects going on at once. The division of space with these types means that you can dedicate each area to best suit your needs.

Types by Shape

Rectangle Types

rectangular computer desk

Corrigan Studio showcases this classic rectangle shape, certainly among the more traditional types of desks. Rectangle computer desks are perfect to place against a wall or to create a partition between different areas of a room. Chairs can easily fit beneath and there’s plenty of leg space for comfort.

L-Shape Models

L-shape computer desk

Above is an example by 17 Stories of an L-shape computer desk. It’s not hard to see how they get their name, nor why this style is so popular. If you’re always spreading yourself out, it’s time to get yourself an L-shape desk to increase your surface area. Fit it into a corner, or set it up in the middle of a large room as a statement.

U-Shape Models

U-shape computer desk

This U-shape computer desk by Wayfair is a sleek example of the type. U-shape desks are ideal for larger spaces since they usually take up more area. You can fit all of your computer’s extra parts, and still have plenty of surfaces. If you’re sharing a desk with another person, a U-shape is definitely the type to choose.

Curved Types

curved computer desk

This unique curved desk from Astoria Grand shows how stylish this shape can be. Think of it as a simpler version of a U-shape desk, perfect to add a decorative flair. Adding drawers on either end is a practical idea for these types of computer desks. Be sure to pick a matching chair that easily tucks in.

Oval Types

oval computer deskThis chic oval table from Gold Flamingo is a great example of how curves smooth out the edges, softening a room’s decor. If you like the idea of a rectangle desk to have a wider surface area but prefer a rounded look, then an oval computer desk is the choice for you.

Corner Models

corner computer desk

Andover Mills makes this cozy corner computer desk, perfect for fitting into small spaces. Thanks to the layout, leg space is maximized without having to use up too much area. Alternatively, a corner desk can be a good type to choose if you want to fit a large L-shape desk snugly into a room.

Computer Desk Base Types


hairpin base computer desk

Mercer41 has this geometric hairpin type of base for computer desks. If you want a unique detail to make your desk stand out, you’ll want to choose a hairpin base. Choose a metallic material to make the look really pop.


H-shape base computer desk

This H-shape computer desk base by Wayfair shows how much space you can save with this design. Since the base sits directly beneath the edges of the surface, there’s plenty of space to include a rolling chair for maximum comfort.


parsons base computer desk

Wayfair displays a parsons-style computer desk base, which is simple and fuss-free. Single desk legs extend to the floor from each corner of the surface, for a streamlined and uncluttered design. If you don’t want a chunky base weighing down your space, a parsons-type desk is a good choice.


pedestal base computer deskThis funky pedestal-type computer desk from Hooker Furniture is a great example of what’s to love about this style. The desk legs are built from columns that include drawers, shelves, or cupboard storage space. If you want to keep the center of the desk clear for your legs yet still store some items, a pedestal type is perfect.


sled base computer desk

This sled base computer desk by Wayfair shows off a unique style. For plenty of stability and a cool design, a sled base ticks the boxes. Choose a sled base from a different material than the surface top to make it stand out.


trestle base computer desk

Wayfair showcases this stylish trestle base computer desk, complete with a glass surface top. Pairing a trestle base with a glass top certainly makes for a sleek look. This is a great type of base if you want to add an original detail.


T-shape computer desk

If you want plenty of leg room beneath your desk but want a design that is different from the standard, a T-shape base like this one by Wayfair is the choice for you. A T-shape base provides plenty of support and you’ll be able to fit a chair with wheels.

Type by Purpose


executive computer desk

This executive style found on Wayfair shows just how diverse this type of desk can be. This is truly a desk for anyone planning to get some work done. An executive desk can be shaped into many different configurations, including an L-shape as seen above. The surface area tends to be maximized, and drawers are often part of the setup.


height-adjustable computer desk

This desk from Wayfair shows one of the many ways you can use your height-adjustable desk to work with ease. Generally, the height can be adjusted from a comfortable sitting position to a standing position so that you can alternate throughout your work day.


standing computer desk

It’s no secret that most people spend far too much time sitting. Thanks to this standing computer desk on Wayfair, your surface is raised so that you can comfortably use it while standing. This type of desk is innovative and great for your health.


gaming computer desk

If you’re a gamer then you’ll love this model found on Wayfair. Perfectly designed to fit the essentials, you’ll be able to focus on winning the game. Depending on how much space you have, different features can be incorporated into a gaming desk for your comfort.

Desk Shell

computer desk shell

Wayfair showcases a simple desk shell, which is comprised of a surface, back, and sides. If you want to go for a minimal look and don’t require additional storage, keep it basic. Otherwise, you can choose custom additions such as drawers or cabinets.

Drafting Table

drafting table computer desk

This computer desk with a drafting table is a great type of desk to have if you tend to use your desk for drawing, painting, or viewing large documents. This model by Wayfair is a perfect cross that includes the tilted surface of a drafting table as well as space for a computer.

Chair Set

computer desk chair set

Wayfair displays a matching chair and computer desk set, perfect for pairing styles. When purchasing a desk, keep an eye out if the manufacturer makes a chair as well. Otherwise, stick to chairs with the same material and color to create your own set.


credenza computer desk

Wayfair displays this stylish credenza computer desk, ideal for when you need extra storage space. Shelves, cupboards, and drawers are incorporated into the design to keep everything organized. If you need to fit a desk into a busy room, a credenza type has a double purpose.


floating computer desk

Wayfair showcases this floating desk, a seriously cool option if you want to keep floor space clear. Be sure to take proper care when mounting your floating desk to the wall. Thanks to this unique type of computer desk, your furniture is tucked away to the side.


secretary computer desk

Wayfair displays this strikingly elegant secretary desk, perfect for a classy decor. Thanks to the numerous drawers and cubbies, a secretary’s desk keeps everything tidy. Choose a solid wood material for the ultimate refined look.


armoire computer deskWayfair shows off this narrow armoire computer desk option, a great example of the type. While some armoires are wider or contain more shelving, this type of desk is extremely convenient. If you don’t want to dedicate an entire area for your desk, make it a two-in-one piece of furniture that can be concealed from view once you’re finished working.


leaning computer desk

This desk plays on the design of a leaning ladder. This model by Wayfair shows that the look can be stylish and practical. If you don’t have much space in your home but want a surface to do some work, then a leaning ladder style will fit in perfectly.

Different Types of Computer Desk Storage


computer desk with drawers

This rectangle desk with drawers by Wayfair is a great option to keep your workspace organized. The model above sticks to just a couple of drawers but you can choose a design with as many drawers as you need.


computer desk with shelves

Wayfair displays a computer desk with side shelves, ideal for storing all types of items. Whether you need to keep work files nearby or want to keep books or trinkets at arm’s reach, the choice is yours.

Book Case

computer desk with bookcase

If you love books and want to keep them close by, then a computer desk with an integrated bookcase like this one from Wayfair is ideal. Upright shelves can store plenty of items aside from books so you can add an ornamental touch as well.


computer desk with hutch

This desk by Wayfair shows the many uses of a hutch, a top or side shelf, on a computer desk. Fill it with books, work documents, or trinkets to decorate the space. A hutch is undoubtedly a practical type of open storage.


computer desk with cabinets

Cabinets are a great addition to any type of desk, as shown with this one from Wayfair. If you want to have storage space that is easily accessible but isn’t visible, cabinets are the obvious choice.

Types of Computer Desk Materials


wood computer desk

This desk from Wayfair shows how timeless a wooden desk can be. The material is traditional, durable, and aesthetically appealing. Thanks to its classic look, a wooden desk can seamlessly fit into a number of interior decors.


metal computer desk

If you’re looking for a sleek design, Wayfair has a metal desk that is perfect for you. Metal is extremely durable and adds a hip modern style to furniture and the surrounding space. If you don’t want to go for all metal, think about choosing a desk with metal legs to start.


plastic computer desk

Check out this plastic acrylic computer desk by Wayfair with foldable legs. The design has many advantages that make it a good choice for a small office desk. It is durable, strong, lightweight, and easy to clean. If your desk will undergo lots of wear and tear, go for plastic acrylic.


glass computer desk

This glass desk on Wayfair shows how the material can be used for the surface top, paired with wooden legs. Other materials can be mix and matched with glass for a modern look that lightens up a room. If you can’t stand fingerprints on your surfaces, glass may not be the best type of material for you.


marble computer deskA marble desktop like this one from Wayfair is undoubtedly elegant. If you want your computer desk to be more than just functional, choose a marble top for maximum charm. Paired with metal legs, the look is airy and chic.


wicker computer desk

A wicker or rattan computer desk like this design by Wayfair is a charming look that makes a room feel welcoming. Keep in mind that while the material is resistant, it isn’t as durable or easy to clean as other smoother and harder options.

Style Ideas for Computer Desks

Modern & Contemporary

modern styles computer desks

Wayfair has plenty of options to suit your modern contemporary interior. Opt for glass or metal materials for maximum impact, though dark acrylic will also make a sleek statement. Think of incorporating contrasting details to make your computer desk stand out.


cottage style computer desk

This charming computer desk by Wayfair uses soft neutral colors and natural materials to create a cozy cottage country-style design. Choose wood and pale hues to fit a desk seamlessly into your cottage country-style interior.


rustic style computer desk

Wayfair highlights the unique style of a rustic design computer desk in the picture above. A distressed wooden finish is a great way to infuse rustic style into your furniture. Mix and match with metal accents for a modern take.


coastal style computer desk

Bring some coastal flair to your interior decor by incorporating it into the computer desk you choose. This model by Wayfair opts for an all-white finish and simple geometric lines for a stylish breezy look.


bohemian style computer desk

Wayfair highlights a funky bohemian style, with cool details and unique colors. Bohemian design is generally eclectic and variable so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Pick a bohemian-style computer desk to fit into your decor or as a decorative accent piece that stands out.


traditional style computer desk

Wayfair shows off a traditional desk, perfect for a classic interior. A simple structure, wooden material, and basic shape make it easily adapted for any space. Traditional doesn’t mean boring, and unique details such as a base with additional designs are common.


glam style computer desk

If you’re looking for a glam computer desk design, think of sleek lines and contrast. This model by Wayfair highlights the two, by pairing a white rectangular top with a bright base. If your desk has drawers, choose glass knobs for a dazzling look.


industrial style computer desk

Wayfair highlights the sleek simplicity of an industrial-style computer desk in the model above. Pairing wood with metal and other materials is a great way to add detail without embellishing much. Choose styles with extra storage to make your industrial-style piece functional and stylish.

Computer Desk Features


computer desk with wheels

Wayfair shows off this computer desk on wheels, perfect if you like a change of perspective. As long as you have some floor space to wheel around, a desk with wheels can be a useful feature.


ergonomic computer desk

If you’re regularly working at a computer desk, an ergonomic option is a good idea. This design by Wayfair shows that ergonomic options don’t have to look any different from regular types of desks. Be sure to test out an ergonomic desk first to see if it is the right fit for you.

Distressed Finish

computer desk with distressed finish

This large desk with shelves by Wayfair shows that a distressed finish can be a simple way to add complexity to your design. Instead of adding details like colors or patterns, a distressed finish plays on the natural highlights in wood for a warm look.


types of computer desks with mirrors

Wayfair shows off the stylish allure of a mirrored computer desk. Reflective surfaces and sides certainly make for a design statement. Incorporate a stone or metal material as well to create a look that has depth.


folding types of computer desksWayfair highlights the sleek nature of a folding computer desk as pictured above. When you need a surface to work on, just open it up and once you’re done you can fold it all away. If you don’t have tons of space or want an extra surface available at times, folding types of desks are ideal.

Locking Drawer

computer desk with a locking drawer

Wayfair displays this functional desk, complete with a locking drawer. If you have important documents or items that you prefer to keep under key, choose a computer desk with an incorporated locked drawer or cabinet.

Keyboard Tray

Computer desk with a keyboard tray

This L-shape computer desk by Wayfair has an integrated keyboard tray. If you find your keyboard is always in the way and want to have somewhere to tuck it away, these types of computer desks are a great option. Be sure that the tray is sturdy and fits at the right height for comfort.